Transportation In Dubai

Public transport in Dubai is vast. And the high-tech network that continues to evolve today. Dubai has a modern subway. A unique tram line. Several ports and airports. The most demanded Dubai’s ground transport: metro, buses, and taxis.

Cost of transportation in Dubai

The city divided into seven zones. It determines the cost of the trip. If you buy a silver card, travel will be cheaper.

Zones Silver cardRed card
Short trip1.80 AED2.00 AED
Through 1 zone2.40 AED2.50 AED
2 adjacent areas4.10 AED4.50 AED
More than 2 zones5.80 AED6.50 AED

The most popular travel pass among tourists is the Red Nol ticket. Please note that when using it. it is important. To deposit money on it through a special machine. Please note that one Red Nol ticket. Can only use for one mode of transport. When traveling on such a pass. You must put on it in advance the amount. That will be enough for you to travel. The ticket must attach to the reader. When entering the transport.

Some tourists prefer the Red Silver Card. Because, compared to the Red Nol ticket, it is not limited to 10 trips. The Red Silver Card must attach to a special reader. Before entering the metro or bus. As well as exiting the transport. This done in order to deduct the amount. That you have run over from your travel card. If you do not attach the pass to the reader when exiting the vehicle. Your pass will charge the maximum fare. When you attach the card to your device. You will see your current pass balance. Wait for the device to beep. Or turn on the green light.

Transportation In Dubai Rules

In Dubai, the cost of one trip by metro. Or the bus depends on the number of zones that you pass. There are 5 zones in total. You can calculate the cost of your trip on the RTA website in a special tab. Specifying the departure and arrival stations. The minimum cost of a trip within one zone of 1.80 AED. The maximum cost through several zones 5.80 AED.

Changes are allowed during one trip. Below I attach a table with the transplant rules.

 Short trip (up to-3-km)Drive inside Zone 1Travel within 2 adjacent zonesDrive in more than 2 zones
Max. duration of trip90 minutes180-minutes180 minutes180 minutes
Max. number of transfers1Three33

Transfer rules apply only to one-way travel. If for some reason you do not pay the fare. Get ready to pay a fine of 200 AED.

Metro in Dubai

Metro in Dubai is quite a popular form of transport. With its help. You can reach all the main attractions of the city. Shopping centers and the airport. Most of the paths are land-based. So you can enjoy the scenic views while driving.

Please note. That each metro station has its own two-digit number. It is not necessary to remember the name of the station. It is enough to know its number. And the color of the branch.

The total length of the metro in Dubai is 74.6 km, of which 13-km are underground. The metro is modern and automated. With no driver’s control.
The metro runs every 10 minutes from 05:50 to 01:00. Please note that on Fridays. The metro only starts running. At 13:00. All metro stations are air-conditioned. And have toilets.

Dubai Metro Map

Buses in Dubai

The bus public transport network in Dubai called Dubai Bus. Due to the hot climate. Half of the bus stops in the city are air-conditioned. The buses are air-conditioned. Most of them with low floors. Making life easier for wheelchair users and the disabled. A significant disadvantage of buses. Their low speed in heavy traffic. And the fact that they make large loops. Buses are always late. And it is possible to spend a lot of time waiting for them. There are no dedicated bus lanes. It means you have to stand with everyone in traffic.

Generally, the seats at the front of the bus reserved for women and children. On the bus, if you board a seat reserved for women. You face a fine of 50 AED.

Buses run from around 05:30 to 21:30 every day. A list of routes and their schedule can find on the official website of transport in Dubai.

Dubai tram

The Dubai tram line is quite small and consists of only 10.6 km of tracks and 11 stops. In fact, the Dubai tram is the first line outside Europe. To operate from an underground electrical cable network. The tram is one of the safest modes of transport in the world. And connects the Metro, Monorail. And Jumeirah Beach Road.

The Dubai Tram Line is the world’s first platform sliding door network. Designed for the highest level of safety. Temperature control of the air-conditioned. Wi-Fi is available in trams. Fines and rules of conduct on a Dubai tram. Exactly same as on the subway.

Trams run around the city:

  • On weekdays – from 06:00 to 01:00;
  • On Fridays – 09:00 to 01:00.

River Buses

The river buses integrated into Dubai’s public transport system. And will make your stay in the city pleasant different. River trams run on several routes:

  • In Dubai Creek along with the Al Seef station – Dubai Old Suok route.
  • Along the Dubai Marina area along the following routes. The Marina Walk –Marina Terrace; Marina Mall-Promenade. Marina Walk – Marina Mall.

River trams run every 15 minutes. While the Dubai Creek tram runs. From 07:00 to 22:00. In the Dubai Marina area. From 10:00 to 22:00. The exact opening hours can find on the official website.

Bicycle rent

Cycling trails, bike parks and bike trails. That are ideal for cycling began. To appear in Dubai. For example, in Al Barsha and Mushrif parks. You can ride the bike paths every day from 08:00 to 22:00. There are bike paths on the Dubai Canal.

Cable car

In the Creek Park Dubai Cable Car is 2.4 km long. An excellent view of the park. And the city as a whole opens up from a height of 30 meters above sea level. The entrance ticket to the park costs 5 AED. The fare in 2020 is 25 AED for an adult ticket. And 10 AED for a child. You can buy tickets only. At ticket offices at the stations. Creek Park is open from Saturday to Wednesday. From 08:00 to 23:00. And on Thursdays, Fridays and holidays. From 08:00 to 00:00.

Taxi in Dubai

There are several nuances. To consider when traveling by taxi in Dubai:

  • The cream-colored official city taxis. It has a distinctive emblem on the roof of the vehicle.
  • Taxi cars can be of different colors.
  • Taxi drivers speak English.
  • All taxis equipped with meters. The minimum payment is 10 AED ($2.72).
  • Average price – 2 AED / km ($0.55), price per minute of downtime – 0.5 AED ($0.14). A night taxi is more expensive than a day taxi.
  • There is a taxi for women in the city.
  • Take a little change with you. Taxi drivers don’t have change even with 100 AED.

If you are guaranteed to get at a certain time. For example, to Dubai airport, then as an option. You can order a taxi transfer in advance. From a reliable online company.