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Snow in Egypt

Snow in Egypt is a rare occurrence. The editorial staff of “Oh, More” tells what the weather is in Egypt in winter and where you can take a photo of the snow.

  • December 20, 2021 snow fell in Egypt
  • Weather in Alexandria in Egypt
  • Does it snow in Cairo, on the pyramids

Snow in Egypt: photos

On the morning of December 20, 2021, the inhabitants of Alexandria, a city in Egypt on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, saw snow outside the window. There is snow here, but very rarely.

Snow in Egypt, Alexandria. Photo: captain_azzouz

Due to bad weather conditions in Alexandria, ports were temporarily closed. In addition, schooling was stopped there. Schools and ports are promised to resume work after the weather improves.

There is snow in egypt By James Barry

Weather in Alexandria in Egypt in winter

Alexandria is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, not the Red Sea, where Ukrainians mostly go to rest. However, beach holidays are also practiced in Alexandria. Mostly locals rest on the beaches of Alexandria, and Europeans also come here.

In winter, it is much cooler here than in the Red Sea resorts: Sharm el-Shuikh, Hurghada or Marsa Alam. But the air temperature very rarely drops so that snow falls.

Average air temperature in Alexandria in winter :

  • in December 19.8 ° C,
  • in January 17.8 ° C,
  • in February 18.8 ° C.

Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria in winter is possible, but cool. So, the average water temperature in winter is here:

  • in December 20.6 ° C,
  • in January 18.4 ° C,
  • in February 17.3 ° C.
See also  Alexandria

Therefore, in winter, it is better to choose the Red Sea resorts for a beach holiday:

  • Sharm El Sheikh,
  • Hurghada,
  • Marsa Alam,
  • Dahab,
  • other.

Also make sure that the hotel is located in a windless bay. Otherwise, strong winds in Egypt can ruin your vacation.

If you want to combine beach holidays and excursions, then Alexandria is ideal.

Does it snow in Cairo, on the pyramids

The distance between Cairo and Alexandria is only 210 kilometers. Therefore, snow is also possible in Cairo. It is in Cairo that the world famous pyramids and the Sphinx are located.

Tourists and locals have observed snow on the pyramids in Egypt. In December 2013, for the first time in a hundred years, Egypt and the pyramids were covered with snow due to the arrival of a cold cyclone.

This famous photo of pyramids in the snow was taken using Photoshop. Author:

But the photographs of the snow-capped pyramids and the Sphinx published then turned out to be fake.

Replica of the Great Sphinx in the snow Posted by

A famous photograph of a snow-covered sculpture of the Great Sphinx is just a replica of it, 80 centimeters high, at Tobu World Square in Japan.

Sculpture of the Great Sphinx in Japan Posted by

So the snow did fall in Cairo, but the pyramids were not covered with a layer of snow. However, the Egyptians in 2013 even managed to kill the “snowmen”.

Snow in Egypt
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