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Sweet Shops in Riyadh

Sweets one of the most important meals that a person cannot do without, especially children, they are more in love with it, and it helps to focus and gives the impression of happiness and fun, and it one of the most beautiful gifts that offered at weddings and occasions, so we collected for you the best sweets shop in Riyadh.

Sweets Shop By Mado Kunefeci in Riyadh

Kanafci Restaurant and Café, affiliated with the Turkish Mado restaurant chain, offers a variety of the most delicious and delicious sweets with a distinctive Turkish flavor. It also offers traditional Turkish sweets that everyone loves, the most famous of which are Turkish baklava, pistachio dolma and Turkish kunafa. For more details visit By Mado Kunefeci on Instagram.

Kingdom Sweets Store

The most famous sweets shop in Riyadh and the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has many branches inside and outside the city, they have all kinds of sweets in multiple forms and types, their treatment is high-end and their prices are high, they have a free delivery service within the neighborhoods of Riyadh. Website Click here

Address of Kingdom Sweets Store: Hassan Bin Thabet Street,Al Naseem Al Gharbi, Riyadh

Kingdom Sweets Shop Number: ‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 54 910 1637

Aani & Dani sweets shop in Riyadh

Chocolate is of Saudi origin and one of the first in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the list of pastry shops that have a variety of the best types of European chocolate, cakes, macarons and others with more than 30 branches across the Kingdom. You can order online on the store’s website:

Diplomatic Sweets

The diplomatic store among the most famous sweets shops in Riyadh, which offers different types of baked goods, in addition to sweets suitable for various occasions, as well as oriental kunafa, maamoul, baklava, small pies, strawberry cake and strawberry tart, in addition to that it offers baklava boxes and various sweets boxes that presented as gifts, and the diplomat for sweets characterized by his long experience in this field, as he has been working in sweets since 1987, until now a huge and distinguished Saudi company that owns many branches.

  • Diplomatic Sweets Address: 7000 Alhassan Bin Ali, Al-Rawdah, Riyadh 13211 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Diplomatic Sweets Shop Number: ‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 50 683 8577
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Rose Sweets Shop

 One of the largest confectionery stores in Riyadh, the best sweets shop in Riyadh and specializes in eastern and western sweets, they have approximately 10 branches within the city of Riyadh, and it characterized by the presence of different types of maamoul stuffed with hazelnuts, nuts and imported and local sweets, their prices are medium. Website Click here

Address for Rose Sweets Store: Dammam Branch Road, Granada, Riyadh

Rose Sweets Shop Number: ‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 50 529 2243‬‏

Sweets House in Riyadh

The House of Sweets offers many types of Western and Eastern sweets, in addition to different types of chocolate boxes, and characterized by kunafa, basbousa and pies, in addition to that it offers birthday cakes and various occasions, and it characterized by reasonable prices and high-end treatment from workers inside the shop, and it offers the most delicious cake in Riyadh and a variety of them, in addition to minicakes, petit fours, and tart in various flavors, in addition to mussels Sham, and all this made it join the list of the best sweets shop in Riyadh deservedly.

  • Sweets House Address: Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib Exit 26, Al Badi’ah District, Riyadh 12991, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Jarir Sweets

It located on Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi Road, intersection of Jarir Street, and it considered one of the sweets shops in old Riyadh, where it working in sweets for a long time, and offers many distinctive items, including kunafa, cakes, and Arabic sweets, including baklava and basbousa, in addition to fruit and pistachio dessert, biscuits and chocolate boxes that presented as gifts, in addition to various sweets boxes, cake molds to celebrate birthdays, as well as ice cream of various flavors and many other distinctive sweets.

  • Location: Al Orouba Road, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12244, Saudi Arabia.
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For berry tart lovers, they consider the gourmet the best sweets shop in Riyadh, as it offers wonderful raspberry tart decorated with different colors of berries, and mango tart with fresh mango pieces, and the gourmet is known for paying attention to the smallest details while preparing various desserts, including pies, coffee cups, chocolate and vanilla cake molds.

  • Location: Takhassusi Street, Al Muhammadiyah, Riyadh 12363, Saudi Arabia.

Karamisho Corner Store

The best sweets shop with a variety of oriental sweets, coffee dessert and a wide variety of chocolates, they have a special section for imported sweets of various forms and types, as it is one of the best shops that offer imported sweets in eastern Riyadh.

Address of Karamisho Corner Store: Al Hassan Bin Ali Street, Al Rawdah, Riyadh

Karamisho Corner Store Number: ‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 55 545 2825

Lilo Sweets

We cannot not not mention Lilo sweets when talking about the best sweets shop in Riyadh, it offers wonderful cake molds for various occasions in addition to pies, sandwiches and pistachio pudding, and among the distinctive cakes inside the shop almond cake, rose cake and pistachio cake, and it characterized by luxurious and elegant décor and respectful treatment from the workers inside, and the diversity of sweets, but its prices somewhat high and may not suit everyone.

  • Location: Al Olaya, Dabab Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

My delicious Basbosty

This sweets shop characterized by offering the most delicious basbousa in Riyadh. In addition to various sweets that characterized by delicious taste and high quality. Sweets purchased through its website and ordered to deliver to the house. It also offers reasonable prices that made it the best and cheapest sweets shop in Riyadh for many people.

  • Address: 2710 Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Al-Qadisiyah, 7635, Riyadh 13252 2710, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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Saadeddin Sweets Shop

The largest sweets store in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, it has several branches in various parts of the city and the Arab countries, they have a variety of oriental sweets and chocolates, they also have locally roasted coffee beans, the employees treated with high prices medium to high, they have home delivery service through the Hungerstation application. Website Click here

Address for Saadeddin Sweets Store: Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road, Al Nakheel District, Al Nakheel, Riyadh

Saad Eddin Sweets Shop Number: ‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 9200 17070‬‏

Levo Sweets Shop

From the finest sweets shop in Riyadh and chocolate in particular, they have a variety of the finest and most luxurious types, and they also have dark chocolate, high-end sweets suitable for serving on occasions, and the shop characterized by its prices suitable for everyone.

Address For Levo Sweets Store: Takhassusi Street, Al Muhammadiyah, Riyadh

Levo Sweets Store Number: ‏‪‏‪‬‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪‏‪+966 55 480 0696

Sugar Sprinkles Store

Sugar store considered the best sweets shop in Riyadh, as it offers many sweets, including delicious cakes with different flavors and ingredients, and used on occasions and holidays, as well as bronzes and many other sweets.

  • Location: Takhassusi Street, Al Muhammadiyah, Riyadh 12363, Saudi Arabia.

Helen Bakery is the best sweets shop in Riyadh

For cookies in various flavors, they will find their desire inside the Helen Bakery store, which offers many delicious desserts, in addition to Western sweets, including cheesecakes with various ingredients, in addition to serving some fresh baked goods.

  • Address: Al Orouba Street, Al Sulaymaniyah District, Riyadh 12245, Saudi Arabia.
Sweet Shops in Riyadh
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