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Sharjah Safari Park

Sharjah Safari founded by His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed al-Qasimi. With the aim of preserving biodiversity, protecting and breeding rare and endangered animals in an appropriate environment.

Sharjah Safari Park Features

  • Sharjah Safari Park, which has more than 120 species of animals living in Africa. Home to more than 120 endangered animals. The most important are black and white rhinos, crocodiles and many endangered deer species.
  • Sharjah Safari also contains 100,000 trees. The most important of which is the Samar tree. The tan tree used locally in the medical field, where it produces honey from the best types of local honey
  • A natural environment, a piece of Africa found in sharjah. Containing 12 natural and diverse environments with different species of endangered animals.
  • Safari is the most important tourist destination in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates and the region as a whole.
  • The safari offers every way to delight visitors. With a series of dedicated restaurants and various cafeterias, and a crew of 300 staff serving visitors.
  • Sharjah Safari Park is a pioneering project linking Arab and African cultures.
  • Sharjah Safari also has a breeding centre for endangered animals.

Sharjah Safari Park Ticket Price

Prices in Sharjah Safari divided into bronze, silver and gold as follows:

Bronze Ticket: The ticket AED 40 for anyone over 12 years of age. AED 15 for children aged 3 to 12. The bronze ticket allows for a two to three-hour walking tour with the bronze ticket. You can take a two-to-three-hour walk “in the Africa Section”.

The last time to enter Sharjah Safari park for this category 4:00, it closes at 6:30

Silver Ticket: The silver ticket AED 120 for those over 12 years of age. AED 50 for children between the ages of 3 and 12. Allows you to take a five to six-hour bus ride in all environments except Serengeti. If you want to book a full bus for more than 20 people. The ticket will be AED 100 per person.

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Special prices for a tourist group (more than 20 people)
Children from 3 to 12 ⬅️ 25 Dirhams
Adults over 12 ⬅️ 100 Dirhams

The last time to enter Silver Category 2:00 pm

Golden Ticket: Sharjah Safari golden ticket allows you a private car with a special guide. For five to six hours in all environments, priced at AED 275 per person over the age of 12. For children aged 3 and 12 AED 120, if a luxury car is reserved for six people. 1,500 dirhams paid. A private car for nine people paid AED 2,250. A luxury car for 15 people pays AED 3,500.

The last time to enter the Golden category 2:00 pm

Categories Excluded From Payment

There are categories of society exempt from the entrance fees to sharjah safari park:

  • Koranic centers
  • Social welfare homes
  • Official delegations
  • Children under the age of 3.

How to book and buy Sharjah Safari tickets

Tickets booked and purchased by contacting the following numbers:

Free Car parking in Sharjah Safari Park

Sharjah Safari Park Timings

  • The garden is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • The deadline for entry of gold and silver ticket holders is 2 p.m.
  • The deadline for bronze ticket holders is 4pm.

Sharjah Safari Park Location

The Sharjah Safari located in Al-Tid, within the 16 km Bardi Reserve. Sharjah Safari Park occupies 8 square kilometers of al-Bardi Reserve.

The Tid Safari is about 40 minutes from the city centre.

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Activities at Sharjah Safari Park

Go for a delicious meal or have a refreshing drink from one of its restaurants and cafés. While eating your meal, you’ll be able to get a distinctive view of the huge industrial lake and rare trees.

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You can enjoy many activities within Sharjah Safari. Such as getting to know the type of animals inside, especially endangered species. Seeing different animals such as lions and giraffes. It will particularly impress children, and you can also take souvenir photos of yourself inside Sharjah Safari park. After your tour and watch the various animals, birds, reptiles and others. You can go to eat in any of the restaurants around the natural lake. Or have hot drinks or fresh juices and sweets inside one of the cafés there.

A road trip between the garden sections one of the best activities within Sharjah Safari park. Whether it’s walking or riding on a bus.

Sharjah Safari park has 12 sections or natural environment. Before entering any section you will find pictures and names of animals and birds within this section.

This Park a place for photo-ops. And if you want to have a photo shoot for your wedding, your birthday. Or any occasion, you won’t find it prettier than this garden.

Sharjah Safari Sections

The Sharjah Safari has different sections that mimic areas in Africa and divided into:

  • The “To Africa” area, which allows for the possibility of exploring wildlife. On the islands along the east coast of Africa.
  • The second area called the Coast, with wildlife, desert and diverse pastures.
  • The third area called the Savannah and focuses on biodiversity.
  • The fourth area called Seringi.
  • The fifth area called Ngorongoro.
  • The sixth area called Morimi.

Sharjah Safari Park Excursion

When you enter Sharjah Safari you will find yourself on a time trip to African nature, it is designed to be a replica of the wilderness of Africa, based on wood and straw, and when you enter the trip you will find yourself in front of 12 different environments between animals, birds and terrain. Here’s the first stop.

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Zanzibar village in Sharjah Safari Park

The village of Zanzibar in Sharjah Safari Park the first station to receive visitors and its architecture and buildings mimic the island of Zanzibar in Africa, which I have always witnessed on television, it is a grassy village with palm trees, and surrounded by green plateaus, to find yourself walking between giraffes and deer inside the village.

Birds of Africa

At the next stop inside the Sharjah Safari Park, you are greeted by the African Bird Park, a wonderful world in which greenery blends with grass and there are rocks from which water falls like a miniature waterfall that flows into a lake where African ducks swim, and on both sides there are trees with gaps and cavities in which birds put their young and took a nest for them like an African speckled horn bird.

There are also icons of the birds in them and information about them, so that the visitor can learn about the name and shape of the bird he sees, so that this environment in addition to its beauty and nature is also an educational environment for adults and children.

Spiny jungle

Sharjah Safari Park takes you to the spiny forest with different palm trees, grass and ponds with huge turtles, and in the corridor leading to that environment you will find photos and information about these African turtles and fossas.

Dabra Turtle Bay

It also moves to the bay of the Dabra turtles in the Sharjah Safari Park, where it contains a number of turtles that are found in a dry dock with some short trees and plants, and where turtles practice their lives normally, in this corner you will find a turtle digging in the sand, and another in the corner there clashing with its companion.

Safari Camp

Sharjah Safari Park has children’s games and a number of other recreational facilities and children can see the Sudanese turtle from behind the network designed for protection.

Bushfield Cafe

You will definitely feel tired and hungry, and you will look for a place to recharge your energy to complete the trip You will not look much, because you will find a building named after Bushfield Café in Sharjah Safari Park. Where there is an open buffet, and it has water, juices and coffee, and the fee is estimated for an adult 80 dirhams, a child 40 dirhams, and children under the age of five for free, then you can complete the trip.

Sharjah Safari Park
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