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Spice Souk

Dubai replete with many traditional and heritage souks that an integral part of the UAE’s rich culture and history, and the area of the old souks remains vibrant and not without the movement of buying and selling, as it frequented by people from different cultures of the world, despite the spread of the most luxurious and prestigious places of modern shopping, perhaps the most prominent of these markets is the Spice and Spice Souk in Dubai, located on the eastern side of Dubai.

Specifically on the north bank of the Dubai Creek in Deira, where among its ancient alleys reeks of multi-variety spices and international flavors, as the market embraces different types of spices grown around the world.

It is one of the most important traditional commercial markets that restored and brought back to life with elegant heritage designs. It is also one of the favorite tourist and commercial places, which attract tourists and residents of the city, as every stone in the corridors of this market pulsates with stories and tales of the ancient past.

What to buy in Dubai Spice Souk

The shopping streets of Deira sell all kinds of condiments: from the most popular to the rarest options. On the shelves you will see: cloves, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, various peppers, etc. And of course not without the king of spices – saffron. If you want to repeat Arabic recipes at home, then take dried barberry, orchid roots, rosebuds and black lemons. A surprise for many tourists dried whole fruits. They used in many Middle Eastern cuisines.

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It is better to buy goods before leaving the country. Then they will retain the maximum flavor and will not spoil. Transport them in well-sealed bags. Dry at home in a cardboard box. Then pour into airtight packages. Also pay attention to gift sets. They will immediately properly packed.

In addition, they sell orange and rose water, dried fruits, legumes, nuts and dried herbs. There are also stalls with local products, hookah tobacco, textiles, carpets and souvenirs. Tea and coffee lovers will delight with a large assortment. There are also authentic kitchen utensils: coffee sets, stone mortars, clay plates, Turks, etc. In this place there are not only goods from the UAE, but also from Pakistan, Iran, India, Nepal, Israel and other neighboring countries.

Location of Spice Souk

Located on the eastern side of Dubai, specifically on the north bank of the Dubai Creek in Deira, the Spice Souk is unique in its simple heritage architectural design, where you will find small shops next to each other within parallel corridors lined in them. And covered with wooden supports made of palm fronds that in turn reduce moisture and illuminate the market with a dim light that is comfortable to see.

Spice Souk Opening Hours

The location is open every day until the evening. The sutra will be convenient to make purchases until there are a large number of people. In the evening it is interesting to walk along the illuminated streets. In the afternoon in Dubai there is a strong heat, so the visit will not be comfortable. There is nowhere to hide from the sun. Schedule:

  • Saturday to Thursday 10:00—22:00;
  • Friday from 16:00 to 22:00;
  • there is no general break, but merchants can leave for lunch.
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Opening and closing times may change due to national and religious holidays.

How to get to the spice Souk in Dubai

The bazaar is conveniently located next to the Dubai Creek waterfront in the old district of Deira. Finding a place is easy – go for the spicy smell that spreads throughout the area. The main part of the shopping arcades is open on Baniyas Street. There are several ways to get there (Dubai Public Transport):

  • Take the metro to Al Ras station on the green line.
  • Bus to Deira Old Souq stop, lines: 27, C07, C09, C28.
  • From Bar Dubai by boat to Deira Old Souq Pier.
  • By car on the highway Baniyas Rd/D85 with GPS coordinates — 25.267668, 55.296819.
  • By taxi, order it through the Uber, Careem or RTA apps, or catch a car on the street or call it on the phone.

As in any other market in the United Arab Emirates, at Spice Souk merchants try to win over buyers with goodwill and polite conversation. You will always and in all details told about the origin of spices, storage rules, help you choose everything you need, treat you with dates.

It is from the sellers at the spice Souk. That you can learn the secret of brewing lavender tea and making Lebanese “white coffee”. Without shopping from this market, you definitely will not leave, so save with you the necessary amount of money.

Spice Souk
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