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Transfer Sawa balance to another number

How to transfer Sawa balance to another number 

There are two ways to transfer Sawa balance to another number without knowing the ID number:

  1. By using the My stc app:
    • Download the My stc application via Google Play from here
    • We open the main menu and select Balance.
    • Enter the phone number to which the balance to transferred.
    • We click on the Send option.
  2. By using the code:
    • Send a text message to 1500 in which you write *133*the addressee’s phone*the amount to be transferred#.
    • The recipient of the credit required to send an SMS to 1500 with *133* ID number of his #.
  3. stc pay app:
  4. Download the app here.
  5. Select Recharge to another number.
  6. Enter the number you want to transfer to.
  7. Select the transfer amount

Stc Sawa balance transfer conditions

Anyone can make a balance transfer, but provided that there is enough balance in his account, the amount allowed to transfer Sawa balance is (5 riyals, 10 riyals, 15 riyals or 20 riyals) and half 0.5 riyals will deducted in each transaction, you can make a balance transfer process for more than one line per day and more than once, and there is no specific number of transfers that you can make, and you must remain in your balance account 20 riyals after doing this operation. Here are the correct ways.

How to transfer Sawa balance outside the Kingdom

STC has provided the “Sawa” balance transfer service to its customers in some countries through the international balance transfer service, which allows transferring money from the balances of “Sawa” segments from inside Saudi Arabia to the mobiles of relatives and friends in other countries outside the Kingdom in Saudi riyals, to be transferred in the currency of the country in which the transferee is located, and it is available in Turkey, Jordan, India, Egypt, Yemen, Bangladesh, Sudan, Morocco, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Nepal, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Palestine.

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The customer can view the amount allowed to be transferred according to each country by sending a text message in the name of the country to the number 801500, to receive an SMS explaining the code of the amount that can be transferred and the value of the fees applicable to the transfer process, and the Sawa balance is transferred by sending an SMS to the number 801500 that includes the following code: *133* Addressee number *Transferred amount code#, and the transfer process is confirmed after the customer receives a message before sending the transferred balance by sending another SMS with the letter “Y” .

How to transfer Sawa credit to Sawa without ID number

The method of transferring a balance from Sawa to another Sawa is done in two ways, the first is by sending the sending customer a text message consisting of the code *133* and then the number of the customer to whom the balance is addressed, then writing the amount to be transferred, and the text message is as follows: * 133 * the number of the addressee * the amount transferred #.

After receiving the SMS from the sender, the customer must confirm the balance transfer by his ID number, by sending a text message to 1500 in the form of: *133*ID number#.

The second method is the Sawa balance transfer method, through which Sawa balance is transferred directly to the sending party, and it is done by sending a text message to the number 1500 by the sending customer and it is in this form: *133*Addressee number*Amount of balance to be transferred*Recipient’s ID number #

How to transfer balance from mofawtar to sawa

Transferring a balance from Sawa to Sawa is a postpaid line through a code to the number 900, we write the code like this: * 144 * Mobile number * Balance value # Then send where the SMS is in this form *144*00500000000*.

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Transfer credit from Mobily to Sawa

Balance is transferred from Mobily line to Sawa line through the following code: #المبلغ*123*number transferred*, then press the call button, and then send a message showing the balance transfer.

The balance transfer service from Sawa line or any other line between Sawa segment customers is one of the services that enable customers to provide assistance among themselves in cases of balance depletion, and it is one of the services that are frequently required within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether among citizens or expatriates.

Through this page, we have presented ways to transfer Sawa balance to Sawa, which is considered one of the most searched services by STC customers, which allowed the possibility of transferring balance from one Sawa line to another line, through which the company aims to provide more facilities to its customers within the development of its services.

Balance can be transferred from Sawa to several other numbers in the same day, provided that there is a balance of at least SAR 15 remaining in the sender’s account after transfer.

STC Saudi Arabia is among the leading telecommunications companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is distinguished from other companies in this field by its advanced services that meet the desires of its customers.

Transfer Sawa balance to another number
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