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Thessaloniki Public Transport

Public transport in Thessaloniki represented by buses only. In 2018, it planned to complete the construction of the metro. The city served by the bus company OASTH. There are a total of 75 bus routes with 604 buses running.

There are two bus stations in Thessaloniki. The KTEL Chalkidikis bus station. Serving destinations in the Chalkidiki peninsula.
And the KTEL Macedonia bus station. Serving international destinations.

Buses in Thessaloniki

Most of the tourists stay in hotels in the center of the city. For example, in the Grand Hotel Palace. You can walk around the most interesting places on the island. However, for those of them who want to ride local buses. Recommend the so-called “cultural route” of bus number 50. It departs every hour from 09:00 to 16:00 from the famous White Tower. (stop Lefkos Pirgos) on the waterfront of on the island. The bus passes the following stops. It the main attractions of the city located. Hagia Sophia, Aristotle Square. Basilica of Agios Demetrius. Aristotle Academy of Thessaloniki. The bus makes a circle around the center of city. And returns to the White Tower.

A ticket for the bus route number 50 costs 2 Euros for an adult. And 1 Euro for a child. The ticket is valid only for 1 trip along the route of the bus. Do not confuse with the popular Hop on Hop off. You can get off the bus and get back on it an unlimited number of times.

The stops in the center of Thessaloniki. Equipped with an electronic scoreboard. So you will not get lost.

The streets in Thessaloniki are narrow. So on the same street. You will not find stops in both directions. In this case, do not alarm. The stop in the opposite direction. To the one in which you arrived located on a parallel street.

Suburban trains in Thessaloniki (Proastiakos)

There are two commuter train routes between Thessaloniki. And other Greek cities. The first route connects the City with the Greek city of Larissa. Modern Siemens Desiro trains run in this direction, making stops at 10 stations. Travel time from the city to Larissa is 1 hour 33 minutes.

Suburban train route map below.

Thessaloniki Suburban Railway map

Trains run from 05:00 to midnight every day. You can buy a train ticket and see their schedule. On the website of the Greek railways. You can buy a ticket at the ticket office. At the Neos Sidirodromikos Stathmos railway station. As well as at the Trainose tourist offices.

Taxi in Thessaloniki

Taxis in Thessaloniki are expensive. And the locals prefer to use the buses.

Some features of a taxi in Greece:

  • When traveling at night (from 00:00 to 05:00). Taxi fare increases by 30%.
  • The driver must turn on the meter. Watch for this when boarding a taxi.
  • Payment in a taxi is possible only in cash. It should stock up in advance.
  • According to Greek law. One taxi car can carry a maximum of 4 people. At a time, including children.
  • Greek taxi drivers do not know English or know it poorly. So write down the exact address of your destination. In Greek on a piece of paper in advance.

Car rental in Thessaloniki

Independent travelers choose a car instead of public transport. To explore the local beauty and attractions. A car can booked both at the airport. And pick it up upon arrival. And in the center of the city. As well as at all resorts, such as. It’s easy to travel with a rented car. It’s like driving your car.

Thessaloniki Public Transport Tickets Prices

Compared to other European countries. Public transport is cheap in Thessaloniki. Prices are comparable to the cost of public transport in Prague. Take a look at the prices below and see for yourself.

  • A ticket for 1 trip for an adult costs 1 Euro, for a child – 0.5 Euro. When buying a ticket from the machine inside the bus. You will pay a little more – 1.10 Euro for an adult ticket and 0.6 Euro for a child ticket.
  • Ticket for 2 trips within 70 minutes for an adult – 1.2 Euro, for a child – 0.6 Euro.
  • A ticket for 3 trips within 90 minutes for an adult – 1.5 Euros, for a child – 0.8 Euro.
  • Ticket for 3 trips within 120 minutes for an adult – 2 Euros, for a child – 1 Euro.
  • A ticket to the airport “Macedonia” on buses No. 78 and No. 78 N costs 2 Euro for an adult and 1 Euro for a child.
Thessaloniki Public Transport
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