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Stc Unlimited Internet & Calls Packages Offers

STC is one of the largest companies in the Kingdom, providing many services to users in different fields, including: digital payments, cybersecurity, digital advertising and information technology, the company provides a range of packages and systems for its customers in order to enjoy the latest offers on local/international calls, data and internet.

Stc Unlimited Internet Packages Offers

Let’s start with stc unlimited data and internet packages, then we will talk about limited data packages and social media, the following list shows you the details of the unlimited packages (daily – weekly):

  • stc unlimited internet package for a day: Get data and open internet for SAR 23 with VAT.
  • stc Unlimited Internet Package for Two Days: Get unlimited data for SAR 40.25 VAT
  • stc unlimited data package for a week: Enjoy unlimited data and data for SAR 97.75 VAT.
  • stc Net unlimited package for two weeks: priced at 189.75 riyals, enjoy unlimited internet and the price includes tax.

stc unlimited internet packages can be activated via mystc application, send a text message with 2999 to 900, or call 900, and you can also subscribe to internet packages by visiting the nearest STC branch, knowing that if one of the previous packages is activated, it cannot be canceled, and all plans do not apply to the fair usage policy.

Stc Internet Monthly Packages Prices

Now let’s go through all STC Baianat monthly packages and start with social media packages, see the following list:

  • Internet Social 10 GB: price 80.5 SAR with VAT.
  • Internet Social Package 20GB: price 90.25 SAR with VAT.
  • Internet Social 100 GB: price 138 Saudi riyal with tax.
  • Unlimited Social Data Plan: VAT price is SAR 80.5 only.
  • Unlimited Social Plus Data Package: Price with VAT SAR 161.
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How to activate stc social media packages for a month? Send an SMS with 2999 to 900 or call 900, the packages can be activated through the mystc mobile application or visit one of the company’s branches, after subscribing to the package it cannot be canceled, the packages do not apply to the fair consumption policy, all previous packages are valid for one month from the date of activation.

If you want to activate stc internet packages for a month on all websites and applications, choose the data bundle that suits you from the list:

  • STC Internet 1GB: 34.5 SAR.
  • STC Internet Package 2GB: 57.5 SAR.
  • STC Internet 5GB: Price only 86.25 riyals.
  • STC Internet 10 GB: Price 109.25 SAR.
  • STC Internet 40 GB: price 138 riyals.
  • All prices are inclusive of 15% VAT.

Stc internet prepaid packages price

For all Sawa SIM customers, you can subscribe to stc Internet “Data Keys” packages to add more data to the SIM, package details and prices in the following list:

  • 1 GB/week data bundle: For SAR 15, to activate send 2151 to 900.
  • Data bundle 1 GB/month: For SAR 30, to activate send 2152 to 900.
  • Data bundle 2 GB/month: 50 SAR, for activation send 2153 to 900.
  • 5 GB/month data package: 80 SAR, for activation send 2154 to 900.
  • 10GB data bundle/month: For SAR 110 only, to activate send 2155 to 900.
  • Data bundle 10 GB/two months: For SAR 155 only, to subscribe send 2156 to 900.
  • Data bundle 10 GB / three months: price 180 riyals, to subscribe send an SMS 2157 to 900.
  • 50 GB data bundle / two months: priced at 230 riyals, to subscribe send an SMS 2158 to 900.
  • Data bundle 100 GB / three months: price 350 riyals, activation by sending 2159 to 900.
  • Data package 300 GB / three months: price 470 riyals, activation by sending 2160 to 900.
  • Unlimited internet package for one day: price 20 riyals and activation by sending 2120 to 900.
  • Unlimited internet package for a week: price 100 riyals and activation by sending 2162 to 900.
  • Unlimited internet package for one month: price 350 riyals and activation by sending 2161 to 900.
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Stc postpaid packages offers – calls and internet

If you want to subscribe to stc Calls & Data packages, we will start with STC Postpaid System, the list shows the packages that the system provides to its customers:

  • stc postpaid basic plan: Get 3 GB internet + 3 GB social data + 3 GB wifi stcwifi + minutes inside the network: 100 for 80.5 riyals, how to activate: send 4091 to 900.
  • stc postpaid 2 package: Get 8 GB internet + 8 GB social data + 8 GB Wi-Fi + unlimited calls within the network + 200 minutes for calls outside the network for 138 riyals only, how to activate: send 4092 to 900.
  • stc postpaid 3 package: Enjoy 100 GB internet + 100 GB Wi-Fi + unlimited calls within the network + 1000 minutes for calls outside the network at a price of 264.5 riyals, how to activate: send 4093 to 900.
  • stc postpaid 3 Plus: Enjoy 100 GB internet + unlimited data on social media applications + 100 GB stcwifi + unlimited minutes inside the network + 1000 minutes outside the network + 1000 messages outside the network and unlimited messages inside the network at a price of 264.5 riyals, activation steps: send 4096 to 900.
  • stc postpaid 4 package: unlimited internet without fair usage + unlimited minutes and SMS to all networks + free subscription to stc TV app + 1 GB roaming internet + 100 minutes roaming calls + unlimited stcwifi internet at a price of 517.5 riyals, activation: send 4094 to 900.
  • stc postpaid max package: unlimited internet without fair usage + unlimited calls/messages for all networks + stc tv free subscription + unlimited roaming internet + 200 roaming minutes + unlimited WiFi + discounts on smart devices at a price of 920 riyals, to activate: send 4095 to 900.
Stc Unlimited Internet & Calls Packages Offers
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