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Thai Desserts

In addition to the fact that Thais are not fools to eat well, they also love all sorts of sweets. Last time I told you about the variety of main dishes and hot food at Sandy Market in Phuket Town. And today we will talk about sweets at the Naka market. Because no restaurant is ready to offer you such a variety of desserts, ranging from sugar-soaked guava and pineapple to funny sweets and all kinds of pancakes. In tourist areas, you can find the maximum: fruits, thick pancakes with bananas or ice cream. And sometimes they are on the same plate – pancakes with pineapple and ice cream. Thai sweets are very specific, so most restaurants simply do not have them.

herbal jelly

I know what thought is tormenting you. Surely, you wondered what kind of terrible beast is depicted in the first picture? This is chhau quoi jelly, which is made from special herbs. I like this dessert cut into cubes, but in the market it will be served to you in the form of a drink with black noodles. So that you can imagine the size of the black jelly cube, I will say that there is a ladle in the background, and the chhaokwoi itself is placed in a basin.

Roasted chestnuts

Right there in the market, chestnuts will be roasted for you, although I prefer to eat them raw. Such sellers can be found by smell. Chestnuts are fried in coals, stirring constantly. Ready-made balls are put in a bag and sold for 20-30 baht.

Mango sticky rice

A favorite Thai dessert is mango with glutinous rice. Mango is taken as a regular yellow one, but rice is boiled in coconut milk. This dessert is often found in restaurants. Rice can even come in different colors: green with pandanus, red with rosella, or blue with butterfly peas.

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Sweet or salted corn

Of course, where without corn? On any beach there are vendors who offer baked or boiled corn on the cob for 30-50 baht. At the Sunday market, grains are mixed with butter, salt and sugar. If desired, one of the ingredients can be removed.

Rice cookies with caramel

Puffed rice cookies with caramel – khao tang – can be seen not only in the market, but also in any 7-11. There are small options a little larger than a 10 baht coin. Or palm-sized cookies. All dyes are natural: blue from moth peas, green from pandan.

Rolled spring rolls

Everywhere confectioners bake delicious pancakes. They are as large (khanom tang tek) as in the picture below, or very small (khanom byang). The pancakes are very thin and crispy stuffed with egg white, coconut and sesame seeds.

Buns Khan Tan

Khanom tan yellow balls are made from coconut milk, rice flour and palm sugar, with pumpkin added for color. They are not too sweet, suitable for dessert with tea.

Cakes and pastries

Traditional European mini-cakes are sold everywhere. Some of them are delicious, others not so much, because they use salted margarine for the cream. As you can see, Thai cakes do not melt even in the heat of 30 degrees.

Thai waffles

Waffles! Oh yeah! What kind of waffles are not here: with chocolate, with raisins, with sesame seeds and other sweets. They are moderately sweet, suitable for tea.

Candy onion-chup

Lookchup sweets are made from ground beans, coconut milk, and then dipped in gelatin or agar-agar with natural food coloring. The shapes and colors are incredible: pink and purple carrots, red mushrooms, small corn and even small fried eggs. They taste the same, but cost 2-3 baht a piece.

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Thai donuts

This is how easy and simple donuts are made in Thailand. If you wish, they can be sprinkled with powdered sugar. Of course, they differ in taste from Danki Donuts and Crispy Cream donuts.

Sugar cane juice

This is the production of the drink us-oh. A sugar cane trunk is driven into such a simple apparatus, and the yellow juice flows into a nearby container. It is poured into measured Coca-Cola bottles, and when you buy juice, it is poured into an ice bag – this is how it is customary to drink drinks in Thailand. Too sweet for my taste, I prefer freshly squeezed tangerine juice, which you can immediately buy in a small bottle for 20 baht.

Fresh fruit cocktails and shakes

For lovers of healthy wholesome food and drinks, they offer all kinds of cocktails and shakes: grapes, watermelon, mango, pineapple, kiwi with strawberries and others. The contents of the glass are poured into a blender, whipped and poured back.

Of course, I have not listed all Thai desserts, not even all the sweets that you can buy at the Sandy Market. Separately, get acquainted with the local Phuket desserts that you can try at the fair on Thalang Street.

In the tourist places of Phuket, do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying crispy pancakes with bananas and chocolate. This is originally a Malay dessert – roti, but the southern Thais have modernized it a bit. Now pancake pancakes have spread all over Thailand. In addition to bananas and chocolate, you can find pancakes with condensed milk, jam, pineapple and other fillings. Such a pleasure costs an average of 30-50 baht.

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Bon Appetit!

Thai Desserts
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