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Tips for enjoying Buckingham Palace on your first trip to London!

Buckingham Palace is a popular tourist attraction in London. You can stroll around and see the famous changing of the guards. There is a public tour. That allows you to enter the palace during the summer only.

Highlights of Buckingham Palace

Even though it’s a public tour. You can’t see everything inside Buckingham Palace. The focus is on tours of the state room, which called the state room. And the guest room. The luxurious interiors. And furnishings are spectacular. And sure to admire.

However, please note that shooting inside the palace prohibited. It may be a bit upsetting. But it is for sure due to security measures.

The outside and surroundings of the palace building. Can photograph with a camera. Or a smartphone. You may want to take a Memorial photo in the garden. Or the garden cafe. After the tour of the palace. In the background before and after the tour.

The tour also passes through a gallery. With a portion of the royal collection of art. Please take a closer look at masterpieces. Such as Rembrandt and Rubens, sculptures, and pottery.

Take a break at the adjacent garden cafe

Cafes, shops, and toilets located outside Buckingham Palace. Please note that general visitors cannot use the toilet in the palace.

After the public tour. Enjoy a break at the Garden Café. And enjoy the aftermath of a palace tour. With a cup of tea or a light meal. Look for souvenirs of royal merchandise. At the shop. Or take a leisurely stroll through the large, beautifully landscaped gardens.

Don’t miss the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

Other than summer. Buckingham Palace can enjoy by looking at the palace from the front gate. Or strolling around Queen Victoria’s monument. And the fountain in front of the palace. Also, the changing ceremony of the guards is a must-see.

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Currently, the changing of the guard basically four days a week. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Starting at 11:00 am. The area around the gate. In front of the palace is full of people at 10:30.

In front of the Wellington Barracks next to the palace. It is one of the hidden spots for a military parade tour. The Wellington Barracks is the starting point. For the guards to head to the palace. So you’d like to arrive around 10 o’clock.

Due to special events. The Changing of the Guard ceremony may not hold even on the above days. Check in advance on the Changing of the Guard site, etc. before going out.

■ Changing of the Guard
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If you don’t see a change of guards when you’re in London. You can just visit the guards stationed in front of the palace. They take turns every two hours. So you can see the “mini-change gratitude.”

Garden appreciation at Royal Park Green Park

Adjacent to Buckingham Palace. Green Park is one of the Royal Parks alongside Hyde Park and Regent’s Park. After sightseeing at Buckingham Palace. You will be able to enjoy it. The unique scenery of the park in England. Especially recommended when the weather is nice.

Popular with runners! Buckingham Palace Run

The promenade beside. The outer fence surrounding Buckingham Palace. A popular spot not only for walks. But also for jogging. Bring a set of clothing and try Buckingham Palace Run.

How to get to Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is about a 10-minute walk from Victoria Station. Or Green Park Station. By bus, take Routes 11, 211, C1. And C10 and get off at the Buckingham Palace Road stop.

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From Buckingham Palace, exit Green Park to Piccadilly. A boulevard lined with shops. There are plenty of casual cafes and restaurants. As well as luxury hotels and boutiques such as The Ritz. Buckingham Palace.

■ Buckingham Palace
・ Address: Spur Road, London SW1A 1AA
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Tips for enjoying Buckingham Palace on your first trip to London!
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