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Turin Public Transport

Public transport tickets in Turin

In Turin, there are unified tickets for travel, i.e. they can be used by metro, bus, tram. Prices are for 2020.

Type of Ticket Ticket price
Ticket for 1 ride on city routes (90 minutes)1,5 Euro
Ticket for 1 ride on city and suburban routes (90 minutes)1,7 Euro
1-day ticket (city and suburban travel)5 Euro
2-day ticket (city and suburban travel)7.5 Euro
3-day ticket (city and suburban travel)10 Euro
Train ticket + public transport of Turin (“Integrato B” ticket) (120 minutes)3 Euro

Please note that the ticket becomes valid after its validation. In the case of several transfers with one ticket. It is only necessary to punch it in the punch before the first trip. Travel for children under 11 years old is free. Each passenger has the right to carry two suitcases free of charge. The size of which does not exceed 80x50x50 cm. Baggage during its carriage in public transport. Should not interfere with other passengers.

Where can I download maps of public transport routes in Turin?

Train routes from Turin Airport and the city center to neighboring Italian cities are shown on the attached map.

You can get directions around Turin on the official public transport website

Turin Metro (Metropolitana di Torino)

Turin Metro has a length of 13.2 km and consists of 21 stations. Metro working hours: from 05:30 to 01:00. An integrated metro and train map can view below. Turin’s metro automated. It means you won’t encounter a driver or controllers on the metro trains. Metro stations announced in Italian and English. In front of the station entrance. There are signs indicating the directions of train movement.

At the moment, only 1 metro line operates in Turin. From Fermi station to Lingotto station. On the way of the metro. The railway stations Porta Nuova. And Porta Susa.

Trams in Turin (Rete tranviaria di Torino)

Turin’s tram network is about 84 km long and has 11 routes.

City tram routes (9 routes):

  • 3 Corso Tortona – Piazzale Vallette
  • 4 Strada del Drosso – Via delle Querce
  • storica Piazza Castello (ring route) (only served by historic trams)
  • 9 Piazza Stampalia – Corso Massimo D’Azeglio
  • 9 / Piazza Bernini – Juventus Stadium
  • 10 feriale Rondò della Forca – Corso Settembrini
  • 13 feriale Piazza Campanella – Piazza Gran Madre
  • 15 Via Brissogne – Piazza Coriolano
  • 16 cs Piazza Sabotino (circular route)
  • 16 cd Piazza Sabotino (circular route)
  • Sassi-Superga Railway Piazza Gustavo Modena – Basilica di Superga

Buses in Turin

Turin’s daily bus routes operate from 23:00 to 01:00. Night bus routes operate until around 05:00. From Turin, you can take a bus to other cities in Italy. And famous ski resorts.

Turin’s main bus station is located at Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 140.

How to get to the ski resorts of Italy, France, Switzerland from Turin?

The most optimal travel option is a taxi. Considering that you will have ski equipment with you. Heavy winter clothes, snowboards, skis. A trip on an intercity bus will hard suit you. The taxi will take you to your destination door to door.

Taxi in Turin

There is an official taxi in Turin – white Mercedes with taximeters. In addition to the official taxi. You can order a taxi transfer. From a company in advance via the Internet. This transfer will definite not let you down. When you need to get to the airport. Or to other cities in Italy, France or Switzerland. The fare will be fixed.

Car rental in Turin

In Turin, you can rent a car to travel comfort around Italy. And get to the ski resorts without energy labor. Rental prices for the smallest cars with mechanics start at 10 euros. To rent you will need an international driver’s license, passport. And credit card.

The easiest way to find a car is on the Rental website. It compares prices from all international. And local car rental companies. And where you can often rent a car at promotional discounts.

Just keep in mind that toll roads in Italy are expensive. Fuel is much more expensive. And in small towns it is difficult to park a car. But in a unit of time you can see a maximum of attractions. Not depend on public transport. And move without interacting with other people.

Turin Public Transport
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