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Snow City Riyadh

The Snow City of Riyadh is one of the most prominent tourist and entertainment places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, attracting a lot of visitors annually to escape the rising temperatures, and to carry out the distinctive activities and experiences, offered by the Snow City in Riyadh. In this article, we review the location of the Snow City in Riyadh, and the prices of the Snow City in Riyadh.

Snow City Riyadh location

This wonderful entertainment city is located in the Al-Rabwa area within the Othaim Mall in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
The area around families and families.
Inside they find more than 10 fun games, in addition to exciting snow activities, which provide them with all the elements of the elements.
What is distinctive is that these games and activities within the city are suitable for children and some are intimate.
A family trip with children, so you can pass through the world of snow to spend the most beautiful times.

  • Address: MQPG+58, 7454 Eastern Ring Road Subway, Al Rabwah, Al Othaim Mall, Riyadh
  • You can access it via Google Maps via this link from here.

Snow City Riyadh Opening Hours

From 12:00 pm to 12:00 midnight on all days of the week except holidays when working hours are from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The Snow City Administration has divided working hours into women’s and men’s hours to ensure complete comfort and privacy.

Phone Number: +966920008331

Snow City Riyadh Tickets Price

Snow Park offers its visitors a variety of ticket options up to 6 types of tickets (of which 4 basic) at different prices, where these tickets divided as follows:

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1- Pastoral package, which priced at 120 Saudi riyals: It is one of the packages that allocated to children who are not more than 110 centimeters tall, and that includes access to the city of snow for a period not exceeding two hours, in addition to shoes, socks and a snowrobe.

2- Snow package, which priced at SAR 140: It is the basic package, which includes access to the Snow City Riyadh for two hours, in addition to a coat, pants, socks and shoes.

3- VIP package priced at SAR 160: which also includes access to the city of Snow for two hours, in addition to gloves, hat/helmet, coat, pants, shoes and socks.

4- VIP Plus package priced at SAR 1200: It is the most expensive ticket in the city of Snow Riyadh, as it includes access to the city of Snow for two hours, in addition to a new coat, new pants, new shoes, hat / helmet and glove in addition to providing a special locker for the visitor inside the VIP room.5- Extra hour ticket priced at SAR 40: which is available “from Sunday to Wednesday”, knowing that it is not available during public holidays and holidays.6- Extra hour ticket priced at SAR 50: which is available “from Thursday to Saturday”, knowing that it is also not available on public holidays and holidays.

As everyone knows, prices may change over time, so it is best to check these prices by contacting the management of Snow City Riyadh through their phone number listed below (immediately after the address of Snow City) as well as to know the latest offers and possible discounts for tickets.

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Activities in Snow City Riyadh

The snow city of Riyadh has a wide choice of entertainment. So we are now going to give you the 7 best activities to do when you visit.

Snowmobile ride

Along with dozens of fun games you’ll find snowmobiles designed for toddlers. In addition to the presence of all the riding supplies of clothing and protective tools such as helmets, which ensures safe play.


Now it’s time to try snowboarding for long hours without fear. In short, all you need to do is buy the ticket and pick up the ski tools to start enjoying the landing with your little ones.

Explore the icy nature

There are dozens of wonderful surprises to discover among the mountains and snowy cliffs. So feel free to take your family to the pedestrian walkways when visiting this charming icy city.

Playing with snow

Despite the cold weather in this tourist city, snowball exchange is a must-try activity. Snow is widely found with thick gloves provided to protect hands when playing.

Snow City School

The School for Playing with Snow has recently opened its doors to train novice visitors to practice the activities found in the city. Figure skating can be learned with specialized and professional instructors.

Visit the Snow Sculptures Park

This characteristic garden meets the desire of children to get to know the snowman white. In addition, it includes dozens of other snow sculptures of the most important tourist attractions found globally.

Experience nearby restaurants

Visiting one of the restaurants near Snow City will definitely be a great idea to complete the fun of the vacation. Near this snowy city there are 3 restaurants: Kahvemania, Grape Leaf Taste and Sheba Restaurant. As for the quality of the dishes served in these restaurants, Coffee Mania offers Turkish cuisine, while Tasaq Grape Leaf Restaurant serves a variety of dishes such as grape leaves, mahshi, trays and juices. While Saba Restaurant specializes in selling delicious Yemeni dishes such as al-Mu’ta’a’a, al-Muqalqalil and al-Kabba.

Snow City Riyadh
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