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Tea Shops in Riyadh

Deer blood café

The Deer Blood Café is one of the best cafés that professionally serves tea of all kinds, and it is a dedicated Albinery restaurant. The cafe contains relaxation and tea sessions, and also has great coffee, and offers new and different types of tea. The sessions are comfortable and there is soft music that allows family gatherings. The café is air conditioned, and children are allowed. The service is excellent in terms of the staff’s quick response to requests, and the prices are very suitable for all groups.

Address: 7928 4117 Abi Bakr Al-Siddiq Sub, Al-Mursalat, Riyadh 12464, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 54 930 1001

Oplaisir Cafe in Riyadh

Oplazier is a French restaurant and café, one of the best cafes in Riyadh. Enjoy a sophisticated and warm atmosphere and enjoy the true taste of tea of all kinds along with a plate of French dessert. Dishes include fresh scones with jam and cream, a variety of sandwiches, and mini profiteroles with chocolate sauce. This place is perfect for a classy sitting with girlfriends.

Address: Takhassusi Branch Street, Al Muhammadiyah, Riyadh 11421, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 812 2420

Tea World Cafe

Tea World Café in Riyadh is a youthful place par excellence that serves 54 different types of tea, and also offers different types of coffee. It is a special place to gather with friends and enjoy tea of all kinds. Moreover, the café staff is energetic and helpful and the service is generally outstanding.

The address of Tea World Café: Al Thumama Road. Almonsia. Riyadh 13255. Saudi Arabia.
Hotline phone number for Café World Tea: 966500730063+

Urth Caffé in Riyadh

Urth Caffé is one of the best and most famous cafes in Saudi Arabia, frequented by Saudis and a large number of tourists. It serves many types of hot or iced tea, so it meets all tastes of local and foreign customers. You can choose the type you want from a long list with a lot of flavors, and it also offers other dishes of burgers, pizzas, salads, and dessert. This café is characterized by being surrounded by trees and plants, so you will live a unique experience when you sit in the café, which has gained wide fame in Saudi Arabia and has 5 branches in Riyadh, and you can also find it in Jeddah.

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Address: Airport Road, King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh 11564, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 9200 07498

Trek Treek

One of the best tea shops in Riyadh, the shop is new, the décor is elegant and calm, the presentation method is great, the cups are beautiful, the prices are good, the toilets need more cleanliness. They serve tea and baked goods.

  • Location: Al Rawdah District, Prince Nasser Bin Abdulaziz Street, Riyadh
  • Working hours: from 6 am to 11 am, and from 4 pm to 2 am.
  • Phone: 0593360937
  • Mineo: tea and baked goods.

Shahi Abu Waleed

Abu Waleed may Allah have mercy on him is one of the personalities that became famous through social networking sites for his cart specialized in serving tea in northern Riyadh and his popularity that was the reason for the people’s love for him and his Arabism

This café is one of the most luxurious branches of Abu Walid tea and offers distinctive types of coffee and tea as it consists of two floors and there are indoor and outdoor seating. Many believe that Abu Waleed tea is one of the best tea shops in Riyadh

Address: 4106 Al Etemad Street, Al Malqa District, Riyadh 13523 6566, Al Malqa, Riyadh 13523, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 222 9700

Tea & More

A café that serves tea in a modern and innovative way in their quiet and beautiful headquarters with beautiful indoor seating as well as outdoor smoking sessions where you find great staff at your service and also the prices are reasonable and affordable.

  • Location: Qurtubah District, Prince Saud Bin Mohammed Bin Muqrin Road, Riyadh
  • Working hours: from 3 pm to 2 am, all days of the week
  • Phone: 0546924427
  • Menu: Red tea, karak, mint, moroccan, ginger, lipton tea, arabic coffee, american coffee, hibiscus, cold hibiscus, mojito, moi, croissant, rusk, biscuits.
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Caffé Bene Cafe in Riyadh

Café Penny is one of the best cafes in Riyadh, serving many types of tea, in addition to cold drinks, and very tasty desserts. You can find many types of tea on the menu, including English Breakfast Tea. Early Grey Tea, Jad Green Tea, Chamomile Citrus Tea, Jasmine Greener Tea, Hot Mint Tea, and White Lychee Tea. Besides all these types you can find iced tea on all flavors such as lemon, peach, strawberry, and raspberry. The session of this place is very unique, relaxing thanks to the wooden décor and earthy colors, so do not hesitate to try it to enjoy delicious coffee and desserts.

Address: 3667 Wadi Al-Sarh, Al-Wadi, 6828, Riyadh 13313, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 50 945 0451

Rizq Rizk Tea

One of the best tea shops in Riyadh. They have a smoking shop, there is music, the shop is clean and tidy but cramped, suitable for young individuals.

  • Location: Al Munsiyah, Sheikh Hassan Bin Hussein Bin Ali Road, Riyadh
  • Working hours: from 3 pm to 3 am, all days of the week.
  • Phone: 0553514383
  • Menu: Rizk Tea, Steam Tea, Iraqi Tea, Ramallah, Koshari Tea, Downtown, Bandar Abbas, Kaak, Iced Tea, Turkish Coffee, Arabic Coffee, Rizk Coffee, Karak, Nescafe, Taifi, Ginger Milk, Adani, and Water.

In conclusion, this is the list of the best tea shops in Riyadh, if you have tried any of these cafes, please write us the details of your experience in detail in the comments box at the bottom of this page so that it benefits others.

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Azeez Tea

One of the best tea shops in Riyadh, their sessions are cool. They have indoor and outdoor seating, the décor is beautiful, and the place is tidy and clean. The tea is stuffed and wonderful. The service is good.

  • Location: Al-Nafal District, Moroccan Sahara Street, Riyadh
  • Timings: 4:30 am to 2:30 am, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to 3:30 am.
  • Phone: 0500442532.
  • Menu: Steam tea, feed tea, taif tea, pomegranate tea, Saudi coffee, Aziz summer, pancakes, baked goods (plain croissant, thyme, cheese), and pies (cheese, meat, spinach)

Mr. Tea

One of the best tea shops in Riyadh, the interior decoration is distinctive, the place is clean. The sessions are beautiful, they have air-conditioned outdoor smoking and indoor seating for families. They serve tea with nuts. One of the cafes that broadcast the matches.

  • Location: Al Nafal District, Abu Bakr Al Siddique Road, Riyadh
  • Working hours: from 7 am to 3 am, Friday from 1 pm to 4 am.
  • Phone Number:
  • Menu: Hot drinks (mixed tea, steam tea, milk tea), cold drinks (Mr. Ice Tea, Hibiscus Mix, water, nuts).


The best tea parlor with different combinations in Riyadh, they have Iraqi tea. Indoor and outdoor seating with spray, they have a designated smoking area. They have screens to watch football matches.

  • Location: Ji Al Wadi, Othman Bin Affan Road, Exit 7, Riyadh
  • Working hours: from 9 am to 3 am, Friday from 12 pm to 3 am.
  • Phone: 0590509976
  • Mineo: Red tea, green tea, steam tea, Iraqi tea. In addition to crackers, nuts and pancakes.
Tea Shops in Riyadh
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