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Taxi in Singapore

Taxis in Singapore are the most common form of transport along with the subway. There are more than 23,000 of them. It is surprising not only their number, but also the fact that no taxi driver will sacrifice his principles and will not deceive his customers in terms of prices, even if they are foreign tourists.

Taxi drivers required to have a professional taxi driver’s license, which they receive upon completion of courses at the Singapore Academy after examinations that include theory and practice, as well as permission from the authorities.

Such popularity of taxis caused by the fact that it is not profitable for Singaporeans to have their own car due to specific legislation. Taxes are about 140% of the value of the car, in addition, in order to purchase a car, you need to buy special rights to own a car. Thus, the authorities solve the issue of traffic jams and congestion of highways.

Locals call a taxi the word “deshi” in the Chinese manner. During peak hours, it is almost impossible to order a taxi (from 16.00 to 20.00), so it makes sense to book a car in advance

Taxi in Singapore Prices

Prices are quite affordable for both Singaporeans and tourists – the average price for a transfer around Singapore within the city center varies between 5 and 10 SGD. If you catch a taxi in the financial district during rush hour, you will have to pay a mandatory fee, which, fortunately, indicated before the start of the trip. There are also other additional costs – for example, if you call a taxi by phone or head to the airport. All cars usually have meters, so you can always know exactly how much you drove. Drivers do not seek to cheat, because for the lack of a meter fined $ 500 or more. By the way, Singapore taxi drivers usually issue checks to passengers.

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Trips to business districts, on expressways, on central streets and during peak hours will cost several dollars more.

From the hotel to Changi Airport, taxi services will approximately cost 40-45 SGD if the hotel is about 20 minutes from the airport. This amount includes various local fees and taxes. If you doubt the amount that the taxi driver asks you for, you can ask him for a price list for services, which must be in every taxi car.

Another point that you should familiarize yourself with in advance is that when leaving the island of Sentosa, when using some taxi companies, a tax fee of about 4 SGD added to your tariff.


The minimum fare and the first kilometers on the Toyota Crown will cost from 3 SGD, on a higher-class car – Limousine – from 3.90 SGD. Every subsequent 350 m – from $0.22 to $0.33. Every 45 seconds of waiting – 0.22 SGD, booking – from 2.90 SGD to 16.50 SGD. Boarding a taxi paid on top of the fare – about 3-5 SGD. When ordering a premium car, the services will be much higher.

How to book a taxi in Singapore.

  • All cars engaged in passenger transportation are equipped with a meter and checkers. If the car is busy, then the checkers burn red, free – green.
  • There are three main ways to call a taxi:
  • From the side. Everything happens as we do.
  • By phone, there are many taxi services, phone numbers can be seen all over the city. But I will not write them as this is the most expensive option.
  • Grab taxi is an analogue of our Uber (to register you need roaming and the Internet). You can download the application in the Playmarket or AppleStore
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The Taxicab service hotline in Singapore is 63425 222.

“Premier Taxis” – the fare from 3 -3.70 dollars per kilometer, tel.: 6363 6888,
The company’s fleet is known as “Silvercab”, all cars are of the corresponding silver color, the fleet consists of such brands of cars: Nissan Cedric, Toyota Crown, KIA Magentis, Toyota Wish, Skoda Superb, Mercedes Benz E-220, Kia Carnival.

«Prime Taxi» – the fare is from 3-3.40 dollars per kilometer, tel.: 6778 0808

“Yellow-Top” – Taxi the fare in a yellow taxi from 3-3.70 dollars per kilometer, tel.: 62935545

“TransCab” – the fare from 3-3.70 dollars per kilometer, tel.: 6535 3333,

“Comfort Taxi” – the fare is from 3-3.70 dollars per kilometer, tel.: 65521111. Cars arrive two minutes after the call. The company’s expanded network includes 110 call-operators. In the fleet of the company cars brands Toyota Crown, Nissan Cedric, Hyundai Sonata, Mercedes, Mercedes limousine.

“City Cab” – the fare from 3-3.90 dollars per kilometer, tel.: 65521111, the same as that of Comfort Taxi since both of these brands belong to one of the largest transport corporations “ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited”, whose car fleet includes more than fifteen thousand cars.

Taxi in Singapore
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