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Travel Apps Opensource

There are open-source travel-related tools and resources that can be useful for travelers. In this article, we will highlight some of the best open-source travel tools and resources that can help you plan your next trip.

1. OpenTripPlanner

OpenTripPlanner is an open-source platform for multimodal trip planning. It allows users to plan trips using a combination of transportation modes, including walking, biking, public transit, and driving. OpenTripPlanner can be used to plan trips in cities, regions, and countries around the world. It also provides real-time transit information and can be integrated with other transportation data sources.

2. OSMAnd

OSMAnd is an open-source mobile application that provides offline maps and navigation. It uses data from OpenStreetMap, an open-source mapping platform, to provide detailed maps and directions. OSMAnd can be used for driving, walking, and cycling, and it also provides information on points of interest and local attractions.

3. OpenFlights

OpenFlights is an open-source tool for managing and analyzing flight data. It allows users to create and manage flight itineraries, track flight history, and analyze flight data. OpenFlights can be used to find the cheapest flights, track frequent flyer miles, and manage travel expenses.

4. Traveling Ruby

Traveling Ruby is an open-source tool for creating portable Ruby applications. It allows developers to package Ruby applications with all the necessary dependencies, making it easy to deploy and run Ruby applications on different systems. Traveling Ruby can be used to create travel-related applications, such as travel planning tools or travel expense trackers.

5. TravelMap

TravelMap is an open-source tool for creating interactive travel maps. It allows users to create custom maps that show their travel routes and points of interest. TravelMap can be used to share travel experiences with friends and family, and it also provides information on local attractions and activities.

6. Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is an open-source budgeting app for travelers. It allows users to track their travel expenses, create budgets, and convert currencies. Trail Wallet can be used to manage travel expenses and stay on budget while on the go.

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7. OpenTravelData

OpenTravelData is an open-source database of travel-related information, including airline codes, airport codes, and hotel codes. It can be used by developers to create travel-related applications and websites, such as flight booking and hotel reservation systems.

8. OpenTravelForecast

OpenTravelForecast is an open-source platform for travel demand forecasting. It allows users to predict travel demand based on historical data and other factors, such as population growth and economic trends. OpenTravelForecast can be used by transportation planners and policy makers to plan for future travel demand and improve transportation systems.

9. OpenTripData

OpenTripData is an open-source platform for sharing transportation data. It allows developers to access and use transportation data, such as schedules, routes, and fares, for use in travel-related applications and websites.


While there may not be many open-source travel apps available, there are a number of open-source tools and resources that can be useful for travelers. These tools can help you plan your trip, manage your expenses, navigate your destination, and more. And because they are open-source, they can be customized and adapted to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re a developer or a traveler, these open-source travel tools are worth exploring.

Travel Apps Opensource
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