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people on beach during daytimeThe small resort town of Sosua is located in the northern part of the Dominican Republic in the province of Puerto Plata. Tourists are attracted by its kilometer-long beach area, which stretches along a comfortable quiet bay resembling a bowl. As a resort facility, Sosua began to develop more than thirty years ago and currently has a decent tourist infrastructure. Well-groomed beaches surrounded by a sufficient number of various hotels. There are a lot of offers related to diving, snorkeling and other outdoor activities.

The city has a well-established gastronomic business, but in addition to good restaurants, there are many nightclubs, bars and discos. The resort lives an active nightlife, in which not only visitors, but also local residents willingly show themselves. It is always fun and crowded here.

Sosua landmarks

In this small resort town, not only beach holidays and water activities possible. And even the nightlife is not all. Sosua has a fairly active cultural life, as evidenced by the presence of museums, art galleries and other attractions.

Museum of Jewish Heritage

Museum of Jewish Culture. The brightest pages of the city’s history associated with the forties of the last century. When hundreds of Jews from different European countries received shelter on this quiet coast. The settlers began active work here. They built a cheese factory, which still in operation. A synagogue and a museum. Today, not many descendants of those same Jews live in Sosua. But the Museum of Jewish Culture. And the synagogue operating under it have preserved the memory of those times.

Address: El Batey, Sosua.

Castillo Mundo King

The Museum of Contemporary Art is an extraordinary landmark in the town of Sosua. Hundreds of interesting exhibits are presented here. Paintings by contemporary artists, intricate sculptures carved from wood. And depicting aliens, heroes of religious legends and fairy tales. Some masterpieces generally difficult to understand. But they look very textured. Which, however, can be said about the building of a somewhat strange, but very interesting museum.

Address: Calle Libre, Sosua.

Phone: 18099722057.

571 Art Gallery by Leo Díaz

571 Art Gallery by Leo Díaz is a private art gallery of the young impressionist artist Leo Díaz. Who gaining momentum in popularity not only in his native Dominican Republic. But also far beyond its borders. Visitors to the gallery can get acquainted with the original work of the artist. Communicate with him personally, and also buy, if not a painting. Then at least souvenirs in memory of a remarkable acquaintance.

Address: El Batey, Sosua.

Phone: 18097123632.

Sosua House of Art

Casa de Arte Sosua is an art gallery with exhibitions of works by local artists and photographers. A visit to the gallery is a great opportunity to compare the difference between the work of recognized artists. And those whose creations are sold in local souvenir shops and on the beach.

Address: El Batey, Sosua.

Ocean Side Christian Fellowship

Ocean Side is a Protestant church with services in English. Built on the ocean coast, this temple can interest tourists with its unusual architecture and stunning surrounding landscapes.

Address: Sosua Ocean Village, Carretera Sosua-Cabarete, km. 2, Sosua.

Phone: 18097159095.

Official site:

Sosua beaches

The most popular and, accordingly, liveliest in Sosua the eponymous Playa Sosua. As well as the beach in the Los Charamicos area. Here you can ride a banana, and dive in the area of ​​a coral reef. Located about a hundred meters from the coast. All attributes for diving and snorkeling are sold and rented right on the beach, in small shops. The water so clear that small fish and sea urchins can be seen with the naked eye.

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By the way, when entering the water, you should be careful: sea urchins sometimes get close to the shore. You can inadvertently injure your leg. Otherwise, no troubles on the beaches of this resort. Everything is just perfect: fine sand, clean bottom, calm sea. If, nevertheless, you do not have enough privacy, you can try your luck at Playa Alicia. Located in the El Batey quarter. It quiet and small, it is quite suitable for relaxing with your company, away from other vacationers.

Activities and excursions in Sosua

A variety of marine and “land” nature is the main wealth of these places. Therefore, most of the entertainment and excursions in Sosua somehow connected with nature. Be it extreme, breathtaking adventures or relaxed contemplation.

Divecenter Merlin

Diving Center Merlin, located on Playa Sosua. Offers a wide variety of dive sites on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. About twenty dive sites are located near the beach of Sosua. A professional team, modern diving paraphernalia. The best, well-researched dive sites promise an unforgettable time spent in the depths of the Atlantic. A quick training course is provided for beginners.

Address: Calle Gregorio Luperon, Playa Sosua, Caseta Nr. 35, Sosua.

Phone: 18095450538.

Official website:

Sosua Game Fishing

Sosua Game Fishing invites you to go on an exciting journey on a comfortable boat. Fish well together with a professional team of fishermen. Deep sea fishing a very interesting activity that can last all day. During the fishing trip, participants offered mouth-watering snacks and refreshing drinks. Moored to the shore with a gorgeous catch. The fishing participants go to the beach restaurant, where the fish they just caught will be cooked. A sumptuous dinner is a good ending for such a busy day.

Address: Sosua Beach, Sosua.

Phone: 18298108799.

Official website:

Gray Wolf Ranch

Lobo Gris Ranch (Gray Wolf) is where horses live freely in their natural habitat. Amid beautiful natural landscapes and incredibly vibrant green trees. Fans of ecological excursions will be interested to visit here. The tour includes a jeep ride, horseback riding and a spectacular bungee ride down to the falls. Horses are selected based on the rider’s level of training. It is worth noting that they are very well looked after.

Phone: 18094960712.

Official website:

Monkey Jungle and Zip Line Adventures

Monkey Jungle and Zip Line Adventures offers an unforgettable experience: adventures at seven zipline stations. (A cross between a bungee and a cable car). Located in a real tropical jungle, as well as meeting cute tame monkeys. Ready to take treats from human hands, absolutely nobody afraid. In addition to squirrel monkeys and capuchins, other funny inhabitants live in the jungle. This excursion equally interesting for both adults and the smallest participants.

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Address: Carretera El Choco, Sosua.

Phone: 18296494555.

Official website:

L’Rosse Massage

L’Rosse Massage is a massage center located near Playa Alicia, in the El Batey quarter. The highlight of the center is that the massage takes place on a coral reef. Accompanied by the sounds of the sea and the refreshing ocean breeze. Tourists who have been here claim that they experienced such relaxation for the first time.

Address: Casa Marina Beach & Reef Resort, Sosua.

Sosua nightlife

For those who, after the beach and active entertainment, still full of energy. And not ready to wash off the sea salt from their bodies and go to bed peacefully. Sosua has prepared something for a fun nightlife. Night bars and disco clubs are waiting for their heroes. Ready to dance until they drop to fiery music and take samples from local strong drinks.

Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger is about good food, good drinks and meeting fun people. Here you can dance or try your hand at karaoke, it fun here both day and night. You can feel at home here, and if you come here again, do not be surprised if the staff calls you by name. They will definitely remember you and will be glad to see you again in the Jolly Roger.

Edres: Calle Pedro Clisante, 11, Sosua.

Phone: 18095714611.

The Drunk Cat

El Gato Borracho is a pirate-style bar. Here visitors will find live music performed by local musicians, dancing and live communication. There is a wide variety of drinks.

Address: Alicia Beach, Mirador Park, Sosua.

New York Shark Bar

New York Shark is a cozy bar located on the beach. The only American bar among the traditional Dominican brethren. Interesting to visit, if only for the sake of comparison.

Address: Stall, 66 Sosua Beach, Sosua.

Phone: 18095712764.

How to get to Sosua?

Puerto Plata International Airport is located seven kilometers from the resort of Sosua. From which you can get there in just 20 minutes by taxi. The trip will cost RD $ 1,120 ($ 25). At the same time, a simpler and cheaper option. The guaguas minibus, which will cost only RD $ 45 ($ 1). For those heading to Sosua from Santo Domingo, the best way is to buy an intercity bus ticket for RD $ 300 ($ 7). Travel to the final stop. With an international license. You can rent a car at the airport for RD $ 1,350 ($ 30) per day (plus insurance).

Sosua Restaurants

It just so happened historically that most of the restaurants in the town of Sosua. Founded by immigrants from different countries, which could not but affect the gastronomic culture of the resort. Here, European and American traditions surprisingly mixed. As a result, the local cuisine seen by the visiting guest as very diverse. Tasty and original, allowing you to make more than one culinary discovery.

Caribbean Hot Pot

Caribbean Hot Pot is an inexpensive restaurant where you can taste a variety of Cajun. The Caribbean and Creole cuisine, fresh juices, fine rum punch and other interesting drinks. For only RD $ 200 ($ 4.5). You can order the dish of the day here and get a free cocktail.

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Address: 14 Calle Duarte, Beachway Plaza, Sosua.

Phone: 18095714729.

Midtown Sosua bar&restaurant

Midtown Sosua is an international restaurant located in the heart of the city of Sosua, as its name suggests. The menu, in addition to hamburgers, steaks, fried chicken and pork chops. Includes many seafood dishes delivered to the restaurant every day. Shrimp in wine sauce, fried snapper, lobster and much more. Midtown has a friendly atmosphere, great food and a full bar. As well as a private pool to chill out in while sipping on the famous Cuba Libre.

Address: Calle Dr. Rosen, 3, Sosua.

Phone: 18099179518.

Scandinavian Beach Bar & Restaurant

The Scandinavian Restaurant & Bar is located right on Sosua Beach. Here you can dine without interrupting the bliss of beach relaxation by ordering the world’s most delicious homemade hamburger. Cheeseburger or, for example, one of the grilled dishes: ribs or pork on the bone. The excellent scenery, pleasant atmosphere and high-quality service have served the restaurant well. Considered by many to be the best on the beach.

Address: Sosua Beach, 152, Sosua.

Phone: 18093998321.

Sosua Accommodation

Most of the city’s hotels are located near the beach (10-15 minutes’ walk). Or in the center of the town, close to local attractions. The Jewish quarter El Batey is distinguished by a wide variety of hotels. Sosua hotels are mainly designed for young people who have a rest here. However, you can choose an option for a relaxing family vacation.

Sosua Ocean Village

Sosua Ocean Village, located two kilometers from Sosua, is not just a hotel. It a whole residential complex, a real “Ocean Village”. Consisting of villas, hotels and very well thought out infrastructure. Here you can even purchase a land plot and build a villa according to your own or a ready-made project. The complex has everything your heart desires: a cozy beach, green parks, swimming pools. Restaurants, bars, a fitness center, a sports bar, a spa, a water park, a family club and much more. An ideal place for a family holiday.

Rooms’ fares range from RD $ 6,300 ($ 140) to RD $ 9,000 ($ 200) per night.

Address: Highway Sosua-Cabarete, 2 km, Sosua.

Phone: 18095712166.

Official website:

Hotel Casa Cayena ****

Casa Cayena is an elite hotel with its own beach, swimming pool, restaurants with excellent cuisine, bar, tennis court. Hotel guests can have breakfast and use the parking lot, the Internet is free of charge. In addition to standard rooms in the hotel building, you can choose to stay in a luxurious bungalow. All rooms are equipped with ceiling fans and air conditioning.

Rooms’ fares range from RD $ 2,500 ($ 56) to RD $ 4,000 ($ 89) per night.

Address: Highway Sosua-Cabarete, 2 km, Sosua.

Phone: 18095712429.

Official website:

Residential Club **

Club Residencial is a good budget hotel located some distance from the beach. There is a swimming pool, restaurant and cocktail bar on site. Rooms have air conditioning and kitchenettes. Guests of the hotel can use Wi-Fi in public areas, as well as laundry and dry-cleaning services.

Address: Avd.Pedro Clisante, Sosua.

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