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Tbilisi Public Transport

Tbilisi Buses

Comfortable yellow and blue buses run in Tbilisi. And their stops equipped with an electronic scoreboard. Indicating the stops and the time before the bus arrives. The bus number indicated on the windshield. There is route 37 from Tbilisi airport from night buses in Tbilisi. But it does not run as often.

In addition to ordinary city buses. There is a Hop on-Hop off bus in Tbilisi. You can see the whole city for $20.

Tbilisi Minibusses

The fare in a minibus in Tbilisi is from 30 tetri to 1 lari. The cost indicated on the windshield. Or on the car door in Georgian. The Tbilisi minibus operator company has a good website. You can get directions for your trip and find out the fare. As in Russia, you can catch minibuses by raising your hand. Yellow minibuses run within the city. In addition to city buses. There are intercity Metro, which I will discuss below.

Tbilisi Metro

  • Metro length: 26.3 km
  • Number of metro lines: 2 lines
  • Number of metro stations: 22 stations
  • Passenger traffic: 300,000 people per day
  • Working hours: from 06:00 to 00:00 with a frequency of movement from 2.5 minutes at rush hour to 12 minutes at night

The red line of the metro will be useful for passengers. Because along it are the main tourist attractions of Tbilisi. Old Mytishchi trains run in the metro. The metro connects the main districts of Tbilisi. Two metro lines intersect at the railway station, and Station Square. All the inscriptions in the metro are in Georgian and Latin. Metro Ads made in Georgian and English. See below for the current metro map.

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Tbilisi Metro Map

Train in Tbilisi

Tbilisi Central Railway Station located at Station Square 2. At the metro station of the same name and 6 km from Didube bus station.

  • Internal railway routes in Georgia. To the cities of Batumi. Gori, Kutaisi, Marneuli, Poti, and Zugdidi.
  • International railway routes. To Baku (departure daily. Price from $19 one way), Yerevan (departure on even numbers. Price from $20 one way)

Distance to the main cities of Georgia, and neighboring countries from the railway station in Tbilisi.

City nameDistance in km
Baku, Azerbaijan580 km
Batumi, Adjara367 km
Borjomi, Samtskhe-Javakheti157 km
Gori, Shida Kartli82 km
Yerevan, Armenia288 km
Zugdidi, Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti330 km
Kutaisi, Imereti230 km
Marneuli, Kvemo Kartli46 km
Poti, Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti322 km

Funicular and Cable Car

  • Cable car fare: 2.5 GEL one way on the route Rike Park – Narikala Fortress.
  • The fare for the funicular to Park Vake. Turtle Lake: 1 GEL one way, the cost of transporting a bicycle – 1 GEL one way. As of August 2016, this route has been closed due to renovations.
  • The fare on the funicular to Mount Mtatsminda. It not included in the Tbilisi public transport system. Paid using the Mtatsminda amusement park card. The fare is 2.5 GEL one way. The price of the Mtatsminda card itself is 2 GEL.
  • The cable car is only accessible with the MetroMani card. The system of discounts for trips with this card. Does not apply to travel on the funicular.

Taxi in Tbilisi

Taxis are one of the best ways to get around the city. Taxi prices are moderate. Taxis can found at the parking lots at the airport. Railway station. Bus stations. And large hotels. I advise you to negotiate the cost of your trip. Before getting into a taxi. Any person with a driver’s license can become. A taxi driver in Georgia. And if you board such an unofficial taxi. You will then have no one to complain to.

The fare for most taxis is 40-50 tetri (about $0.3) per 1 km. Taxi drivers crowding around luxury hotels. Do not hesitate to refuse. To board a taxi if the price of the trip is high for you. Just look for another car, this is normal here. Taxis are almost not equipped with a meter.

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Locals advise use Taximaxim. (the application can download in advance on the Internet).

Tbilisi Public Transport Tickets Prices

A ticket for 1 trip by public transport in Tbilisi costs 50 tetri. Bus tickets purchase from the machine direct on the bus.

For more profitable trips around the capital of Georgia. Recommend purchasing the Metro Mani pass. It can be used to pay for travel by bus, metro and funicular. The pass selling at the entrances of the metro station and costs 2 GEL. This amount refunded to you when you return the card. The card can replenished. With any amount in any payment terminal of. (The Bank of Georgia).

The balance of funds on the card can found at sales offices. And payment terminals. As well as on the reader when entering the vehicle. The card unnamed, that is, anyone can use it.
The card can return within 1 month after its purchase. Upon presentation of the check, you will refund the 2 GEL you paid for the card. At the entrance to the metro. The card applied to the reader, and the required amount debited from it. When entering the bus, you need to go to the controller. It has a device for reading money to travel from the card. After paying with this card. You can ride for 1.5 hours. Making any number of changes without additional payment.

It is convenient to get directions. By public transport in Tbilisi. On the website of the Tbilisi Transport Company.

Tbilisi Public Transport
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