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Sneaker Shops in Rome


Via Appia Nuova Km. 194 – 00047 Marino (RM)

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Goba Footwear and Sportswear

Headquarters in Montecassiano (MC)
Also active in Rome

The store where you can find all the equipment to practice your favorite sport, in Montecassiano (MC) Via Matteotti, 15.

Chat on WhatsApp with +39 335 547 7675

Miky 1964


Via Mario Musco, 33 – 00147 Rome (RM)

Miki 1964, the best brands and a historical experience in the sector have made this store a reference point in Rome for children’s shoes.

Provide Home delivery

Chat on WhatsApp with +39 327 551 7945


Via Tiburtina, 356 – 00159 Rome (RM)

4Passistock is you are a shoe shop located in Rome. The quality of our footwear is characterized by stylistic innovation.

Stock House Word of mouth

Via Sequals, 6 – 00188 Rome (RM)

Designer footwear for women / men / children, we also offer a large assortment of clothing, bags and accessories.

Chat on WhatsApp with +39 327 109 0345

Moto City Di Annacondia Dario

Largo Telese 4 – Apri Mappa Google in Un’altra Finestra
00177 Roma
06 273994

Bartocci Sport

Viale Regina Margherita, 51 – 00198 Rome (RM)

Bartocci Sport, historic sportswear store signed by the best brands, in Rome, in Viale Regina Margherita at number 51.

Rubei Gabriella, Roma


Rubei Gabriella

Address:Via Appia Nuova 524/526, 00181 Roma, Italy

Telephone: 06 780 6372

Internet site:

Angeletti Footwear Outlet

Via di Boccea, 758/A – 00166 Rome (RM)

The Angeletti company in Rome, expert in footwear for men, women and children.


Happy Feet Footwear for Kids and Teens

Via Gallia, 70/B/C – 00183 Rome (RM)

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Happy Feet is located in via Gallia 70 B / C in Rome, and sells footwear of the best brands for children and teenagers, of excellent quality, offering a wide choice.

Chat on WhatsApp with +39 347 690 3928

Kiddy Shoes

Via di Boccea, 174 – 00167 Rome (RM)

Footwear for children and teenagers of the best brands in Rome Boccea.

Chat on WhatsApp with +39 329 355 9304

Ennio Shoes

Via Flaminia, 467 – 00191 Rome (RM)

Ennio Shoes has always met the needs of customers by offering a wide choice of fashionable proposals for men, women and children.


Italy Sport

Via dei Monti Tiburtini, 550 – 00157 Rome (RM)

Italia Sport is a shop that offers tracksuits, sweaters, jeans and jackets and much more for men, women and children.

Banquets Sport

Via del Leone, 23 – 00186 Rome (RM)

Banchetti Sport was one of the first sports and clothing stores in the capital since 1918 first in v. Campo Marzio now in v.del Leone 23 ROME

Impulso Calzature Shoes

Via Mario Menghini 80
00179 Roma
06 780 4063


Sneaker Shops in Rome
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