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Smart Lab WhatsApp Free Number

Smart Lab number WhatsApp in Riyadh; Smart Lab is one of the distinguished laboratories located within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, Smart Lab provides its customers with many distinguished services, as it provides many important tests, including testing for the Corona virus very quickly and accurately, and this laboratory is characterized by its appropriate prices and accuracy of analysis results, and many Saudi citizens want to communicate with Smart Lab in Saudi Arabia, and Smart Lab allocates some methods and contact numbers With the laboratory with ease, and we will explain together in this report the numbers and methods of communication with the Smart Lab in Riyadh.

Smart Lab Whatsapp number

Smart Lab provides its customers with the easiest way to communicate with the laboratory’s customer service easily from anywhere in Saudi Arabia and at any time, and you can contact Smart Lab customer service through the aforementioned number, or through the following WhatsApp number through the messaging service:

  • 0118040610.

Address For Smart Lab in Saudi Arabia

Many Saudi citizens are looking for the headquarters of the Smart Lab to go to the headquarters of the laboratory and conduct some tests or to book an appointment for a test, and the Smart Lab laboratory is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the following address:

  • 7197 King Fahd Road _ Al-Sahafa District _ Unit No. 12.

Smart Lab Customer Service Number

Some people may find it difficult to communicate with Smart Lab, as some want to inquire about booking dates or one of the laboratory services, or submit a complaint about a problem inside the laboratory, so Smart Lab facilitates the process of communicating with the laboratory easily at any time and anywhere in Saudi Arabia, where you can communicate with Smart Lab customer service with ease by calling the following number:

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Smart Lab WhatsApp Free Number
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