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Singaporean Culture

Over time, everything undergoes changes, Singapore is no exception to the rule, it is also constantly changing and undergoing numerous changes, but there are still key identifiers of this island state, which have remained unchanged both in terms of culture and nationality. Identities – from a unique variation of the English language to impressive cleanliness on the streets and a multitude of fines – here’s what you should know about the culture of the island nation.

Singles or Singlish – What language is spoken in Singapore?

An important legacy of British colonization was the birth of the local Singaporean language. Historically, Singlean was considered the language of the poor and uneducated, but it is now seen as part of Singapore’s unique heritage. Literary works are written in Single, and the musician Shigga Shai wrote songs in it. Singlian forms its unique vocabulary and grammar under the influence of Malaysian, Ming, Kwangtung and other languages ​​of Southeast Asia.

Shopping centers

A passion for new shopping, food and drink unites all Singaporeans, which is why shopping malls play such an important role. It is the ideal place for those looking to sample local cuisine at affordable prices, and for locals it is a hub for gossip and fun. Something in between a western bar and a shopping center – people wander here endlessly, chatting and eating.

Residential complexes

Singapore is a tiny island with a huge population, most of the people living in apartment complexes that are located throughout the island and are often built and demolished. They are all different – of different shapes and colors, but they all create such conditions in a complex that allow people to communicate with each other, establish connections and develop social education.

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For a tiny city-state with limited natural resources, education has proven to be the main hope for the future. Parents start sending their children to preparatory schools and tutoring classes from a very early age in order to prepare them for admission to the most prestigious schools, after graduation, the children themselves decide where to study, but most still go to study abroad. It is through parental competition in the world’s most expensive city that there is such a strong cultural influence on education.

City park

Singapore is not just another stone jungle city. The first thing that catches your eye is its abundant vegetation, which plays a key role in cooling the city on the equator. Here, the metropolis coexists with nature, creating a unique, healthier and less polluted environment. On the territory of the city there are many parks and small squares where you can have a good time, resting from the bustle of the city.

Fines in Singapore

Fines in Singapore are a “talk of the town” and this is the main thing that a tourist needs to know when arriving in Singapore – be careful with what you do and where you do it. Singapore is known for its love of fines. Here you can’t chew gum or smoke wherever you like, there are separate areas for this. By the way, you can’t litter either, so try to find the trash can, even if you need to throw out something tiny.

Nightclubs in Singapore

Singapore is the perfect destination for party-goers and fun lovers. Locals rest here exactly the same as they work, and they work a lot. The clubs here are open until early morning, and even supermarkets, shopping centers and fast food chains close very late. This is one of the safest cities in the world, so even at night there are many walking people on the streets.

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Food in Singapore

Food is a huge part of the local culture, not surprising as the combination of different races and groups creates so many unique dishes that any mouth will water. Singaporeans are famous not only for their divine dishes like rice with chicken, roti prata and nasi lemak, but also for durian. This is the kind of fruit that will tickle your nose great. If you don’t know what to choose and want to try everything, be sure to visit one of the shopping centers, where the choice is endless and the prices are affordable.

Cleanliness everywhere and always

For a crowded city with very limited space and increased moisture, this is an incredibly clean city. An effective waste management program not only cleanses the city, but also disposes of waste in the most environmentally friendly way.
Here, not only because of the numerous fines, Singaporeans have a very strong sense of etiquette. Littering people here are punished with community activities to clean the streets.

Shopping in Singapore

Singaporeans shop constantly and look for the best prices, with the exception of BSR (Singapore Big Sale), an annual shopping event with huge discounts. In all parts of Singapore, vendors offer discounts, even street hawkers. There are a very large number of shopping centers that hold sales not only during the BSR. Singapore and shopping go hand in hand.


Last and most importantly, you have to get used to queuing, it’s like a national pastime. Singapore is known for its organization and order, so it’s no surprise that there are so many queues here. To buy a new iPhone – queue, enter public transport – queue, and even for an excavator there is a queue on the left to leave room for those in a hurry. Given the number of people and the speed of the metropolis, people here are still very patient.

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Singaporean Culture
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