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Top 10 Smallest Plants in the World

Scientists have recently discovered that the largest organism on Earth a mushroom fungus in one of the forests of Michigan. However, it possible that someday the title of “largest” will go to the whole ecosystem, even its smallest elements – microbes, and not much superior to the smallest plants in the world. Moreover, there are so many of them, microscopic, that they seriously affect the life of higher beings. Well, that is, you and me. Now you will understand.

1 Algae


It these plants that often interfere in our affairs: they spoil someone’s rest, or vice versa, destroy all living things in water bodies, or vice versa, harm health, or … In general, unicellular algae so small that they cannot be seen, which means they the smallest plants in the world.

2 Mosses


Mosses or bryophytes – these plants, in contrast to lichens, which, nevertheless, can be smaller. This a huge moss kingdom that includes tens of thousands of species of inhabitants. Like algae, in the second place of our TOP they the whole class, otherwise there would simply be no places left for all the others!

3 Spherical wolfia

Вольфия шаровидная

AND finally, a real plant that has everything that usually found on flowers in the first year of biology. It the smallest flower (i.e. flowering plant) in the world. The dimensions of wolfia 1-2 mm, and for you they will look like a lot of small green lumps in the water.

4 Rootless Wolfia

Вольфия бескорневая

It the plant reproduces by division, and almost constantly. Only for the winter does it sink to the bottom of the reservoirs to spend the winter. Due to their small size, it very difficult to see individual plants, 1.5 mm, after all.

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5 Duckweed


Wolfia should not be confused with duckweed, duckweed larger. Of its 25 species, some reach as much as 1 cm in diameter. There are other differences, duckweed thick leaves that have roots. True, the root of the duckweed rather a steering wheel and a load.

6 Baby Orchid Platystele jungermannioides

Орхидея-малютка Platystele jungermannioides

The genus Platystele includes 95 of the smallest orchids in the world, but this one the most presamaya. Its graceful translucent flowers only 2.1mm in diameter, and the flowering plants, when gathered together, so small that they often mistaken for moss. Grows in Ecuador.

7 Viola lilliputana

Viola lilliputana

Dwarf violet a very rare species of violets that grows on only one plateau in Peru … For the first time this rarity 1 cm high was described in 2012, when it was recognized as a separate species of violets.

8 Blossfeldia liliputana

Blossfeldia liliputana

Most the smallest cactus in the world does not exceed 1.5 cm in height and also called “dwarf” in its name. It grows exclusively in stones, does not tolerate soil, and also has an interesting ability – completely dried up, it reborn after watering.

9 Lithops


Lithops not so whimsical, but by themselves they very much like stones, in fact, they called so, only with the prefix “living”. These original plants have taken root in flower pots. Not more than 5 cm in diameter and height, they differ in a variety of colors.

10 Dwarf willow

Карликовая ива

The smallest tree on planet – dwarf willow, grows up to 10 cm maximum. Some scientists attribute it to shrubs. but what’s the difference, with such sizes it still falls into the 10th place of our TOP!

Top 10 Smallest Plants in the World

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