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‎Stc Prepaid Packages Prices Internet & Calls‎

STC provides a variety of packages and systems that meet all users’ data needs – minutes for all local networks, and the company is also working on developing the devices and technologies used to ensure raising the quality and efficiency of the services provided so that the company has a large base of users throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sawa Prepaid Packages

stc offers a range of prepaid sawa packages, so that this company provides calling services in several categories (1000, 400, 100, 30). So that the beneficiary of the service can make the necessary calls on all types of SIMs, i.e. Mobily SIM as well as Zain SIM and others.

For example, the value of the call in the postpaid chip 30 for STC is 20 halalas, while for other companies it is worth 30 halalas, while the cost of messages in the service for the same category is 25 halalas and media messages are worth 55 halalas and increases up to 60 halalas for other networks.

Sawa unlimited internet packages

  • Sawa Star Plus: Provides 100 GB of data, in addition to unlimited internet for social media applications. Not only that, but it also provides unlimited calls inside and outside the network with a value of up to 276 Saudi riyals.
  • Sawa Flex 240: The service provides about 80 GB of data with unlimited internet for social media applications. In addition to 600 local and international minutes, worth up to 276 SAR.
  • Sawa Post Plus: This service includes 40 GB data and unlimited internet for social media applications. In addition to providing unlimited calls within the network with 1000 minutes from outside the network. Its value is up to 195.5 SAR.
  • Sawa Share Plus: The offer provides 10 GB data and 20 GB internet for social media applications. As well as unlimited calls within the network, with 500 minutes of calls outside the network, worth 132.25 SAR.
  • Sawa Flex 100: The offer includes 10 GB with 20 GB internet for social media applications, in addition to 300 minutes for local and international calls, worth 115 Saudi riyals.
  • Sawa Like Plus: This offer includes 5 GB with 5 GB for social media, in addition to 500 minutes of calls outside and inside the network, worth 86.25 Saudi riyals.
  • Sawa Flex 65: 4 GB data, 4 GB communication, 120 minutes of local and international calls, worth 74.75 SAR.
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STC QuickNet Prepaid Packages Offers

QuickNet are special packages for the data SIM that provide you with prepaid internet that suits all your needs, the details of the packages are in the following list:

  • 500 GB data for 6 months is priced at 862.5 riyals, including tax.
  • 300 GB data for 3 months at a price of 517.5 SAR including VAT.
  • 100 GB net + 100 GB watch for 3 months price 368 riyals inclusive of tax.
  • 100 GB for a month + 19 GB Social for only 195.5 riyals.
  • 80 GB net + 80 GB watch for two months, its price is 253 riyals including top tax.
  • 25GB Net + 25GB Watch for a month, the price is 115 riyals inclusive of VAT.
  • 10 GB for 3 months at SAR 201.25 including VAT.
  • 10 GB net for two months for only 172.5 SAR and the price is inclusive.
  • Unlimited data for a week is priced at 109.25 riyals and the price includes tax.
  • Unlimited data for a month, price 373.75 SAR inclusive of value tax.
  • Unlimited data for 3 months for SAR 1121.25 and the price includes VAT.

Stc internet prepaid packages prices – data keys

You can subscribe to STC Prepaid Internet packages through the “Sawa Data Keys” service, and this package can be added with the previous basic packages to get more data, price details and plans in the following list:

  • Internet package 1 GB / week: price 15 riyals, activation by sending 2151 to 900.
  • Internet package 1 GB / month: priced at 15 riyals and activation by sending 2152 to 900.
  • Internet package 2 GB / month: price 50 riyals and activation by sending 2153 to 900.
  • 5 GB Internet Package / Month: Price 80 SAR & Activation Method: Send 2154 to 900.
  • Internet package 10 GB / month: price 110 riyals and activation method: send 2155 to 900.
  • Internet package 10 GB / two months: price 155 riyals and activation method: send 2156 to 900.
  • 10GB data bundle / 3 months: price 180 SAR and activation by sending 2157 to 900.
  • 50 GB data bundle / two months: for SAR 230 and activation by sending 2158 to 900.
  • Data bundle 100 GB / 3 months: for SAR 350 and subscribe by sending an SMS with 2159 to 900.
  • 300 GB data plan / 3 months: for SAR 470 only and activation by sending 2160 to 900.
  • Unlimited internet for a day: for 20 SAR only and activation by sending 2120 to 900.
  • Unlimited internet for a week: for 100 riyals only and activation by sending 2162 to 900.
  • Unlimited internet for a month: for SAR 350 only and activation by sending 2161 to 900.
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How to get stc prepaid chip

STC Prepaid SIM can be obtained by choosing one of the following methods:

  • Using the company’s mystc application, so that the customer gets the chip without the need for delivery.
  • The customer can also visit one of the sales offices that deal with the company.
  • The company also provided the opportunity to obtain stc prepaid chip, through the My Services website.

How to request stc unlimited prepaid internet SIM

Many customers are wondering how to request stc unlimited prepaid internet chip, we answer you by writing the steps as follows:

  1. Download the mystc app on your phone from here and select the store icon.
  2. The customer will see a dialog box with the phrase “Get a new number”.
  3. The customer clicks on the previous box and then selects the type of SIM he wants to obtain, either choosing postpaid or prepaid.
  4. The customer then proceeds to choose one of the Sawa prepaid packages.
  5. Finally, write all the required data and follow the steps to successfully execute the request.

How to activate stc’s new integrated prepaid data SIM

To benefit from Sawa Prepaid Plans, you must activate them first. The card can be activated in two ways, each of which is mentioned separately as follows:

How to activate stc prepaid data SIM via card

By performing the following simple steps, any customer can activate the stc prepaid card via card:

  1. The customer takes the chip and starts scanning the place for the QR Code.
  2. Internet is required, as SIM card activation requires WIFI.
  3. The client opens the settings in his phone.
  4. It then moves to networks or cellular.
  5. Among the options, you must click on the “Add a cellular plan” option, which the customer clicks.
  6. The rear camera will open automatically.
  7. Point the camera at the QR Code on the chip.
  8. After a short time the slide will be added directly.
  9. Then a page titled “Add Cellular” appears.
  10. The cellular plan is ready.
  11. Click on the blue button “Add a cellular plan” located at the end of the page.
  12. After that, the number for the chip will appear.
  13. Finally, it is necessary to choose either the primary or secondary slide and then press Continue.
‎Stc Prepaid Packages Prices Internet & Calls‎
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