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Siam Park

Siam Park one of the best water parks in Europe, opened on September 17, 2008 and immediately gained popularity among the local population and people visiting the island of Tenerife. Located in the resort of Costa Adeje, on the territory of 185 thousand square meters. The park is immersed in the greenery of tropical plants. The architecture of Siam Park is impressive, which is made in the Thai style, its buildings copy the famous ancient sights of Thailand. An architect from Bangkok was invited to design the park, so all the architectural details are made qualitatively, in compliance with the Thai theme.

Water activities

On the territory there are 15 water activities. Here everyone will find something to their liking. Those who want extreme sports, will get a lot of fun on steep slides of great height, who need to relax and unwind, will be able to do it slowly swimming along the Lazy River or sunbathing on the beach with white sand, children will be delighted with children’s pools with slides. But before you are ready to buy tickets, you should find out the height of your children, if any go with you, since many water activities have a height tolerance, above 1 m 10 cm some slides and 1 m 25 cm others. If you have a child less than 110 cm, and you want to go, then there is also a place for you, you can use three types of slides and entertainment, these are the Lazy River (Mai Thai River) (always with a vest, issued free of charge), Lost City (Lost City) and Sawasdee .

Be sure to bring sunscreen, preferably at least 30SPF, as the whole day under the scorching Canarian sun, and even in the water, you can quickly sing, which will spoil the mood already in the middle of the day. Moreover, at the height of the summer season, you have to stand in queues for a long time, as there are a lot of people.

Wave Palace

A huge pool in the water park with a real white sand beach and artificial waves looks just gorgeous. The beach of this “miracle” accommodates more than a thousand people, and the waves allow you to surf quite comfortably. It is considered the first pool in the world with a three-meter artificial wave.24°C

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Jungle Snake

One of the most favorite attractions of the water park is four twisted serpentine slides, where you can develop tremendous speed on special inflatable cylinders, one person or two, rushing down the jungle and freezing with delight.Family1,10/1,25m10:00-18:00

The Giant

This is a huge steep slide with funnels, where adults and children are waiting for crazy speeds and a sea of adrenaline, the main thing is to gain courage to descend from this “monster”.Family1,25m10:00-18:00

Kamikaze “Tower of Power”

One of the most extreme slides and it fully justifies its name – it is an almost vertical descent from a 28 meter height. The sensations will be unforgettable, because you are at high speed, which can reach up to 80 km / h and at the end slipping through the aquarium with marine giant predators – with sharks and rays.

Downhill (Naga Racer)

Fun entertainment for the whole family or a group of friends. This slide consists of a six-lane descent, along which you rush head down. They descend from the slide on special soft mats.Family1,10m10:00-18:00

Lost City

An attraction for young visitors to the water park, here they are waiting for various riddles, treasure hunts and of course light adrenaline. Your kids will find in this corner different castles, bridges, stretched nets, waterfalls and 15 slides. And while your children are playing, you can watch them sitting on benches in the shade. By the way, for the little ones there is a single children’s pool in the “Lost City”.Family10:00-18:00

Lazy River (Mai Thai River)

On a rubber circle you can go on a leisurely exotic journey through Siam Park. Around will float magnificent landscapes with waterfalls, aquariums, beaches, palm trees. But that’s not all, in some places you will be waiting for surprises, one of them: climbing a mountain and the subsequent downhill, water pouring on top of you, a jacuzzi massaging your body from below and much more. A great place to relax and unwind with the whole family or friends. Admission of children under 1.10m with vest (issued free of charge). The length of the river is 1 kilometer.

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The Volcano

If you are tired of water activities and want something else, no problem! Here you will find a grandiose show “Volcano” with a unique laser performance and sound effects, depicting the eruption of a volcano, probably Teide. This attraction invites you to sit on an inflatable balloon and slide down the slide, falling into the very heart of the volcano, plunging you into complete darkness.

Mekong Rapids

A very long slide on the water park’s largest mountain, reminiscent of a true Indiana Jones water adventure, the sharp turns create a feeling of rafting, throwing you from side to side sliding down the fast river down to the foot. The four of you move on an inflatable circle. The sea of smiles and positivity is definitely provided to you.


If you dare to reveal all its secrets, then surely “Kinnari” will make you stop your breath from the adrenaline rush. While sliding on an inflatable raft, you will be sucked into a funnel, thrown and twisted in different directions. On the sides you are surrounded by dense vegetation, as if you are flying along a mountain river in the jungle to meet the waves. The length of the descent is 213 meters.e


To experience the true attraction you will help the water attraction “Dragon”, and the only one in Europe. You on an inflatable sleigh in the 4th at one of the moments glide through the water almost in an upright position, which takes your breath away and overwhelms emotions.


This is one of the last installed water attractions in Siam Park. Singha- a powerful mythological lion in Thai history, who apparently reincarnated as a water slide in Tenerife, should certainly warm up with his irreversible strength and speed. This is more than a sled, most likely it is a Russian slide with high speeds (6 m / s in the ascent and 18 m / s in the descent), as well as 14 sharp turns during the descent. Its length is about 240 meters. Don’t miss out!

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Here children can ride on large slides, which were designed specifically for the youngest and teenagers. There are no height restrictions, so together with parents with or without supervision, your little ones can safely enjoy safe water activities, turning the energy of children into joy.

Siam Beach

It is a beach with white shiny sand where you can sunbathe and relax while your friends or children frolic in the park. If you get hot, then three meters from you begin to enter the pool with islands of palm trees, where the water temperature is maintained at -24 ° C. For your convenience, there are free sun beds and a large sun umbrella that opens.

Siam Park Tickets

A whole day of rest in the park will cost 40 euros for an adult and 28for a child.

Tariff “Premium” (this includes a towel, locker and lunch) – 51 and 36 euros, respectively.

You can also buy a ticket through the official website (payment by card), then you avoid idle in queues at the entrance, this is the best and safest option, so that without resorting to intermediaries, do not forget to print it.

In order not to overpay, take your towel and buy the cheapest ticket. In the park there are cafes where you can have a tasty and relatively inexpensive lunch. It is forbidden to bring your own food.

Siam Park Opening Times

Summer (1 May to 31 October): 10:00 to 18:00
Winter (1 November to 30 April): 10:00 a 17:00
Open 365 days a year.

Phone: +(34) 822-070-000
Official website: SiamPark
Facebook Page: Facebook Siam park

Address of Siam Park

Address: Avenida Siam, s/n, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Coordinates: 28.071701, -16.726665

Siam Park
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