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Taxi in India

Taxis in India can called by phone yourself or from the hotel, ordered at prepayment points, as well as caught on the street. In busy tourist places (airports, railway stations, major attractions), taxi drivers wait for customers at special parking lots, here you can often find the ticket offices of prepaid taxi companies (Prepaid Taxi Counter).

The concept of “taxi” in this country is voluminous, includes numerous transport – a traditional car, truck, bicycle, rickshaw, motorcycle. All driving vehicles can perform passenger transportation services. Among the official ones: regular, cycle rickshaws and motor rickshaws.

Cycle rickshaws referred to as the cheapest mode of transport, since a stroller created on the basis of a bicycle, and in order for it to move, you have to pedal.

Motor rickshaws are more advanced. Created on the basis of a scooter, the top closed in case of wind or rain. They can carry up to 5 passengers.

Auto taxis in India are certainly more in demand. Among them are public and private. State ones distinguished by the yellow and black color of the Ambassador car, or the white taxis of the Department of Tourism.

Both types of taxis have meters, but more for pro forma than for use. The price set by the taxi driver, and to accept or name his own depends on the ability to negotiate. But at a fixed cost, it’s still cheaper.

Nuances of taxi payment in India.

State taxis paid in advance at the specified rate from any point of departure: at the railway station, airports, hotels. The check handed to the driver. But the taxi driver does not like such a turn of events, hints at tips, for which he takes friends and acquaintances to the shops – objections are not accepted.

A taxi with the inscription “tourist” from the Ministry of Tourism has fixed prices – there is no point in reducing the amount by contracting with a taxi driver.

Privateers are enterprising, given the competition, choose cars of different brands – from a modern jeep to a prehistoric car. However, if the comfort is level, the fare may be the same. It is only important to check the meter so that it reset, and then agree on the price.

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To transport passengers, a car “Shared-taxi” used, or a large jeep, which accommodates more than 10 people. The speed exceeds the capabilities of buses, they go on the road when passengers fill the seats.

Sometimes they hire a jeep, agreeing with the driver to “pick up” fellow travelers along the way – this reduces the fare.

The service of calling a taxi by phone not developed in all cities. It is much easier to purchase tickets in advance in specially separated places of railway stations and bus stations.

In the “Taxi Driver’s Days”, the transportation of guests of the country entrusted to private taxi drivers, which gives freedom of action and good earnings. But the transportation of passengers from the hotel to the airport allowed only for specially prepared transport – jeeps.

How much does a taxi cost in India.

Around the city.

The cost of a used passenger taxi in India per kilometer of travel is approximately 8-12 rupees. A jeep costs up to 2 times more expensive. If you order for a day, it will be 1000-2500 rupees. At the same time, a distance of at least 200 kilometers is important.

Trips from airports to any of the cities paid for in a fixed amount: Delhi – 150 rupees, Kolkata.

Prices for taxi services in large centers of the tourist zone exceed the usual by 2-3 times. Night transportation also significantly increased in cost.

Passengers who do not want to overpay, carry with them meters, the fare with which can immediately recalculated in rupees. In new taxis, the meters immediately convert the price into local currency. The fact is that some taxi drivers do not want to turn on the meters, but with state cars such incidents are extremely rare.

From airports.

It is important to navigate in advance in the range and price per fare. If paid in advance through the cash desks, there will be no overpayment. Much more expensive can cost with privateers. Here it is better to take care of information in special areas and prices for travel. Taxi drivers cannot deceive their fellow countrymen, but with visiting tourists from other countries, it works well.

With any trip, you need to be prepared for the price of 1.5-2 rupees per kilometer to the established tariffs. The dachshund established for years. And the fixed one is calculated for the same reasons. But it protects passengers from fraud and cheating of drivers, especially private owners.

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When moving to the airport or vice versa, it is better to use the prepaid taxi service, with the help of which to purchase a fixed ticket for the move. Also, do not follow the lead of individual mercantile taxi drivers who demand tips – to make it clear that you will have to invite the police. Brazen demands cease at the same minute.

Tuk-tuks and cycle rickshaws in India

An alternative to taxis in India are moto-rickshaws or tuk-tuks. They are covered 3-wheel scooters without doors, painted in yellow, green or other bright colors. Tuk-tuk in India can be caught in almost any large square, near railway stations, shopping centers or other “tourist” centers of the city. Rickshaws can also be caught on the street with an international gesture of raised hands and an exclamation of “Rickshaw!”.

The advantage of the tuk-tuk is affordability and maneuverability, but this transport does not guarantee safety on the steep turns of Indian roads, and rickshaw drivers often try to “lure” passengers to shops that are absolutely not of interest to those. The average price for a trip on an Indian tuk-tuk is 2-5 rupees per km.

Before you get into a rickshaw, make sure that the
driver knows exactly how to get to the place you are interested in.
Otherwise, you risk losing a lot of time on wasted travel, for which you may still require an additional fee.

An archaic mode of transport in India are cycle rickshaws – tricycles with a passenger seat. Despite the cheapness, this type of transport is suitable only for traveling short distances.

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To pay for the services of Indian cars and moto-rickshaws, it is advisable to have
a stock of trifles with you. Otherwise, you risk being left without “surrender”.

Taxi services in India.

Transportation by taxi can be ordered using phones or websites:

TEasycabs tel. 43434343,

Megacabs 41414141,

Quickcabs 45333333,

There is also Uber, but an analogue of OlaCabs has become very popular – an application for those who have gadgets on Android and iPhone, but using a local SIM card. Ola makes it possible to choose different transport, including autorickshaw. Prices are favorable, especially for long distances. Payment in cash and by card.

As the social data on transportation rates show, the situation is as follows:

  1. Bengaluru – rs 140 to the city centre.
  2. Delhi – by taxi 120 rupees.
  3. Autorickshaws Rs 35 with a range of 5 kms.

Drawing a conclusion, we can say the following: for thrifty passengers it is better to purchase taxi tickets through special services.

For those who are eager to negotiate a cheaper trip, you need to contact the taxi driver directly.

More or less respectable travel in state taxis, and the level of service is much higher.

In the city, for short distances you can use cars and auto-rickshaws. Especially like children – unusual and exotic. In no other country can such an approach to taxi transportation be found. But it will be remembered for a lifetime.

In order not to get into a mess, you need to have an additional amount of money with you – for tips. That’s the way it is. Therefore, extra money should always be in the wallet.

Taxi in India
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