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Train Station in Tacoma

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Train User Guide

At first, the terminal building is small enough that
Although traveling through Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) can seem daunting
You can easily get to where you are going in just two to five minutes! Here is a guide on how to navigate Seattle Airport
Tacoma International through the terminal train system.
Travel Tips:
• Use the interactive map on the website to get step-by-step directions to your gate with travel time
• Or download the free FlySEA app, available for iOS and Android devices, with an interactive map showing your current location
Ease of access
All airlines at Seattle Dakota International Airport (SEA) are interconnected and easily accessible after you pass through security checkpoints.
Arrive at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), you will not have to re-enter a TSA inspection (and you can go
from each other. See the list below
Straight to your next flight. If you arrive and depart on the same airline, your gates will be relatively close
Airlines and their gates.
Locations may change, so remember to double check your flight and flight gate against the plane ticket or the screens in the terminal building.
passengers or the FlySEA application.

Overview of the terminal building

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) consists of one terminal building with four lounges and two satellites. Each gate is accessible through
Northern and Southern rail systems. To get to your destination, check the signs, ask a guide (Pathfinder) in a green T-shirt, or pay attention
For instructions on the train (in several different languages).

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How to reach the destination

Rail digital signage is displayed in eight languages ​​to help support our passengers to know where they need to go: Arabic, Chinese
A, the name of the next station, and information
And English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese! The name of the station where the train is currently stopping will be announced
Other useful.

Shuttle train/yellow ring in the terminal building:

Also known as the yellow loop.
There is a shuttle train from the terminal building
• This train will take you to each of the train station axes at Gates S, B, A and N, C and D!
• These stations are located at Gates D and A and you can take the shuttle train between the two stations if necessary. From here it is easy to move from
train ring to another.

South train ring/blue ring:

  • outside the S gates or located in
  • Gates A, B and S are all located on the south side of the terminal building. Almost every international airline operates
  • South side of the terminal building
  • • Terminal A is located across from Gate A3 and below the edge of the escalator
  • • Terminal B is located at the end of the terminal, under the escalators from gates 21/B20
  • • Terminal S is located below the terminal level for all S gates

The Northern Railway/Green Loop:

Gates D, N and C are located on the north side of the terminal building. This loop serves most Alaska Airlines flights that operate out of the gates
C ., D, and N
• Gates D station is located across from Gate D2 and below the escalators, and Station C is located below the escalators at
Gate C11
• The N gates station is located below the terminal level for all N gates
• The Gates C station has recently been renovated and includes a new piece of glass called “Cascadia” and other pieces of art in each station.

Train Station in Tacoma
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