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Towers in Riyadh

The number of skyscrapers in Riyadh is more than fifty towers. The uses of these towers vary between commercial, tourism, or entertainment goals. Here are the most important Riyadh towers that provide opportunities to enjoy various activities and events.

The tallest towers in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Kingdom Tower Riyadh

The tower 300 meters high, and includes ninety-nine floors, the tower opened in 2002, and the tower located in the Olaya neighborhood, one of the most important neighborhoods of Riyadh.

The Kingdom Tower is the tallest tower in the country to this day, and includes many entertainment facilities such as shops, restaurants and various cafes.

The tower contains wonderful international hotels such as the Four Seasons Hotel, and international fine dining restaurants serving delicious food such as Sptazio Italian Restaurant, Boom Detre Restaurant, famous for its distinctive Asian cuisine, as well as the Iranian Food House Restaurant, Aladdin Restaurant, McDonald’s, KFC and Cook Door.

The tower considered as an integrated entertainment and residential city that many visitors flock to, so it is advisable to book before going so that you can choose your suite, to avoid crowding.

The Kingdom Tower is also one of the oldest towers in Riyadh, in which you can practice many activities, and here are the most important of these activities:

  • You can do shopping, as the tower contains several stores, so you can buy clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, and even electronic devices, and these shops are distributed on the first five floors of the tower, so if you are one of those who love international brands, you will find what you are looking for.
  • As we explained above, the tower includes several high-end restaurants, so you can eat your favorite meal among the clouds in one of these restaurants, where the restaurants of the Kingdom Tower are located at the highest point, so you can see the whole city of Riyadh from the top.

Al Faisaliah Tower

Al Faisaliah Tower located in the distinctive Olaya neighborhood and considered one of the most beautiful towers in Riyadh, reaching a height of about 262 meters, and an area of about 55 thousand square meters, and includes many restaurants and cafes, as well as a special hall for parties.

  • The length of this tower is 262 meters in the sky.
  • It is the first tower of this height designed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The center of Riyadh is located in the Olaya district and is owned by the sons of King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
  • Its functions are multiple, part of it is residential and the other is commercial.
  • It is designed in an arched pyramid shape and in a glass sphere as an attractive aesthetic element.
  • This tower was completed under the supervision of the architectural design firm Foster n Partner, a British architectural firm.
  • It was completed in 2000.
  • The number of floors in the tower is 30 floors.
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Contents of the tower from the inside

The tower contains:

  • Commercial offices, open banquet halls that can accommodate up to 4,000 people.
  • There is a 5-star hotel that extends to 8 floors and is one of the most luxurious hotels in Riyadh, Al Faisaliah Hotel.
  • In the glass ball at the top of the tower there is a fine dining restaurant.
  • The first floors of the basement of the tower contain shops.
  • At the top of the tower and below the glass sphere are open lofts to view the city of Riyadh.

Burj Rafal Riyadh

Burj Rafal combines authentic Arabian generosity with modern living and is home to international hotels such as Kempinski.

As well as a group of restaurants that serve famous Saudi Bedouin dishes, thus combining the past and the present.

Burj Rafal Riyadh one of the towers that described as luxurious, and this the least that described as it, and the tower hotel and residential.

The tower built on an area of 20,000 square meters and is 308 meters high.

The Rafale-Kimensky suburb is one of the most prestigious areas of Riyadh, where the building one of the images of luxury and modernity, and equipped with parking lots, with private entrances and exits, and a special area for drivers.

The Rafale Tower includes the international hotel Keminsky, where the construction took into account the highest levels of protection, and the use of modern methods and high technology in implementation.

It designed and implemented taking into account the highest international standards in order to take advantage of the natural lighting of the place, and provide it with all amenities and technology, to suit the residence of Their Excellencies, Highnesses and distinguished personalities from the Kingdom’s men and guests.

In addition to a residential area spread with a group of buildings that contain luxurious and distinct apartments, characterized by unlimited luxury and luxury.

King Abdullah Financial District Towers

It one of the most important towers in Riyadh, and this tower built during the reign of King Abdullah to support the country’s investment and the development of national income, as it is not just a tower, but it includes a group of towers for the stock exchange, investment and various development projects, as well as a group of the most important international companies.

The tower is located in the King Abdullah area, where there are many floors, the most important of which are those that contain the financial office specialized in studying all developments and investments that occur, and reviewing new projects related to the capital market.

The Ritz Tower

This tower behind the markets of Andalusia, one of the most prominent and important towers of Riyadh and contains the famous Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where the princes arrested.

The hotel upscale and includes luxurious restaurants located at the top where you can see the entire city of Riyadh in a wonderful panoramic view, and the tower dotted with distinctive shops and restaurants to meet all your needs.

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Al Rajhi Tower

It has an area of 205 meters and contains 36 floors, and Al Rajhi Tower takes the form of skyscrapers, and the tower built in a modern way and the following is the most important information related to Al Rajhi Tower, and four columns have created surrounding the crystal glass tower building in order to protect it from storms and weather changes:

  • Location: Al Rajhi Tower is located onKing Fahd Road.
  • Important: The tower has a drain.
  • Construction date: Construction started in 2013, and construction was completed in 2017.
  • Features: Al Rajhi Tower is one of the tallest towers in the Middle East and is the seventh tallest tower in Riyadh.

Granada Oasis

Built on an area of 131,000 square meters, this tower is located on the Eastern Ring Road near King Khalid International Airport in Granada Oasis, one of the newest neighborhoods of Riyadh, whose towers will become one of the most famous towers in Riyadh in the future.

The tower includes many residential complexes and important companies in the city, and the tower consists of 4 buildings consisting of 20 upper floors and 4 underground floors, and the tower covered with blue glass, surrounded by large green spaces for entertainment.

Khalidiya Towers

As for the Khalidiya Towers, they are towers that are about three decades old, and they one of the tallest buildings that the city of Riyadh knew at the time of its establishment, and this building includes many wonderful shops, in addition to being a place to display the most important goods that follow the most famous international brands, especially with regard to clothes, at the time of its construction it considered an architectural miracle and one of the most important skyscrapers in the world.

Riyadh has a number of other towers that characterized by different heights, in addition to the towers, including some buildings that are no longer at high heights such as the above, but at the time of their construction they were the highest buildings in the world, including the television tower and the water tower

DAMAC Residential Towers

DAMAC Riyadh Towers different from most Riyadh towers, as it designed in the form of two completely separate towers with a modern and beautiful architectural design. It consists of a group of apartments of different sizes, and you can get an attractive price offer when you buy an entire floor.

It located in an area surrounded by gardens, and the best malls in Riyadh, and around the two towers there are all the means of livelihood that make the towers a destination for many, and there are sports training centers, schools for children, and public facilities of great luxury and modernity.

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World Trade Tower

One of the most important towers of Riyadh located in the financial area called King Abdullah District, and the implementation and supervision of the construction of the tower carried out by American companies in 2016, and this tower consists of 67 floors used for commercial purposes in the first place, and includes a variety of companies, and international agencies.

Riyadh Water Tower

One of the oldest towers in Riyadh located within the National Park, and one of the most important features of this tower is its storage of groundwater for times of need, as well as irrigation of land, and provides the surrounding buildings with their need for water, and relied upon in the event of a water cut.

This tower has a different design from Riyadh Towers, as it surrounded by several vital places that represent an attraction for visitors such as Al Watan Park, and many shops, restaurants, and cafes.

TV Tower in Riyadh

One of the oldest towers in Riyadh established by the Saudi Ministry of Information, and the importance of the tower due to the fact that it displays the news of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, entertainment programs, and Arab and international films.

The most beautiful towers in Riyadh

In addition, there are a number of other towers in Riyadh that characterized by their different heights, which number about 50 towers, some of which still under construction, and the most prominent towers in Riyadh:

  • • Al Majdood Tower 54 floors.
  • • Ruins Tower 40 floors.
  • • Abraj Al Bait 48 floors + 32 floors.
  • • Al Fawaz Hotel Tower + 25 floors.
  • • Al Janes Tower + 25 floors.
  • • Pharmaceutical Tower +25 floors.
  • • Palm Tower 27 floors.
  • • Hilton Hotel Tower “Obeikan” 32 floors.
  • • May Tower, 31 floors.
  • • Avenues Towers.
  • • Ramla Residential Tower, 37 floors.
  • • Al Hamad Tower + 25 floors.
  • • Square Tower 20 floors.
  • • Al-Saif Tower “Al-Shafra” with a length of 610 meters.
  • • Twist Tower 25 floors.
  • • Hayat Park Tower 28 floors.
  • • DAMAC Towers 35 floors + 30 floors.
  • • Delicia Tower 25 floors.
  • • Al Jumaiah Hotel, 27 floors.
  • • Malazak residential tower +25 floors.
  • • Hital Tower 24 floors.
  • • Kilminiso Medical Tower + 25 floors.
  • • Merab Hotel Towers.
  • • King Abdullah Lighthouse Tower, 50 floors.
  • • Olaya Hotel Tower 27 floors.
  • • Fes Al Hokair Tower + 70 floors.
  • • Al Swailem Residential Tower 25 floors.
  • • Burj Rafal Residence, 28 floors.
  • • Hyatt Regency Tower 32 floors.
  • • Swiss Belhotel 26 floors.

Internationally known Riyadh Towers names

  • • Kingdom Tower in Riyadh.
  • • Al Faisaliah Tower in Riyadh.
  • • Burj Rafal in Riyadh.
Towers in Riyadh
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