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Things to Do in Chicago

Things to Do in Chicago

 The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago a very popular tourist spot that cannot miss when traveling to Chicago, USA. Approximately 2,000 alternatives from a collection of 300,000 items such as Impressionists and American art are on display. “It’s too wide and I don’t know which one to look at!”. For those who like that, here are 15 highlights that beginners should keep in mind. The works of Sula, Monet and Renoir are must-see.

Address: 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603

Phone: + 1-312-443-3600

Access: 2 minutes walk from Adams / Wabash Station

Business Hours: 10: 30-17: 00 (Thursday until 20:00)

Fees: General $ 25. Students 65+/14-17 $ 19. 13- Free.

 Museum of Science and Industry Chicago

Chicago now has a reputation for admiring art and science. This reflected in many cultural institutions. Such as the Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago) (MSI). covers a wide range of disciplines. The museum is the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere. Covering over 37,000 square meters and over 5 hectares of exhibition space. In other words, it’s big enough to satisfy your vast imagination. Easily accessible by bus or Metra train. MSI a vibrant facility with a number of dynamic exhibits, hands-on exhibits and tours for everyone. Whether you’re spending the entire weekend or just visiting for a few hours, the museum visited on a schedule. MSI is entertaining everyone who visits.

There is a mechanism to learn the mechanism of various fields through hands-on exhibitions. Various interesting exhibits such as the hatching process of chicks, the sliced ​​human body, and the growth of the foetation. There are many hands-on exhibits. it possible to actually board the German submarine “U-505” that captured in World War II. Streamlined high-speed train Pioneer Zephyr, NASA’s Apollo 8 command module for the first time in the orbit of the moon. A diorama of a 330-square-meter HO gauge model railroad.

Located in Jackson Park, Hyde Park district, south of downtown Chicago.

Opened at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

360 Chicago Observation Deck

The John Hancock Center is famous as a typical skyscraper in Chicago along with Willis Tower. The observation facility on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center is «360 ° CHICAGO». As the name suggests, it an observatory with a 360-degree view of Chicago, and the walls covered with glass. Great location overlooking Chicago’s skyscraper counties and Lake Michigan.

Admission to «360 ° CHICAGO» is $ 19, and you can experience «TILT» for an additional $ 5 each time. This building is located on Michigan Road, so it’s a great location for sightseeing while shopping. There is also a famous shopping mall such as. «Water tour Place» in front of the building, so you can shop efficiently. There is a souvenir shop in Chicago, and it is convenient. Because you can find key chains and shirts with the Chicago logo.

Admission to The John Hancock Center itself is free. So, it might be a good idea to stop by while shopping.

Millennium Park

Millennium Park, located between Randolph and Monroe Streets in the heart of downtown Chicago. Opened in the summer of 2005 and is a haven for Chicago citizens. There are many attractions in the park. One of which the Crown Fountain, where water runs down from the surface of the rectangular tower. People’s faces and geometric patterns appear on the tower to entertain the viewer.

There several objects created by well-known architects and artists. But another noteworthy thing besides the Crown Fountain the ” Cloud Gate, “. Which is a full- scale mirror that nicknamed “The Bean. Many tourists and citizens gather around this ” Cloud Gate, ” nicknamed “The Bean,”. And it has become a tourist attraction in Chicago. The scenery reflected depends on the viewing angle, which is interesting.

There is the “Jay Pritzker Pavilion”, an open-air music hall designed by architect Frank Gehry. Free concerts and movies planned every day in the summer.

One of Chicago ‘s most popular winter spots the ice-skating rink. Where you can skate against the skyscrapers only during the winter months. In addition to park information. There is also a welcome center along Randolph Street where you can find tourist information, pamphlets, maps, etc. of Chicago. So, if you want to collect tourist information, why not stop by?

Millennium Park: 55 N Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60611

Field Museum of Natural History

The Field Museum of Natural History has more than two million collections, though not all are on display. You can see a wealth of materials related to science, anthropology, biology, and botany. With a focus on archeology, geology, and history. In the Native American civilization, the Native Americans in each region displayed separately for each race. So, it easy to understand, and the number of collections also substantial, so it is a spectacular corner. More than 350 wonderful potteries made by Pueblo Indians on display. You can see how the pottery has changed over time.

The ancient Egyptian corner is interesting because it recreates the mastaba tomb and traces the path followed by the bandits. Hieroglyphs from 5000 years ago and more than 20 Egyptian mummies are on display. You can also see a large wooden funeral boat 3700 years ago.

The Jade Room Hall of Jades has the largest collection of Chinese jade in North America. The Jewel Room Hall of Gems has more than 600 gemstones and 150 beautiful pieces. Including the world’s largest blue topaz, which weighs 5,899.5 carats. Jewelery is on display.

The exhibition divided into three major eras: before the appearance of dinosaurs. During the dinosaur era, and after extinction. And you can also see the evolutionary process of creatures on the earth other than dinosaurs. The 5.5-meter skeleton of the herbivorous dinosaur Rapetosaurus discovered in Madagascar by scientists at the Field Museum of Natural History. And the only one on display around the world.

Don’t miss the Ernst & Young D3 Theater with the latest digital.

The spacious entrance with high ceilings welcomes visitors with the skeleton of the most popular exhibit, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. This dinosaur named “Sue”.

The most perfect Tyrannosaurus rex bone ever discovered. With a total length of about 13m and a waist height of about 4m. A fossil over 65 million years old. The skull part of this exhibits a replica, and the real thing is on the balcony on the second floor. A real skull specimen consists of more than 200 parts, 1.5 meters in size and 1 ton in weight.

Crown Fountain

The “Crown Fountain” by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa features 50-foot-high block-shaped towers facing each other. With many LED lights facing each other. It an embedded display that shows the faces of Chicago citizens of various social classes and races one after another. Men and women projected on each of the towers facing each other. And it feels like they are having an interactive dialogue.

Water flowing on the side of the tower, and a shallow puddle formed between the towers. Waterspouts from the mouth of the image on the display surface facing each other.

In the summer, children are running around in swimsuits.

Located in the Millennium Park , southwest.

Cloud Gate

The Cloud Gate, one of the symbols of Millennium Park, a giant statue (public art) by Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor. Made by welding and joining 168 stainless steel plates. The surface polished until the seams are not visible, and the entire surface looks like a mirror surface. The surrounding scenery, the buildings surrounding the park, the sky and the clouds floating in the sky. Reflected on the curved surface, showing a unique look depending on the viewing angle, time zone, season, and weather. It called The Bean because it is shaped like a bean.

Since it a gate, you can pass under this object, but since the lower part also polished like a mirror surface. The people who pass through the gate and the buildings that reflected in a curved shape are really unique, and the appearance also artistic. is there.

Even though it’s an art work, it’s really pop and popular because it’s easy to enjoy.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a public park in Chicago , Illinois , 4.9 square meters wide and the largest public park in Chicago .

The vast park includes the Lincoln Park Zoo, which attracts more than 3 million visitors annually. The Lincoln Park Botanical Garden, a greenhouse botanical garden with impressive Victorian glass buildings. A harbor with golf courses and shipping facilities, and public beaches. There are many sports courts and stadiums. It loved by the citizens of Chicago

as a park where you can enjoy nature and sports.

Lincoln Park Zoo, New York of Central Park that in the opportunity. To from the mating of the swan given, founded in 1968. The oldest zoo in the South-Central United States.

It started with an exhibition of only two swans. Now more than 200 species and more than 1000 animals bred on the vast site.

A popular tourist spot with more than 3 million visitors annually.

There are various thematic exhibition facilities such as Regenstein African Journey (African Journey). Displays African animals and birds such as giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, and rhinos, and Regenstein Center for African Apes, which is an exhibition building for chimpanzees and gorillas. is there.

There are several cafes and restaurants in the park. So, you can take a leisurely look around without worrying about meals.

Open all year round, free admission (the parking lot charged), check the opening hours on the official website. The official homepage of Lincoln Park Zoo

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Jay Pritzker Pavilion

The Jay Pritzker Pavilion an artistic pavilion designed by architect Frank Owen Gehry from Toronto, Canada. And named after the de facto founder of the philanthropist Hyatt Hotel, Jay Pritzker. An open-air music hall in Millennium Park.
With 4,000 seats and a lawn that can seat 7,000 people, it has a total capacity of 11,000 people.
Frank Gehry’s unique design, a huge stainless-steel sheet that bends like a swell, called a “headdress”. Because it designed as if the stage tied with a ribbon.
A state-of-the-art speaker system built into the grid-like pipes that extend from the stage to the audience seats and the lawn seats so that the sound heard even in the rear seats.
Free concerts by the exclusive Grant Park Orchestra have become an integral part of Chicago’s summer.
It is also the venue for the Chicago Jazz Festival (free of charge), one of Chicago’s most popular events.

McCormick Tribune Plaza & Ice Rink

The McCormick Tribune Plaza & Ice Rink is a 200-foot (60.96m) x 80-foot (24.38m) ice rink in Millennium Park, west of Cloud Gate. And one of Chicago’s most popular winter attractions.
Free admission (skating shoes rental fee required).

Grant Park Chicago

Grant Park known as the ” Chicago Frontyard” and one of Chicago’s most popular spots. It built by reclaiming Lake Michigan in a park in Chicago’s Loop district. The eastern side faces Lake Michigan Monroe Harbor.
On October 9, 1901, the name changed from Lake Park to Grant Park in honor of the hero Ulysses Grant.
Ulysses Grant is a Union general who defeated Confederate General Robert E. Lee in the Civil War and is the hero who led the Union to victory. He became the 18th president after the Civil War.

Grant Park covers 13 blocks north-south, 2 blocks east-west, and 1.29 square kilometers. The Millennium Park is in the northwest, and the Museum Campus is home to the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, and Adler Astronomy Museum in the south. The Art Institute of Chicago, one of the three largest museums in the United States, is located along South Michigan Avenue. The Buckingham Fountain built in the center of the park is a symbol of the park.

The large-scale event in Grant Park

  • June Chicago Blues Festival ( Chicago Blues Festival ) 7
  • May Taste of Chicago ( Taste Of Chicago ) the world’s largest food festival.
  • August Lollapalooza (Lollapalooza) Rock Festival.
  • September Chicago Jazz Festival
  • October Starts at Chicago Marathon Grant Park and travels around the city of Chicago.

The classic Buckingham Memorial Fountain, a symbol of Grant Park, incorporates traditional European design and considered to be the most beautiful fountain in the United States. It lit up after sunset in summer. In particular, the water show, where the 46m fountain colored with various colors and music played, is very popular.
The Buckingham Fountain completed in 1927 by millionaire Kate Buckingham asking Edward Bennett to design it as a memorial to his late brother Claire Lance (who was the director of the Art Institute of Chicago).
Kate backing ham and requested the fountain of European style, of France Versailles ” Ratna of the fountain (Le Bassin De Latone designed)” to the reference.
The entire Buckingham Fountain is 85m in diameter, and bronze seahorses (half-horse and half-fish from Greek mythology) placed on four sides of the fountain. The large pool of this fountain represents Lake Michigan, and the four seahorses represent Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, which border Lake Michigan. The sculpture is by Marcel Francois Loyau of France.

Museum Campus Chicago

The Museum Campus is located at the southern end of Grant Park, a large park in Chicago, with the Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Field Museum, and a jogging trail and promenade connecting the three old facilities in the green space. The scenery is wonderful. Opened in 1998.

Field Museum of Natural History

The skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex, the most popular exhibit at the Field Museum of Natural History on the Museum Campus, named “Sue”. 

Adler Planetarium & Astronomical Museum Adler Planetarium

The Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum is the first modern planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. In 1987, it designated as a National Historic Landmark and National Register of Historic Places.

Shedd Aquarium

Facing Lake Michigan, the Shedd Aquarium is the largest indoor aquarium in the United States. In addition to fish, you can see more than 6000 creatures of 700 species such as sea otters, dolphins, and seals. In 2005 and 2007, it had the highest number of visitors in the US aquarium, and it still has about 2 million visitors annually.

The Chicago Theater

The Chicago Theater opens on State Street in the heart of downtown. Awarded the latest attraction in the cinema, and the luxurious Baroque décor impressive and the building said to be of historic value. I am. Nowadays, concerts and musicals are popular with various contents. In the past, big names such as Neil Young and Paul Simon have been on stage. The gorgeous neon entrance is reminiscent of Old Chicago, and the interior of the theater is baroque.

The Chicago Theater backstage tour will vary depending on the time of year, but it will be an approximately 1-hour tour that held daily from 12:00 noon. The front entrance will open when the time comes.

The fee is $ 15 for adults and $ 10 for children (under 12 years old) and is in English only. (As of 2014) This Chicago Theater backstage tour guide will guide you in a friendly way with humor.
The Chicago Theater will go up to the upper stage in the second half of the backstage tour, but if you look out over the theater from the upper stage, you will Impresse by the size and luxury of the Chicago Theater that you did not feel in the first half.
You can also feel that the luxury of the Chicago Theater ceiling overwhelming and said to have historical value.

The Chicago Theater 175 N State St, Chicago, IL 60601

Navy Pier

Built-in 1916 as a pier for anchoring passenger and cargo ships and storing cargo as part of the Chicago city plan, it also has recreational facilities such as a dance hall, theater, dining facility, and children’s playground. It was prosperous as a recreational spot named Municipor Pier.
However, when World War II began, the pier requisitioned by the Navy and was off-limits to the general public but redeveloped in the 1990s and reopened as a navy pier.
Reborn as a comprehensive facility with a number of museums and attractions on a pier that stretches about 1 km, Navy Pier has the No. 1 ability to attract customers in the Midwest and a holiday that can enjoy by families, with 8.6 million people visiting annually. It’s a fun spot.

Today’s Navy Pier has plenty of entertainment to enjoy, including attractions, musicals and music, dining and shopping, and cruises on Lake Michigan. Performers and musicians also appear so you can fully enjoy it without having to ride the attractions.
It has the largest screen in Chicago, showing 3D movies and the latest movies.
Stage There a large tent-covered stage where concerts, circuses, and other events held.
Chicago Shakespeare Theater
A courtyard-style theater that resembles the Globe Theater in England, where you can watch Shakespeare plays.

Fireworks go up every Wednesday and Saturday nights in the summer, especially on Independence Day on July 4th and New Year’s Eve on December 31st, when the festive mood is in full bloom.

Ferris Wheel Chicago

You can enjoy attractions such as the old-fashioned swing and merry-go-round, including the Ferris Wheel, which boasts a height of 46m.

Chicago Children’s Museum

The Chicago Children’s Museum offers hands-on attractions such as dinosaur exploration, invention labs, and mazes that are popular with children.

Lake Michigan Cruise

Several cruise companies operate cruise ships, including sightseeing cruises, cruises with brunch and lunch, dinner cruises with stunning night views of Chicago, and party cruises where you can enjoy dancing.
You can also have a private charter.

Chicago Water Tower

The Chicago Water Tower, located in Chicago, Illinois, completed in 1869. It is the second oldest water tower in the United States after the Louisville Water Tower in Louisville, Kentucky, and is a historic monument.
A valuable public building left unburned during the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, it is a symbol of the reconstruction of Old Chicago and the city of Chicago.
At a height of about 42m, it served as a pump tower that pumped water from Lake Michigan and supplied it to the city. The Gothic look of yellowed limestone Gothic from Lemonto, Illinois stands out in Chicago.
There is a gallery (City Gallery at the Historic Water Tower) inside the tower, which you can visit.
The Chicago Water Works Visitor Information Center is located in the Pump Station building across Michigan Avenue.

Chicago Water Tower 806 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL

Chicago outdoor art

There is a lot of unique public art in Chicago, and you can see more than 700 works of art in more than 150 facilities including the suburbs.

Pablo Picasso sculpture

The statue of Pablo Picasso on display in the South Square of the “Richard J. Daily Center” is the first memorable contemporary sculpture in the Loop district.
The giver, Picasso, did not give a name to this work, so there is no official name, and the citizens call it Chicago Picasso, or Picasso.
When it first appeared in 1967, it said that people could not hide their confusion on the scale of 15.2 m in height and the abstract design. However, it is now indispensable as a symbol of Chicago.

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“Flamingo” by Alexander Calder is a striking red piece in front of the federal building designed by Mies van der Rohe. Alexander Calder known for inventing and producing the sculpture “Mobile” that moves with the wind, but this work “Stabil” (a work with a completely fixed abstract structure). The contrast between the straight line of the building and the curve of the flamingo, and the black of the building, and the red of the flamingo is a wonderful work.
It measures about 16m and made of steel weighing 50 tons. Published in 1974.

North Avenue Beach Chicago 

Lake Michigan has sandy beaches, bike paths, and parks, making it a great place to explore Chicago.
If you want to play on the beach, North Avenue Beach, which has changing rooms and toilets, is popular.
A beautiful beach that also used for film locations.
A sightseeing point that you can enjoy together with the adjacent Lincoln Park.
North Avenue Beach is the best position to watch the Chicago Air & Water Show.

Marina City Chicago

Marina City is the name of a vast site with a complex of restaurants, cafes, clubs, etc., centered on two marina towers called Corncob, which means corn cobs. ..
These two unique Marina Towers are 179m high, 65-story high-rise tower apartments designed by Chicago architect Bertrand Goldberg and completed in 1968.
It the first building in the United States to build with a tower crane.
completed, it was famous as the tallest concrete-structured apartment in the world.
There is a parking lot up to the 19th floor, and when you look at it from a distance, the car looks like a toy. The building faces the Chicago River, and there is a ship berth under the building.

House of Blues Chicago

Marina City is home to the House of Blues Chicago, a popular nightspot with a capacity of 1,300 people.
The gospel brunch, which held every Sunday at 10:00 AM and 12:30 PM, is a popular event.
Immerse yourself in great gospel music and enjoy delicious Southern buffet dishes and desserts.
Especially, the special chicken and waffles are excellent!
For popular events, it is better to pre-purchase tickets on the homepage.
⇒ House of Blues Chicago Gospel Branch

Taste of Chicago

A food festival held every July at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. Over 100 stores have opened. The number of visitors is 4 million. free entrance.
First, buy 12 food and beverage tickets for $ 8.50 (as of 2015). Settle with this ticket at each eating and drinking booth.
If you like it, you can buy it in regular size, and some shops offer small size menus that you interested in.

Chicago pizza

Chicago Lou Malnati is close to the luxury residential Gold Coast’s Pizzeria in Chicago in many a certain chain stores in the city of Chicago B-grade gourmet is also a famous Chicago pizza of long-established. The Chicago food recommended in that something comes back well and listen to local people Chicago pizza. There is a lot of volumes, so please visit when you are hungry.
There is no need to worry about the dress code in an atmosphere that even tourists can easily enter. It safe to make a reservation as it quite crowded during peak hours.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria 1120 N State St, Chicago, IL 60610

Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is a stadium in Chicago, Illinois, and has been home to the Chicago Cubs in the MLB National League Central since 1916. In the stadium to be the home of the MLB, Boston of Fenway Park next to the old stadium.
The outfield fence with vines is a specialty and has a reputation for being beautiful. There is a local rule that if the ball gets into this ivy and loses sight of the hole, it will be double.
The stadium easily affected by the wind from Lake Michigan, but depending on the situation, it depends on whether it a pitcher’s advantage or a batter’s advantage.
The scoreboard is still manual.

Outside the stadium is a statue of Cubs ‘ famous announcer Harry Caray, who died on February 18, 1998. Harry was singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at the end of the 7th inning, but now guests are singing instead of Harry.

Route 66 start or end sign

You will probably visit Chicago to start historic Route 66 (or finish it if you started in Los Angeles ). But that is not important! Whether you come to start the route or not, we advise you to take a photo of the sign that marks its beginning. It’s right in front of the Art Institute, so you won’t have to deviate far. Without a doubt, one of the most curious things to do in Chicago.

Stroll the Lakefront Trail 

One of the free things to do in Chicago is strolling the Lakefront Trail. It a 28-kilometer paved walk that runs along the shore of Lake Michigan. Although you don’t have to do it all, you can start in the museum area and go to the beach on North Avenue. The views are beautiful, and it is a good way to relax. Of course, get ready to feel the cold wind from the lake. They don’t call it Windy City for a reason!

You can also do it by bike. In fact, during the evening there are many people who go out to do sports when they leave work. Do not miss it!

Skydeck Chicago

This is another of the essential activities to do in Chicago. Without a doubt, the Skydeck Chicago is one of the most original viewpoints in the world. It is located at the top of the Willis Tower, or Sears Tower, one of the emblems of the skyline of the capital of Illinois. This skyscraper the tallest in the world when it built, surpassing the Twin Towers.

The viewpoint is located on the 103rd floor at 412 meters high. Apart from the beautiful views of the Chicago Loop, the best thing is that you can stand on one of the transparent glass walkways that allow you to see what you have below. Not suitable for vertigo sufferers!

The entrance included in the CityPASS. If you decide to buy it separately, it priced at $ 24.

Chinatown in Chicago

Like any big city, Chicago also has a Chinatown. Although it is not as big or famous as the one in San Francisco, it is worth visiting. As soon as you pass under the arch that leads to the neighborhood on Wentworth Avenue, you will feel like in another city where about 8,000 people live, most of them from the Asian country.

There are many shops of all kinds, from traditional Chinese medicine shops to restaurants. Do not miss the mural that tells the story of Chinese immigration in the United States (it began around 1850) or the wall of the nine dragons, a very typical element in Chinese imperial gardens and palaces. Don’t stop wandering around Chinatown, it’s something different to do in Chicago.

Wabash Art Corridor Chicago

South of the Loop was a pretty boring area, mostly for business, until Columbia College Chicago students decided to turn it into an urban art gallery. In 2013, the facades of Wabash Avenue began to use as a blank canvas to create large works of art.

Without a doubt, they have managed to revitalize the space, making it an almost essential tourist stop to do in Chicago. You can see murals of all kinds along Wabash Avenue, from Van Buren Street to Roosevelt. Taking a walk there something highly recommended to do in Chicago.

Picture with the statue of Michael Jordan

Take a picture with the statue of Michael Jordan, a must-do in Chicago for sports lovers
If when you visit the Chicago city there are no games or you don’t like basketball directly, at least we advise you to visit the statue of Michael Jordan. Before it out of the field but due to some remodeling it transferred to the interior. It is a good place to pay tribute to the best player in the history of this sport.

Garfield Park Conservatory

A little further west than the United Center is one of the most impressive greenhouses in the United States. The Garfield Park Conservatory has plant displays from around the world both inside the greenhouse and outdoors . There are even decorative elements from various countries such as a traditional Moroccan fountain. You could spend the whole day admiring plants and flowers of how big the park is. So it’s one of the best free things to do in Chicago.

Chicago Riverwalk

Another essential activity to do in Chicago is to walk along its Riverwalk. It is a pedestrian zone that surrounds the Chicago River during its passage through the Loop. It is without a doubt our favorite area in the capital of Illinois. Being able to walk between skyscrapers and along the river is a unique experience.

Taste a good chocolate in Ghirardelli

If you like chocolate, something different to do in Chicago stops at Ghirardelli and enjoy some of their desserts. They have a place right next to the Trump Tower with great views of the river. We recommend a cup of hot chocolate or this Cookies and Cream shake. It was tremendous!

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Magnificient Mile

If you like shopping, you will find paradise there. On the Magnificient Mile, formally known as Michigan Avenue, there are the main luxury brand windows, but also other establishments such as Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s, or Saks Fifth Avenue. Without a doubt, it has a special charm.

Humboldt Park Beach

A great activity to do in Chicago for the summer is to bathe in the public swimming pool at Humboldt Park Beach. During the summer months, an artificial beach set up, ideal to spend a hot day. Besides that, it a huge park with an outdoor gym area, baseball fields, tennis courts, and the Museum of Culture and Art of Puerto Rico, since the area historically inhabited by Puerto Ricans.

McDonald’s Museum in Chicago

You can criticize fast food in general and the McDonald’s corporation in particular as much as you want, but it is impossible not to admit that this is indeed a cult company that has spread its influence throughout the world over several decades. You don’t have to be a fan of the golden sticks of French fries or the tingling bubbles of the legendary Coca-Cola to visit the McDonald’s Museum in Chicago. Even if you yourself can only eat lettuce leaves out of the whole hamburger, and you hate the appearance of Ronald McDonald, you will probably be curious to see the places where the American success story was born, which created its own food cult. The McDonald’s Museum is located in the suburb of Chicago, Des Plains, Cook County. It took the place of the very first restaurant of the chain, built-in 1955, and demolished 30 years later.

Chicago, Des Plaines, Lee Street, N. 400.

Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago

The Chicago Museum of Modern Art is a daring medley of original shows, prestigious exhibitions, themed programs, and performances. Admiration, bewilderment, worship, approval, recognition, amazement, condemnation, distrust, emotion, delight – the spectrum of emotions and visual impressions after visiting this museum is not only wide but often contradictory. It would be an unforgivable mistake to bypass him with your attention to a person interested in the modern world and, in particular, American culture. Firstly, this museum included in the list of the largest museums of avant-garde art and postmodernism in the United States, and secondly, it will be a reliable guide to the art of a foreign country, will help to rethink and take a fresh look at the creative process and contemporary art.

Finally, it will be interesting to look at the museum building itself and its interiors. The dull and sometimes even gloomy facades of the building fully compensated by the rich interior decoration: spacious halls filled with sunlight, huge pavilions, original spiral staircases – a real celebration of light and colors reign inside. The building of the center not static but filled with energy and life, three floors of galleries and exhibition halls connected by an impressive, figured staircase and corridors flooded with light.

Chicago Cultural Center

In the commercial district of Chicago Loop, at the intersection of Washington Street and Michigan Avenue, stands a spectacular neoclassical building with Renaissance touches. This famous Chicago Cultural Center is one of the most popular attractions in the city and the most important center for cultural leisure for residents and tourists.

The building occupying an entire block has two entrances, as well as two domes with colored stained-glass windows above each of them. The austere appearance of the center given by the cladding of Bedford limestone and rows of huge dark windows separated by pillars. The Chicago Cultural Center dates back to 1897; five years earlier, the building designed by architects from Boston as a public library.

The land allocated by the fund of the organization “The Great Republican Army”, and the plan included the construction of a memorial in the northern wing dedicated to the troops of the northerners. who participated in the civil war. The construction cost two million dollars, but the result is still striking: the center is a real temple of culture.

University of Chicago

Not far from the Museum of Science and Industry, in the shady Hyde Park, is the campus of the University of Chicago, one of the most prestigious higher educational institutions in the United States. It opened in 1890 with money from John Rockefeller. The faculties have 27 thousand students, about a quarter of them are foreigners. 89 graduates, including physicist Enrico Fermi, economist Milton Friedman, astronomer Edwin Hubble, sociologist Samuel Huntington, became Nobel laureates, according to this indicator, the university is among the top ten world universities. The university has 4 main areas: biology, physics, social sciences, and humanities. Talented students allocated funds for research and guaranteed employment after graduation.

Shopping and shops

Start your shopping tour from the Magnificent Mile. There is a great variety of boutiques and shopping centers, budget brands and luxury brands.

Some of the coolest shops are located west of the Mile – East Oak Street: Prada, YSL, etc.

There are also several cool outlets in Chicago and next to it, but it should note that the addresses below are not the only ones in the city, the number of stores can go up to 5-6:

  • Crate and Barrel Outlet – 646 North Michigan Avenue.
  • Neiman Marcus Last Call (Michael Kors, Burberry and others with 30-60%) – 737 North Michigan Avenue.
  • TJ Maxx (50% off Celine bags found here) – 6456 West Irving Park Rd, Dunning Square.
  • Urban Outfitters Surplus Store (Very cool American brand, however, prices usually bite, but in this store, you can get their T-shirts for $ 5, pants for $ 10. But prepared to huddle, there are many who want to) – 2352 North Clark Street.
  • Nordstorm Rack Lincoln Park (There is everything: dishes, shoes, clothes, cosmetics!) – 1551 North Sheffield Avenue.
  • The Fashion Outlets of Chicago (You can find things from Gucci to Forever 21. Located near O’Hare Airport) – 5220 Fashion Outlets Way, Rosemont.
  • Chicago Premium Outlet (From Banana Republic to Kate Spade. Discounts up to 65%) – 1650 Premium Outlet Blvd, Aurora.
  • Gap Outlet (Great store if you need basic wardrobe items. True, you have to move mountains of clothes) – 2778 North Milwaukee Avenue.

Bars. Where to go

If this is your first time in Chicago, I would recommend visiting 2 places at the beginning of your trip to explore the city:

  • John Hancock Center. The building also has an excellent observation deck, but the ideal option would be to go up to the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor (don’t forget your passport or any ID). Grab a couple of cocktails and just enjoy the magical view of Chicago. For example, a classic mojito will cost you $ 16, Manhattan – $ 15.50. The bar is open all week: lunch – from 10 (11) in the morning to 14.30, dinner – from 18 to 22 (23) in the evening. Address: 875 North Michigan Avenue
  • Any jazz club / bar (Andy’s, Constellation, Davenport’s, Green Mill, Hideout and others), because Chicago is famous all over the world for its jazz. An extraordinary atmosphere reigns in such institutions; people of different ages, styles, professions come here. Everyone laughs and dances a lot. In general, very cool!

Clubs and nightlife

Nightlife in Chicago is excellent: lots of clubs, movement.

But first, a couple of things should note:

  • You must be at least 21 years old. (They do not care that you already an adult by law, therefore, your passport or driving license always with you, photocopies of documents not accepted);
  • Very often you have to pay for a wardrobe.
  • Americans do not dance well, or rather do not dance, many simply rub their genitals against each other. If you a girl, do not be surprised if a hot macho comes up to you from behind and starts giving such steps.
  • At the bar, don’t just say “Vodka”. They can pour the most complete cheap drink. Better to clarify which one you want.
  • Tickets for many parties bought online at the official websites.

And now about the clubs, I will list a few:

  1. Smart Bar. Basically, the club is open from Friday to Sunday, sometimes from Wednesday, Thursday. The ticket costs $ 7-17 depending on the day, DJs, time when you arrived. Pay separately for things if you decide to hand them over to the wardrobe: $ 2 – for a coat, $ 3 – for a bag. They work from 10 pm to 4.5 am.
  2. Primary Night Club. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10pm to 4-5am. Entry fees can go up to $ 20. It is better to look in advance on the official website how much the entrance ticket will cost and buy it in advance.
  3. The Mid. Closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays. Open from 9 pm to 5 am. Expensive.
  4. Berlin. A strange and funny place. Everyone is welcome, especially gays and goths 🙂 Closed on Monday. Tuesday and Sunday from 10 pm to 4 am, Wednesday, Thursday Friday from 5 pm to 4 am, Saturday from 5 pm to 5 am. One cocktail around $ 5.
  5. Beauty Bar. Sunday through Friday from 7 pm to 2 am, Saturday from 7 am to 3. One cocktail around $ 6. Cool interior – beauty salon.

Things to Do in Chicago
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