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STC Data SIM Unlimited 160

The STC 160 unlimited prepaid data chip is the best choice for anyone looking for an affordable, reliable, and unlimited data plan. STC offers STC unlimited data SIM 160, which one of the best options available to get unlimited calls and internet packages at reasonable prices, and this SIM card can also installed in the home router.

STC Data SIM Unlimited 160

The company’s Sawa data card offered to customers to solve the problem of internet access while also providing call plans, so that with one subscription you can save both easily with both things.
And because the various social media sites are the most consumed by the phone data balance, the package here offers unlimited free internet for a whole month for all communication sites.

There is a feature here for stc SAWA chip holders through which they can recharge any of the offers that we will mention at a discounted price without taxes.

Sawa Post 160 Unlimited:

It is the main package from stc here that accepted by the company’s customers.
The price is 160 SAR (when purchasing with a Sawa Card) with the addition of tax (in case of buying otherwise) becomes 184 SAR and provides the following:

  • Connections: Calls within the network SIM with unlimited minutes.
  • Outside the network chip with a limit of 1000 minutes.
  • 20 GB data for all internet uses.
  • Unlimited social media browsing data (open data).

The customer enjoys this throughout the subscription period, which is approximately one month (four weeks), and there are other offers that we will learn about below.

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All customers can subscribe by sending an SMS to 900 with the following number: 7160 or through mystc app.

How to recharge stc data SIM unlimited 160

There are several ways to recharge stc data SIM unlimited net for the specified monthly period, including:

  • STC Official Website

STC customers can recharge the data SIM through the official website of the company, and you can go to it from here and then log in to your account or create a new account, and from there choose to move, including data recharge, and here you have to enter your data SIM number, then enter the recharge card with the value you need.

stc data SIM recharge unlimited 160 custom code.

The STC customers who own a data SIM can use recharge cards through the following code *155* recharge code * ID number #.

  • Bank account.

This done through the official website of the bank or the application of its bank, so STC has cooperated with banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all you have to do if you want to charge the data SIM is to log in to your bank account, whether on the official website or on the application of the bank and follow the steps and data required to complete the charging process.

  • Recharge your stc data SIM through QuickNet.

You can recharge through the following link, you asked to enter the data SIM number and the recharge code, then click on Recharge.

  • • Postpaid.
  • • Recharge regular balance.
  • • Another stc data SIM.
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STC SAWA data sim open 160

stc unlimited internet or postpaid calling packages are provided at different prices and durations to suit all users, some of which are up to 3 months.
The duration of the open data SIM cards provided by STC in terms of validity divided into monthly and daily packages and a 3-month package that follows Postpaid QuickNet as follows:

Monthly Share Plus Package stc:

In addition to the previous two offers on stc Unlimited Data SIM (Star Plus – Post Plus), Sheer Plus is available, which offers a better price while providing the Net feature with a reasonable space suitable for medium use.
Share Plus is the economical choice for those wishing to have a social media browsing experience without caring about normal browsing, at a cheaper price of up to 115 riyals (payment chip) and after adding the tax, it is 132.25 riyals (in case of purchasing from another method) and provides the following:

  • Connections: Unlimited calls within the network (important feature) and outside up to 500 minutes.
  • Browse social networks with 10 GB of data space.
  • Other uses of the Internet with 5 GB data space.

It is preferable to recharge in the above three offers through the stc data chip of the SAWA card to get the tax-free price.

STC Data SIM Unlimited 160
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