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Taxi in Turkey

The taxi service in Turkey very developed, because millions of tourists come here every year who need a comfortable way to move around the city. If you understand all the nuances of using a taxi, you can quickly and relatively inexpensively get to your destination.

Features of the Turkish taxi

The official Turkish taxi is a compact yellow car with checkers (the only exception may be transfers from the hotel). Therefore, if someone just comes up to you on the street and offers to give you a lift, refuse! Most likely these are fraudsters, no matter how friendly they behave.” Catching” a car on the street is also not worth it, there are several proven ways to order a taxi in Turkey:

  • choose a car in the parking lot with a sign “Taksi”;
  • use the call button installed on poles in the city;
  • by phone – if you do not know English or Turkish, ask the hotel administrator to order a taxi for you.

It is worth being prepared for the fact that Turkish taxi drivers do not differ in a neat driving style. They violate traffic rules, rarely use seat belts. Ordering a car in the official service, and not from”private trader”,you will know where to go in case of an accident or file a complaint about a negligent driver. Download a translator to your phone in advance, not everyone knows English.

What kind of taxi in Turkey and how to call it

Taxis in Turkey are easily recognizable by the yellow color of the car and checkers with the inscription Taksi on the roof. This is the standard throughout the country, so private owners try to avoid buying yellow cars.

Taxis in Turkey are official, so the car usually also has a phone number and the name of the carrier company. A taximeter must be installed inside the car (in Turkey it is called a “taximeter”).

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In all cities, taxi ranks are easiest to find in the areas of the greatest concentration of tourists – near the main attractions and squares, shopping centers and embankments.

It is not customary to “vote” here – gasoline is expensive in Turkey, so in search of a client, taxis do not particularly travel along the roads, preferring to wait for them in specialized parking lots.

At the airport and train station there is always a separate taxi rank near the main exit from the building or terminal. You do not have to choose a driver – taxis leave in turn.

The hotel will also help to call a taxi: at the reception desk, as a rule, there are rooms of all the main companies of the city. It is worth clarifying whether you are offered a transfer from the hotel itself – in this case, the rates may be higher.

In Antalya, Alanya and many other resorts, almost at every step on the trees and lampposts you can find a special call button. It is enough to press it, and in a few minutes the nearest car will arrive at this place.

It should be borne in mind that the practice of buttons is not yet found in all resorts, so the option with specialized parking lots should also not be discounted.

How much does a taxi cost in Turkey

Taxi prices in Turkey are higher due to higher fuel prices, but lower than in many European countries. At the same time, the cost of trips differs from city to city. Oddly enough.

The cost of the trip consists of the price for landing and for each kilometer of the way. So how much does a taxi cost in Turkey in the most popular cities and resorts:

For 1 hour of waiting for a taxi will take $ 3-5, but in Antalya a simple one will cost more – $ 7-8.

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In many cities of Turkey, there is a day and night tariff (at night you will pay 1.5 times more). A pleasant exception among large cities is Istanbul – here the price remains the same at any time of the day. There is no such thing as a weekend/holiday fare in the Turkish taxi service.

Taxi Prices for trips between cities

Unlike getting around the city, intercity taxi rides are served in Turkey at a fixed price. Bargaining in this case is appropriate, sometimes drivers make concessions and reduce the price.

Tariffs depend primarily on the distance between cities. The popularity of the direction also matters.

Taxi in Turkey from the airport

At all airports in Turkey, enterprising taxi drivers will be waiting for you at the exit from the terminal, so in the worst case, you can always take a car immediately upon arrival.

To orient yourself at a glance, how much a taxi costs, here are some examples:

Nevertheless, experienced travelers try not to rely here on the will of chance. First, in small airports, free cars are quickly dismantled by locals.

Secondly, even in large cities, many trips end in overpayment. Moreover, this may be due to the fact that most taxi drivers in Turkey simply do not speak foreign languages, and to the temptation to “earn extra money” on a tourist.

A short list of Turkish taxis and search engines on the Internet.

Among the local services of the Turkish taxi based on user reviews can be identified:

Taxi Fare Finder is an Istanbul taxi search engine, in Istanbul itself there are more than three hundred companies providing carrier services and two more Turkish search engines

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Local taxi services:

  • Baran +9053321662 is a taxi service in Istanbul, the address of the company’s office: Bahçelievler, Naci Kasim Sok, 37.
  • Fat Taxi, address: Yilanli Ayazma Yolu 13 Nef Merter 13 Maltepe, Istanbul 34010, +905326622145,
  • Al’s Taxi ranks sixth in popularity in Istanbul, +905536716050
  • The company-carrier Turkey Taxi offers transport passenger services throughout Turkey,
  • Saw Airport ranks thirteenth in Istanbul’s list of transport carriers +90 531 459 09 33,
  • 24 Taxi +902422591435 Konyaatli, 33 Sok, Antalya Province.
  • Taxistand.bu, +902122412834, Esref efendisokak, 64, Istanbul.
  • Mesken Taxi, + 902243678807, Bursa, Yildirim, Ertugrulgazi, 5
  • Eti Taksi +902223353355, +902323681449
  • As Taksi +902163565127
  • Kopru Taksi +902623212758, taxi rank, Turkey, Kocaeli, Izmit Yenidogan, Nurettin Pasa Sok str.
  • Kumbasi Taxi +904522250722, Turkey, Ordu, Altinordu, Bulent Evsit Bly
  • Elitur Taxi +902822624299, Turkey, Tekirdag
  • Pasabahce Taksi, +902163223940, Paşabahçe Mah. Kayabaşı Cad. Beykoz, Istanbul, on the taxi website there is a description of services, the presence of child seats, air conditioning, radio.
  • Bisim Taxi, carrier in Ankara, +903123958020, parking address: Suleyman Çah, Caddesi (1319 SK), Serhat Mahallesi
  • Gorgulu Taxi, carrier in Ankara, +903123675344, Tıp Fakültesi Cad 119

search engine offers taxi in Ankara:

  • Siteler Taksi, +90224368274, Bursa
  • Emir Sultan Taksi +902243286667, Bursa
  • Setbasi Taksi +902243289091, Bursa
  • Kurtulus Taksi +902243294242
Taxi in Turkey
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