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Tehran Public Transport

Public transport in Tehran represented by. Buses, minibuses and metro. A common form of transport in the city is a taxi due to its low cost. How to use public transport? How much does it cost to travel in Tehran? You will know from our article.

Metro in Tehran

Tehran’s metro consists of 6 lines and 122 stations. And the total length is 220 km. The metro has 3 million passengers every day. Metro opening hours: daily from 05:30 to 23:00, every 10 minutes. The names of metro station indicated in Farsi. And duplicated in English in front of the entrance to the station. In the metro itself and on the streets. The entrance to the metro can found at the sign. With a black icon on a yellow background. Metro in Tehran meets both surface and underground.

There are both old and new metro cars with air conditioning. And no foreign odors. The first and last subway cars are exclusive for women. Their doors marked “Women only”. At the same time, women are allowed to ride in men’s carriages. While men in women’s cars are not.

Payment for metro travel carried out with a magnetic card. The card is applied to the turnstile at the entrance to the metro. And the fare debited from it. You can top up your card at points of sale. Metro fare: $0.2.

There are tickets for 1, 2 or 10 rides and passes for 1, 3 or 7 days. During rush hours in the morning and in the evening. The metro crowded. So it is recommended to get around by taxi. The metro closed at night. So if you need to get somewhere at this time of day. Only a taxi remains.

Tehran Metro Map

Tehran Metro Map

Buses and Minibusses in Tehran

Tehran’s bus system includes BRT express buses and regular buses. High-speed buses in red will take you along designated lanes. To anywhere in the city center and on the outskirts. Bus tickets sales near bus stops. And are cheaper than metro tickets. Bus or minibus fare: $0.1. Bus hours: daily from 06:00 to 23:00.

In Tehran, buses and minibuses travel along routes. And schedules known only to them. There are a lot of them in the city. And they can take passengers anywhere. Minibuses stop by a wave of the hand everywhere. At the final stops, drivers not sent. Until there are enough passengers in the minibus. Buses and minibuses do not run at night.

Train in Tehran

Trains in Iran will allow you. To reach the major cities of the country with comfort. Train tickets sell out quickly. So it is better to take care of their booking in advance. The cost of a train ticket is the same as the cost of. A VIP intercity bus.

There are several types of trains running in Iran. Passenger, high-speed and night trains. On night trains, you buy a seat in a compartment for 4-6 people. And you must redeem all seats in the compartment. For more information on train routes and timetables. Visit the website.

Indicate the large Iranian cities that can reach by train from Tehran. And the distance to them in km and the fare.

City nameDistance in kmTicket price
Isfahan444 km$ 8.5
Mashhad887 km$ 31-45
Tabriz637 km$ 10-17
Shiraz929 km$ 17-20
Yazd644 km$ 10-19

Taxi in Tehran

In Tehran, taxis divided into personal (private) and general use. The difference between these two types of taxis. That the driver can put other passengers in a shared taxi. But not in a private one. To navigate the fare in a shared taxi. Follow the amount given to the driver by other passengers. And send the same amount.

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There are Iranian analogues of the famous taxi service. Uber – Snapp and Tapsi. This taxi is beneficial to use when traveling within Tehran. Just download the application to your phone. If it is not exclusive in Farsi. You should be able to use it without problems. There is a female taxi in Tehran. Ordering a taxi is easy. With a wave of your hand on the road. Or at a specialized taxi rank near major hotels or train stations.

Car rental in Tehran

I think that most of the visitors to Iran. Visit this country as part of a group tour. However, if for some reason you ended up here alone. And want to rent a car, I will give you a couple of tips.

It not recommended for tourists to rent a car in Iran. Due to the nervous and jerky driving style of local residents. Driving on the roads in Tehran is just hell: no one observes the lane. And accidents created literally all the time. If you want to travel around Iran by car. I recommend that you take a closer look at the field trips. Or take a car with a local driver.

Tehran Public Transport
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