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About Snoopy Island in Fujairah

Fujairah is a secluded emirates on the east coast of the country, yet it attracts a large proportion of visitors and tourists, due to its unique attractions, including clear clear water, mountain ridges and more, and many questions about this amazing range:

  • Snoopy Island an important tourist destination in fujairah, UAE, and named Snoopy for its cartoon character Snoopy, which taken by the three rocks in it.
  • The island attracted a large proportion of marine sports lovers, sandy beach resort lovers and natural life in general, and provides many of the services associated with these activities and offered at competitive prices.

Snoopy Island Fujairah Attractions

Snoopy Island in Fujairah has many unique tourist attractions that reflect the advantages of its marine environment, so it recommended to visit the snoopy island and experience the fun on its beaches, especially for marine sports lovers such as diving, swimming, rowing, snorkel and others, which we will mention in a profile of Snoopy Island in Fujairah as follows:


Known as one of the most beautiful beach camping sites in and around Fujairah, this area is a fun experience during the trip to the UAE, especially since the experience is not only camping on the beach spot. But campers can also take part in exciting activities such as snorkelling and diving among the beautiful coral reefs near snoopy island.
Camp: Camping fujairah beach and Aqa beach
Cost: AED 200 – AED 250
There are rarely any packages available for camping there, but you can buy your equipment or even rent it from shops on Fujairah Beach, you can rent tents, barbecue grills and wood, and even kayak to Snoopy Island, and there are service facilities and toilets near the beach for campers as well.

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Kayaking on Snoopy Island

  • The kayak experience one of the funniest experiences to share on the beach, and it even more enjoyable if you take it on Snoopy Island in Fujairah because of the availability of landscapes from charming mountains and others, and it done by riding the boat with a place to sit in a specific position provided by the passenger legs, and then uses each hand in rowing paddles, and many types between singles and doubles, which are great old sports fun and shore dive.

Board the Banana Boat on Snoopy Island

  • Fun activities for many tourists to board a banana boat on the beaches of Snoopy Island, Fujairah, and it even more enjoyable if shared by a group of friends or family members, and this type of boat boarded in the midst of the refreshing natural atmosphere, which characterized by the waters of the Sea of Aqa.

Snorkel sport on Snoopy Island

  • Snoopy Island an ideal location for snorkeling, a fun and simple diving sport, where the mask for breathing placed underwater, and then the skilled diver wanders the water to see the finest landscapes of marine objects and plants with eye-catching colours.

How to get to Snoopy Island

By car/taxi:

Located in Aqa, Fujairah. Snoopy island 180 km from Dubai and takes a two-hour drive from Dubai, and you can rent a car or rent a taxi costing around AED 300.

Taxis generally cost from AED 15-30 while travelling inside Fujairah.

By bus:

There are also plenty of public transport buses running from Deira bus station to Fujairah, which will cost around AED 25.

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