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Sushi Restaurants in Jeddah

Sakura Japanese Restaurant

One of the best Asian restaurants in Jeddah, it serves distinctive Japanese dishes, especially sushi in addition to the most delicious types of soup, and it is one of the restaurants suitable for vegetarians.

Phone: 00966 12 661 1000
Location: Jeddah – Al Hamra – Crowne Plaza

Benihana Restaurant

This restaurant represents the best restaurants in Jeddah in the preparation of sushi, as it characterized by a very serious taste of sushi and the rest of the other meals, as it offers meals with the well-known Asian taste, and it also characterized by the presence of special places for families and other special places for individuals, and it also offers sushi at very reasonable prices that suit everyone, its address is Tahlia Street next to the Rimal Hotel

Hotel Ginza I Chome Restaurant

Another Japanese restaurant in Jeddah, it has a distinctive view of the Corniche, making it a favorite destination for many.

Phone: 00966 12 260 7187
Location: Jeddah – Rosewood Hotel – Corniche

Gold Sushi Restaurant

This restaurant offers very wonderful dishes for sushi and also highly evaluated by customers for the services provided by it, as it has a warm reception with customers and has a special section for families, parking and very distinctive decoration, despite its high prices, it has a high acceptance rate, its address is Sari Street with Al-Yamamah in the Sari Gate Complex

Road Wakame Restaurant

It features a varied menu of sushi dishes and other Japanese food.

Phone: 00966 12 612 4204
Location: Jeddah – Al-Zahra District – King Abdul Aziz

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Sushi Yoshi Restaurant

This restaurant offers the best taste of sushi, as it characterized by providing more than one type of sushi, which suits all tastes of customers, as it has the highest rating, and also offers average and suitable prices for everyone ranging from 10 to 25 riyals per person, and Sushi Yoshi Restaurant is a true Japanese legend for its very distinguished services, its address Al-Rawda Star Center, Al-Rawda neighborhood in Jeddah

Street Branch Road GOLD Sushi Club

The various Japanese dishes easily described and displayed in a sumptuous open buffet.
Phone: 00966 12 606 8069
Location: Jeddah – Al-Rawdah District – Sari Gate Complex – Sari

Yummy Yummy Chinese Japanese restaurant

This restaurant offers the finest taste of sushi and seafood in general, as it presented in the latest innovative way, and the restaurant very clean and its employees are always keen to clean it, and one of the most that distinguishes it from the rest of the other restaurants is its distinction in privacy and tranquility that some other restaurants miss, its address is Heraa Street in Al-Naeem neighborhood in Jeddah

Sushi Centro

The décor of the restaurant catches the eye of its visitors from the first time, and characterized by its innovative way of serving various types of sushi and delicious Japanese foods.

Phone: 0966 12 618 8863
Place : Jeddah – Ashrafieh – Madinah Road

Shogun Restaurant

Shogun Sushi in Jeddah is a very wonderful place and is located on Prince Sultan Street in Khalidiya, and offers sushi In the original way and prepared very beautifully so that you are afraid to spoil its beautiful appearance with your food Him.

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Recommend Experience Drago Maki and Lobster Maki made with crab, and crab salad for sure.

Features The restaurant has a comfortable and nice general character, and most importantly also good service and staff Friendly people who characterized by speed.

It considered Many residents of Jeddah one of the best places that serve Japanese food, especially sushi In town, they always say it’s a little expensive for other restaurants but worth it Visit for sure.

Zen Sushi Lounge

Zen Sushi Lounge famous for its distinctive varieties, especially spicy meals, if you love eating them, this place the best sushi shop in Jeddah for spicy meals that you can try and enjoy your favorite foods, as it serves spicy crunchy salmon in addition to everyone’s favorite spicy salmon salad, the restaurant characterized by special ways in serving food to customers, so it attracted a large number of customers and became very famous in Jeddah.

Yata Sushi Restaurant Jeddah

Bata Sushi restaurant one of the most famous restaurants that serve excellent Japanese cuisine, Bata Sushi interested in choosing chefs who are able to prepare the most delicious types of sushi, noodles and Chinese food, so it won the admiration of many and became the best fish restaurant in Jeddah that you can try and enjoy your favorite foods.

Sushi Restaurants in Jeddah
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