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Steakhouse in Riyadh

There are many and varied steak restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specialized in providing the most delicious types of meat and delicious steak, and there are many steak restaurants in Riyadh that have won the admiration of many people as a result of the restaurant experience, and through this report we will explain together the best 12 steak restaurants located in Riyadh and a brief overview of what is related to these restaurants.

Outback Steakhouse Restaurant

The first branch of this restaurant in America established in 1998, and this restaurant considered one of the largest and best American steak restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specialized in providing the most delicious types of steak with the finest types of fresh meat.
Working hours are from 11 am to 12:30 pm seven days a week.
Restaurant Location: It located on Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Road, Localizer Mall, Al Olaya.
The restaurant’s phone number is 0114610008.


Spread Restaurant is one of the most distinctive restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as this restaurant works to provide the opportunity to choose the meat you want and then choose the degree of levelness you want yourself, and this is what distinguishes it most from the rest of the restaurants, and offers a variety of meat and chicken meals in addition to appetizers, salads and drinks.
Restaurant Location: It is located on Anas Bin Malik Road, in Al-Malqa.
Working hours are from 1 pm: 11:30 pm, seven days a week.
Branch phone number 0114103172.

Porter House Restaurant

This shop specializes in providing the most delicious types of beef that admired by many, and also characterized by providing the best types of drinks and delicious fresh dessert.
The restaurant working hours are from Saturday to Wednesday from 12:30 pm to 12 am, while on Thursday and Friday, the restaurant starts from 12:30 pm: 1 am. Restaurant location: It located on Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Road, Olaya.

The restaurant’s phone number is 0112170088.

Texas Roadhouse Restaurant

Texas Road House Restaurant one of the largest and best American steakhouse restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specialized in providing the most delicious types of meat and delicious steak, and the first branch of this restaurant opened in 1993, and now has very many branches inside and outside Saudi Arabia, and this restaurant offers a variety of meat bald and delicious steaks, in addition to seafood, side dishes, appetizers, children’s meals, and others.
Restaurant Location: This restaurant is located in the Granada district, Sidra Mall.
Working hours are from Sunday to Wednesday from 6:30 am: 1 am, except Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1 pm: 2 am. The restaurant’s phone number: 0115115553.

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Gala Steak Inn

Gala Steak Inn is the first specialized Canadian restaurant in Riyadh, as this restaurant is considered one of the best and most famous Canadian steak restaurants located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, where this restaurant is characterized by serving the most delicious types of Canadian meat, fish and distinctive Italian dishes in addition to a variety of appetizers, salads, drinks, delicious desserts and children’s meals.
Restaurant Location: This restaurant is located at the intersection of Mousa Bin Nusair Street with Dawood Bin Orwa in Olaya District.
Working hours are from 12 pm: 12 am, seven days a week.
Restaurant phone number: 0533754774.

Steak House Restaurant

Steakhouse Restaurant is one of the best and most famous American restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specialized in providing the tastiest and most delicious types of meat and delicious steak, in addition to side dishes, appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, drinks and delicious dessert, and it is also characterized by the quality and speed of service, good customer reception and cleanliness of the place.
Restaurant Location: It is located on Sultan bin Abdulaziz Road in Olaya.
Working hours are from 11 am: 12 am, except on Fridays from 1 pm: 1 pm.
Restaurant phone number: 0114649638.

L’Entrecôte Cafe de Paris

Intercote Café de Paris is one of the best and largest internationally known restaurants, as this restaurant specializes in serving steak cooked in the best delicious cooking methods with special Introcote sauce in addition to some appetizers, salads and delicious drinks.
Restaurant Location: Al Faisaliah Tower, King Fahd Branch Road, is located in Riyadh.
Working hours are from 2 pm: 12 am, seven days a week.
The phone number of the mat is 0581061517.
Reservation numbers 920018998, 0583961120.

USKUDAR Steak House

Uskudar Steakhouse is one of the best and finest Turkish steak restaurants in Saudi Arabia, as this restaurant is characterized by serving the most delicious types of fresh steak, along with delicious salads, fresh appetizers, fish, soup, side dishes, sweets, soft and hot drinks, in addition to some other items.
Restaurant Location: It is located in Al-Nakheel District, Northern Ring Road.
Working hours from 1 pm: 2 am, seven days a week. Restaurant Phone Number: 0534488722

Saza House Restaurant

Saza House Restaurant is owned by some young Saudis who are distinguished by providing the best and fastest food and good services, as it offers the most delicious types of steak and delicious fresh steak ribs, along with appetizers, salads, special sauces, drinks and delicious desserts.
Restaurant Location: Prince Mohammed Bin Saad Bin Abdulaziz Road, Al Aqiq.
The restaurant’s phone number is 0533075999.
Working hours are from 3 pm: 2 am, seven days a week.

Steakhouse in Riyadh
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