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Tala Mall

Tala Mall in Riyadh is one of the modern malls of Saudi Arabia, which includes famous international brands such as Zara, Sephora and Skechers consists of two floors and includes a variety of shops for family supplies ranging from fashion for women and men to accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, in addition to a small lounge with some restaurants and sweets shops.

One of the most important malls in Riyadh, and the mall depends on staff trained on high efficiency and high quality and this mall equipped with all the facilities and services needed by the shopper, and there is free Wi-Fi that works to cover and provide Internet for the entire mall. There are also strollers for you to move around inside the mall. There are many shops in various fields. In addition, the mall provides the best local and international brands that are located inside or outside the mall.

Tala Mall Shops

Market in Tala Mall

Carrefour Hypermarket in the Mall provides most of the needs of the family, and the home of appliances, cooking and cleaning tools, and foodstuffs

Jewelry & Accessories Stores Tala Mall

The mall is diversified with jewelry and accessories stores for men and women to the finest and most luxurious international brands with modern designs typical of innovative patterns and materials that satisfy all tastes, especially those looking for excellence.

  • Trinkets
  • Bibi Fitaihi
  • Exsoris Monsoon
  • Aldo Accessories
  • Ontime
  • Ethel
  • Acidic for watches
  • Ontime
  • Quattro

Perfumes & Beautification in Tala Mall

In this section of the mall reeks of excellence, excitement and sophistication, in a selection of the most beautiful and diverse perfume bouquets, and also includes many beauty and skin care stores, making this section a unique position among Arab women.

  • Inglot
  • Arabian Oud
  • The most beautiful perfumes
  • Ibrahim Al , Qurashi
  • Yves Rocher
  • flowers
  • The Beauty Secrets
  • Sephora
  • Milano Oud
  • Abd El , Samad Al , Qurashi
  • Flormar
  • fair
  • Mekiahi
  • I want to shop
  • Almadiram
  • H Deluxe
  • Beauty
  • Foreign Rose
  • Natural Touch
  • Mumayzat Al , Tayeb
  • Shield
  • Perfume countryside
  • Dr. New Journey

Bag & Shoe Stores Tala Mall Riyadh

The collection of shoes and bags in this mall is a comprehensive and integrated collection of unique distinctive pieces, if you have special tastes and do not find their order anywhere in Tala Mall everything that meets your aspirations in this field, and we mention:

  • Aldo
  • Skechers
  • Charles & Keith
  • Naturelaser
  • Cote at Spring
  • Hopi
  • Megato
  • Optics
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Women’s clothing stores

Tala Mall stores are one of the most famous stores that contain a large number of international brands, which include among their corridors pieces of the finest international materials, and it is not possible that not every woman will find everything she needs in these stores

, including:

  • FG
  • Levitisse
  • Pershka
  • Beverly Hills Polo Club
  • Jennifer
  • Zara
  • Ice Cube
  • Stradivarius
  • Stra
  • Queze
  • Naomi
  • Woman Secret
  • Lassenza
  • Beauty
  • this is a trend
  • April
  • Avi Ann Rose
  • U.S. Polo
  • Warden
  • Ice Cube
  • Luxury Lounge

Men’s Fashion Shops Tala Mall

As well as the men’s stores in Tala Mall contain all the clothes that a man needs from international brands, from classic and modern clothes, which satisfy the taste of the Gulf man in the first place, and we mention them:

  • Levitisse
  • Pershka
  • Beverly Hills Polo Club
  • Zara
  • U.S. Polo
  • Timberland
  • Mihyar

Children’s clothing stores Tala Mall

The mall also contains several shops for children that meet all the desires of the modern Arab family for their children’s clothes, which is in the interest of the child in the first place.

  • Okaidi
  • FG4
  • Levitisse
  • Beverly Hills Polo Club
  • Zara
  • you add
  • The Children’s Place
  • U.S. Polo
  • Mayoral
  • Monsoon Kids

Tala Mall Riyadh Restaurants

Enjoy your meals inside one of the restaurants of Tala Mall The mall has a group of the best restaurants in Riyadh and these are the names of the restaurants located inside the mall:

  • Herfy HERFY
  • McDonald’s McDONALDs
  • New York Fries
  • Azal Al, Yemeni
  • Saray Sweets & Pastries
  • Effendi Broasted
  • Shawarma of the village

Tala Mall Cafes Riyadh

You can get your favorite drink inside one of the Tala Mall cafes, which are as follows:

  • Mama Roti Café
  • and kanfandi
  • Almond and walnut shop for sweets

Entertainment at Tala Mall Riyadh

It is always fun on any visit to the mall is the entertainment section of the mall, so Tala Mall offers you three cities for children’s international games that include many mental games, mechanical motor and electronic games, including:

  • Sparky’s Games City: The Luminous Butterfly It the symbol chosen for the happiness that visitors to the Sparky’s World Games City see, where children who compete in modern computer group games find fun, suspense and excitement, as well as mechanical adventure games that characterized by tests of strength and perseverance, and mental skills games in which adults can also participate, and the successive additions of thriller and thrill games provided by the games of giant hydraulic screens give the character of modernization and renewal that It makes the pioneers of this city in constant excitement and curiosity to know all that new in the world of games
  • Billy Base City: is the largest indoor play park for children with a variety of features and activities, play parks that are ideal for all ages, different slides of sports fields, tunnels and towers, with areas dedicated to the elderly, Billy Biz has something for everyone, it is also ideal for holding birthday parties and family parties
  • Shot EFC: It is the first indoor football stadium in shopping malls, for football lovers in a playground suitable for children in an enthusiastic family atmosphere.
  • Early Learning Center: It is a center for the education of children at an early age with the following of modern educational systems, and recreational activities for children which increases the intelligence and desire of children to education.
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Sweets and Ice Cream Market

  • Carrefour
  • Golden Basbousti
  • Luzojo

Home Furniture in the Mall

  • Cotton Home
  • Cherry Lenin
  • Orange Bed & Bath

Hotels near Tala Mall

  1. Hyatt Mill Hotel Apartments is the closest to Tala Mall Riyadh as it is 3.8 km from the mall
  2. Pestana Hotel Apartments
  3. Upscale Gelnar Hotel
  5. Deutel Hotel Apartments
  6. Durar Daraya Al Malqa 2 is the furthest from Tala Mall Riyadh as it is located 5.8 km from Tala Mall Riyadh.

Services Provided by Tala Mall

  1. Parking: The mall provides a clear guide to parking for all its visitors, with instructions on empty parking locations
  2. Free Wi-Fi: Enjoy free high-speed Wi-Fi during your visit to the mall
  3. ATMs: There are many ATMs in the mall everywhere in the mall
  4. Customer Service Desk: Visitors to the mall always prioritized and our customer service staff ready to help you at any time, it fully dedicated to customer service, the office open at regular intervals and available to answer all inquiries, comments or any services that the visitor may need.
  5. Security and Safety Department: There are many emergency exits in the mall center, security personnel are present at each gate, and fire extinguishers are available throughout the mall
  6. Taxi Service: The mall also has taxi services if you don’t own a car
  7. Valet Cleaning Service: Through which you can use the dedicated staff for car cleaning, in order to get exceptional cleanliness of your car.
  8. First Aid Room: In case you experience any health problem while shopping, there is a team of doctors and nurses equipped with the latest equipment to keep visitors safe.
  9. Surveillance Cameras: The whole center is under the surveillance of cameras in order to ensure the safety and security of the property of the mall.
  10. Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs are available for visitors to the mall to use for free if necessary, at any time while shopping at the mall.
  11. Children’s changing rooms: In all women’s lounges, there changing rooms for children if necessary and can use free of charge.
  12. Lost and Found Items: In case you lose or find something inside the mall, you can go to the customer service desk and the staff will take responsibility for this, with the utmost care and honesty so as to provide comfort and reassurance to visitors.
  13. Strollers: To make the shopping experience more enjoyable and easier with your children, strollers available in the mall that can use free of charge for all visitors to the mall
  14. Children’s Barber: There is a children’s barber center, which performs the latest hairstyles and cuts.
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Working Hours at Tala Mall Riyadh

Friday 1.30pm – 12.00pm
Saturday 9.00 am – 12.00 pm
Sunday 9.00 am – 12.00 pm and from 4.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Monday 9.00am – 12.00pm and from 4.00pm – 11.00pm
Tuesday 9.00am – 12.00pm and from 4.00pm – 11.00pm
Wednesday 9.00am – 12.00pm and from 4.00pm – 11.00pm
Thursday 9.00am – 11.00pm

 Tala Mall Riyadh Location

Tala Mall is located in Al Nafal district north of Riyadh, at the intersection of the Northern Ring Road and King Abdulaziz Road

You can view the place on the map through the following link from here

You can contact Tala Mall Riyadh through the following phone number: 920000262

Tala Mall
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