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TOP-12 tallest trees in the world

The flora of our planet is very diverse and rich. It numbers hundreds of thousands of species of living organisms. The most common plants in our world are gymnosperms and angiosperms.

Some of the plants are truly stunning in size, both in height and in thickness. Their life span is hundreds of years and one can only imagine what they have seen in their lifetime. We have prepared for you a list of the largest and tallest trees in the world.

All ten largest and tallest trees grow in the United States, and they all belong to a single species – This is an evergreen sequoia.

These trees are conifers and are related to the common cypress. They grow in one place on the planet – on the Pacific coast of the United States. The sequoias are so amazing and huge that each of the record trees has its own name.

1: Hyperion

The height of this tree is 115.61 meters. It was discovered and measured in 2006, it turned out to be the tallest plant on the planet. This sequoia also grows in Redwood Park, hiding from tourists exactly where it grows. It is believed that the age of this giant is 700-800 years.

2: Helios

In second place is another giant, which belongs to the same species. The height of this sequoia is 114.58 meters, and the trunk has a diameter of 4.96 meters. Until 2006, Helios was considered the tallest on the planet, but then a tree was found that is higher than it and it is it that is under the first number in our list. Helios is located in Redwood Park, California.

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3: Icarus

This is another American sequoia that grows in the same area. The height of this tree is 113.14 meters, and the trunk diameter is 3.78 meters. This tree was discovered only in 2006. Its location is hidden from tourists.

4: Giant of the Stratosphere

The fourth place is occupied by the sequoia, which has a very apt name – the Giant of the Stratosphere. The height of this tree is 113.11 meters, and the trunk diameter is 5.18 meters. This plant is located in Humboldt Park.

5: National Geographic Society

In fifth place is the sequoia, which has a rather long name: the National Geographic Society. It grows in Redwood Creek. Until 1995, this sequoia was considered the tallest tree in the world. But at the moment, even larger giants have been found.

The height of this tree is 112.71 meters, and the diameter of the trunk is 4.39 meters.

6: Orion

This is Sequoia sempervirene, which grows in Redwood Park, all in the same California. The tree height is 112.63 meters and the trunk diameter is 4.33 meters.

7: Lauralin

In the seventh place in our ranking of the largest trees on the planet, there is also a sequoia, which has a height 112.62 meters and a barrel diameter of 4.54 meters.

8: Rockefeller

This is also a sequoia that is found in the Humboldt National Park in the USA. Its height is 112.6 meters, and the exact diameter of the barrel is unfortunately unknown.

9: Paradox

Sequoia sempervirene. This plant is also located on the west coast of the United States, California. This tree is 112.56 meters high and 3.9 meters in diameter.

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10: Mendocino tree

Sequoia sempervirene. This tree is located in California, USA.

The height of this giant is 112.20 meters, and the diameter is 4.19 meters. The exact location of this tree is hidden so that tourists do not harm it.

11: Baobab

We have described to you the tallest trees in the world, in this regard, the sequoia has no competitors. But, if we talk about plant giants, then baobab is worth mentioning. It is the thickest and most massive tree in the world. Baobabs grow in Africa, their height is small – about 18-25 meters, but the trunk diameter can reach 10 meters. It is very simple to explain such a strange appearance of this tree. The baobab has a very porous wood and accumulates water in it during the rainy season. Then he uses this reserve during a drought. This tree has a huge crown, its diameter can reach forty meters. The wood of the tree is very loose and easily destroyed by fungal diseases. It turns out huge hollows that Africans use for their own purposes.

12: Banyan tree

Another interesting and very large representative of the plant kingdom is banyan or Bengal ficus. In the botanical garden of Kolkata, this plant has an area of ​​more than two hectares. Banyan tree can be called a kind of parasite. It fixes itself on the tree and begins to grow aerial roots, which soon reach the ground. After that, the banyan tree grows wide, suffocating the tree on which it began to grow.

TOP-12 tallest trees in the world

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