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Thobe Shops in Riyadh

Al Ameed Military Tailoring

This shop specializes in sewing and detailing all kinds of military clothing, whether men or women, as well as the possibility of manufacturing military emblems and bras.
It is located in Prince Saad bin Abdul Rahman Laoul Road, and you can contact them on the following number: 053445111 and you can also visit their Instagram account:

Shamsan Men’s Tailoring

It is located in the area of Al-Ray’a, Al-Muhammadiyah neighborhood, and it works throughout the day and can be contacted through the following number 0114707701.
Its prices are good with a number of discounts and owns a branch in King Abdullah Road in Al-Akhsas Street with King Fahd Road.
Some customers see him as the best tailor in the Mohammedia neighborhood, where he offers original Japanese fabrics, and if you want to get luxurious fabrics, you can get them from Shamsan.

Spring tailor

This tailor is located in Al-Rawda neighborhood opposite the electricity company in Abi Saeed Al-Khudri Street King Faisal and you can call the following number: 966112484656.
This tailor has clients for more than 15 years and offers a distinguished job, but some believe that his sewing was better than the current one, and in case of congestion, you may be late in delivering the dress.

Tailor Machar

This tailor owns branches inside Riyadh as well as in Jeddah, as for the address inside Riyadh, it is in the way of Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz in the upper area, where he begins his work at half past nine in the morning and until half past ten in the evening, as for the call, the number: 0112936666.
This tailor has a number of customers who have been dealing with them for years, and the Riyadh branch is characterized by a large area and competent workers, although their prices are slightly high, as they are suitable for the required quality, and the crowds they have in the period of the holy month of Ramadan and holidays.

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Tailor Hello Malaz

It is also called Hello Youth Tailor and is located on Jarir Street in Riyadh, as for the contact number, it is 966566357159.
It is famous for its wonderful details and appropriate prices and respects the deadlines in delivery.

Al Diwan Men’s Tailoring

It is located on Prince Mohammed Street in the Olaya area in Riyadh, call them on the following number: 66112930700 and works until eleven o’clock in the evening.
The shop has a distinctive and wonderful design and a big mess in addition to a large number of professional tailors inside the shop.
The shop used to have a branch in Al-Orouba and is closed at the present time.

Fulfillment Military Sewing

This tailor is located in Malaz on Jarir Street and you can contact him via the following number: 0114771470.
Specialized in military tailoring and the shop has a distinctive mouse shape and also has skilled tailors in the manufacture of suits and their dealings are sophisticated.

This company owns many branches within the Kingdom in Riyadh, their branch in the northern mother, and work begins at half past nine in the morning and until eleven in the evening.
Their prices are a bit high but it offers good quality to customers.
You can contact them through the following number: 0114828822

Thobe Shops in Riyadh
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