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Spoken Languages in the US

What language is spoken in the USA? The United States of America stands out as one of the most multi nation states. There are dozens of different languages, hundreds of dialects and adverbs. Despite the fact that English dominates in the United States, the country has not adopted any language as a state language. In many states, in addition to English, Hawaiian, Spanish and French are popular.

Official language in the USA

More than 80% of US residents speak exclusively English. English is recognized as the official language of office work and education.

Note that in Hawaii, the predominantly Hawaiian language is spoken, while in Puerto Rico, New Mexico, Spanish is predominantly spoken.

By the way, the latter is considered native to 45,000,000 inhabitants of the country. It has received particular prevalence in the south, where the United States borders on Mexico.

Despite the fact that the United States predominantly speaks English, the proportion of the English-speaking population is declining every year.

If in the 80s it was about 95%, then by the beginning of the 20th century it was about 80%. English is being replaced by Spanish and Chinese.

In their everyday life, the indigenous population of the United States (Indians, Eskimos) use their national dialects.

The most common and famous of them is the language of the Navajo Indians. It is spoken by over 170,000 people. The Eskimos speak the Yupik dialect.

Do not be afraid that you will come to the States and not understand a word. If your stock of English is poor, it will not hurt to clarify with a simple resident of America.

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On the contrary, they are very polite and always try to help tourists. If a tourist comes from countries where they speak Spanish, French and German, then dubbing of some signs and posters into their native language from English is provided for such travelers.

In other words, Americans are sensitive to the peoples around them, as well as tourists, so they try to make life easier for those who come to their continent.

And, due to the fact that a large number of emigrants live in the USA, you should not be afraid of your pronunciation at all.

Spoken Languages in the US
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