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Singapore public transport

This small country has an excellent public transport system. There a railway, metro, buses, fixed-route. And regular taxis, cable cars. And even pedicabs at the services of tourists!. Singapore public transport the best in Asia.

The road network and traffic so well and planned here. There no traffic jams. There regular air and ferry connections. And you can take an excursion along the harbor. On a luxury motor ship.

Singapore public transport fare

If you planning to stay in Singapore for several days. It will be beneficial for you to purchase a travel card. Which I will discuss below.

Ez-link Card ( Singapore public transport card )

The cost of the Ez-link Card: when buying at 7-Eleven – 10 SGD. (of which 5 SGD the cost of the card. And the other 5 SGD the amount to pay for the fare). When buying at Passenger Service Centers sales centers – 12 SGD. (of which 5 SGD the cost of the card. And the remaining 7 SGD the amount to pay for travel).

If you plan to stay in Singapore for a long time. And active use public transport. I advise you to purchase the smart Ez-link Card. The Ez-link Card can be used to pay for travel by bus, metro (MRT), taxi. It even allows you to buy food and drinks in stores.

You can buy a pass at Passenger Service Centers. It located at every metro station. Major bus stops. And 7-Eleven stores. You can top up your card balance. At ticket machines and 7-Eleven stores. The minimum balance on the Ez-link Card. To pay for travel 3 SGD.

Singapore Tourist Pass

Singapore Tourist Pass. 1 day SGD 10. 2 days SGD 16. 3 days SGD 20.

The Singapore Tourist Pass. It gives you unlimited travel on the metro and bus. And saves you money.

Buses in Singapore

The entire island entangled in a bus network. Most buses pay with coins, which placed in the bus driver’s box. You must have an even amount – the machine does not change.
There are over 300 bus routes in Singapore. The city has two large bus companies – SMRT buses and Singapore Bus Service. On the websites of these companies. You can find detailed information about the cost of travel. The route of travel. The fare depends on the route.

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The bus stops with a show of hand. To get off the bus, you must press the button in advance. The daily bus routes open from 05:30 to 00:00. There are SMRT Night Rider (NR) buses that run from 23:30 to 02:00. The night bus fare 4.5 SGD regardless of your destination.

The cost of a bus without air conditioning. Can range from fifty cents. To one Singapore dollar. And from sixty cents to 1.1 local dollars. Will need to paid in an air-conditioned bus.

Metro in Singapore

The high-speed train system in Singapore. It a modern and comfortable transport service structure. All trains and subways equipped with air conditioning. And increased security. It allows you to move. From one end of Singapore city to the other quick and convenient.

The Singapore metro runs from 5:30 am on weekdays. And from 6:00 to midnight on weekends and holidays. It considered the fastest and cheapest way to get around Singapore. The metro transport system consists of four lines. One of which starts at the Singapore airport. The names of the lines indicated by special letter ciphers. It means the cardinal points. East-west – green line (EW). North-east – purple line (NE). North-south – red line (NS). The central line designated CC. There are metro stations in all parts of Singapore.

Singapore public transport map

Light Metro (Singapore public transport)

There are three light rail lines in Singapore. In addition to the underground metro in Singapore. You can use the so-called light metro. It delivers passengers from areas. Where there no metro to the metro lines. Opening hours – from 05:30 to 00:30. You do not need to wait long to get on this transport. Since the interval of its movement less than five minutes. The cost of a ticket for one trip about 1 Singapore dollar. Taking into account that its distance no more than three stations. If you buy an EZ-LINK electronic travel ticket. Then travel will be much cheaper.

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Monorail (Singapore public transport)

Trains run from 07:00 to 00:00 with a frequency of about three minutes. Travel time from the final to the final 8 minutes. The final station on Sentosa Island called “Beach”. Which means that beach lovers need to go here.

Monorail service starts from HarbourFront station. Where trains of the central (orange). And northeastern (purple) metro lines arrive. You can get to HarbourFront by buses 65, 80, 97, 100.

A day ticket on the monorail costs S $4. And allows you to travel all day without restrictions. The trip can paid both at the ticket office. And at the machine. For this you need to add money to a (contact less card). Both cash and a bank card will do. Tourists can use the standard EZ-Link passes. It suitable for all public transport in Singapore.

Ferries (Singapore public transport)

Ferries to Indonesia leave from Singapore. The Ferries leave from Harbourfront Center. The most popular route Singapore – Batam. Departure time. Every hour. Travel time: 50 minutes. One way ticket price. 25 USD.

Funicular (Singapore public transport)

Get ready for a bird’s eye view of one of Singapore’s most popular resorts. The cable car takes you to Sentosa Island in 15 minutes. On the way, you will enjoy breathtaking views of sandy beaches. An amusement park and the island’s modern buildings. The view from the cockpit 360 degrees, so you won’t miss a thing.

Taxi in Singapore

There are about 25,000 taxis operating in Singapore. Taxis a popular and convenient form of transport in Singapore. When traveling by taxi in Singapore. The following rules should follow:

  • If you catch your car on the street. It will save you money. When calling a taxi by phone, you will pay for the call 3.3-4.5 SGD. Taxis can found at large parking lots near hotels, shopping malls, attractions.
  • Don’t take taxis during rush hour. In traffic jams. Not only will the taxi fare increase. (0.22 SGD for every 45 seconds of waiting). But when traveling from 06:00 to 09:30 on weekdays. And from 18:00 to 00:00 on any day of the week. A fee of 25%.
  • Don’t catch a taxi in downtown. Taxi rides from Singapore’s Central Business District. (CBD) subject to an additional surcharge of SGD 3. Between 5:00 pm and 12:00 am. Any day of the week.
  • At night. Taxi fares rise by as much as 50%.
  • If you want to save money. Avoid luxury taxis – Chrysler 300C cars. It fares higher than other cars.
  • Please note that all of the above surcharges add up.
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When ordering a taxi in advance. You will not pay extra for a trip. At night or a rush hour and will know the fixed price. You can order a taxi transfer from a reliable website online.

Car Rent in Singapore

All major car rental companies have offices in Singapore. To rent a car, you just need to provide some documents. A passport and a valid driver’s license. Anyone over 17 years of age. And with at least a year of driving experience can take a car. Of course, renting a car in Singapore an expensive pleasure. The rental costs an average of $150 per day. It much more profitable. To rent a vehicle with a driver. By the way, the minimum price for such a rental from $30 per hour.

The leading car rental companies in Singapore. Thrifty, Advantage, Dollar, Fox. And many more. They provide chance for visitors to Singapore. To use comfortable and high-quality cars. Renting a car for a week cheaper (for every day). The type of car affects the cost.

Singapore public transport
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