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Travel Agency in Dubai

If you want to get to know dubai’s best tourism offices to organise the best trips for you and your family, we show you dubai’s most accurate and unique visa offices, which help provide a lot of offers and discounts on the company’s multiple services.

Al Tayer Travel Agency

One of the best names of tourism companies in Dubai Al Tayer Travel Agency, which established since 1979 and keen to provide the best services and the best offers on overseas trips, and the company deals with multiple hotels in different countries of the world, so you can book hotels through them at the price you want, where the company offers reservations for local tours, cruises and car rental, you can use them to organize your own program.

  • Location: B62 Building, Al Maktoum Street, Deira.
  • Contact number: 5000205 04.

Emirates Holidays

Emirates Holidays offers many offers on domestic flights and is one of the best travel offices in Dubai, whether you want to go on honeymoons, family vacations, a tourist trip or a business trip, you can use Emirates Holidays and get the best prices and the company offers many trips to multiple destinations in different countries of the world.

  • Location: Emirates (ticket office), Emirates Technology Centre (old Emirates headquarters), Clock Tower, Deira.
  • Contact number: 8004969.

Holiday Me

One of dubai’s best tour names is Holiday Me, which has won several awards from multiple destinations where you can book many tourist programs, in addition to being able to modify them after booking, and the company offers the best rates for hotel reservations and flights at no additional fee, and is generally keen to satisfy customers.

  • Location: Office 1503, Swiss Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers.
  • Contact number: 545454 800.
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Ghaith and Musa Travel Agency

One of Dubai’s best travel agencies, alta, founded in 1964 by some of the UAE’s most important businessmen. The company offers many services that meet the needs of the customer, most notably that it provides the highest level of shipping service, as well as clearing entry transactions to the country. One of the company’s unique services is that it provides advisory services to clients to help them choose between the best offer they offer.

Company address: Rashid bin Rashid Al-Orphan – Al Maktoum Street – Deira Area.To contact the company by telephone: +971 4 294 5666, +4 221 7881.To contact the company via email:

Sharaf Tourism Company

  • It is one of the leading travel companies, for its best services that meet the needs of customers.
  • One of the company’s advantages is that it offers prices suitable for everyone, and shares with companies such as Redius for a better trip for its customers.
  • One of the company’s most prominent services is that it book airline tickets, car rental for transfers, hotel rooms, not only flights but also cruises, as well as train travel.
  • Company address: Khalid Bin Al Walid Street in Al Bar area.
  • To contact the company via email:
  • To contact the company by telephone: +971 4 397 6161.
  • To access the company’s official website:

Emirates Dawn Travel & Tourism

  • It is a subsidiary of Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum, founded in 1994 and the general sales agent of Moroccan Airlines.
  • The company has a group of tourism experts to advise on the company’s offers and organizes holiday trips to all countries of the world.
  • Air freight and customs clearance services, as well as visa extraction and airport car rental, are also among the services provided by the company.
  • Company Address: Al-Murr Al-Dira Area – Building 6.
  • To contact the company by phone: 744963 50 +971.
  • To access the company’s official website:
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U Travel Tourism

  • Founded in 2006, it began its work in many European countries such as Greece, Italy, France and Sweden.
  • It also collaborates with international tour companies to organize the best trips to various countries of the world, most notably Mitting Point.
  • The company offers various tourist services to its customers in terms of organising trips and booking hotel rooms.
  • The company allows its customers to choose between the level of residential bookings ranging from 3 to 5 stars.
  • To contact the company by telephone: +9714 447 4047.
  • To contact the company via email:
  • To access the company’s official website:

ArabLink Travel and Tourism Agency

  • Based on providing various tourism services that meet the needs of customers, it founded in 1994.
  • It has a team of tourism experts with the highest level of efficiency, including international shipping, airfare and hotel room reservations.
  • To contact the company by phone: 4,00971 2689555
  • To access the company’s official website:

Dnata Travel

Among the best tourism companies in Dubai Danata Travel, which is very popular in the UAE, offers many offers on flights, cruises and hotels, and offers many discounts, especially on the National Day of the United Arab Emirates along with many other public events, and when booking at the company works to cover all the details whether from travel insurance, transportation to and from the airport or car rental in the country you want to go to, it is Dubai’s most famous tourist office.

  • Location: Ground floor, Dnata Building, Sheikh Zayed Street – Commercial Bay.
  • Phone: 6521703 04.
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Rustmani Travel

If you looking for the best tourism companies in Dubai, Rustmani Travel one of the best of these companies founded in 1957 and has over time been able to develop into one of the best airlines and travel booking offices in Dubai, through which you can book business trips or tours and many more with a choice of various leisure packages both external and local, and the company is keen to activate the domestic flight sector in the UAE significantly.

  • Location: Rustmani Building, Sheikh Zayed Street.
  • Contact number: 3300454 04.

Balhasa Global Travel and Tourism

The company one of the best tourism companies in Dubai, founded in 1996 and keen to provide the best services to customers and provide them with the best offers and discounts, and others also provide indoor arenas whether safaris, Jews or fishing, where hotels booked and flights booked inside at premium prices, as you want and the company offers car rental service anywhere and considered the most prominent tourism and travel office in Dubai.

  • Location: Nahda Al-Qassis Street.
Travel Agency in Dubai
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