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Types of food in hotels in Egypt

OB (only bed), Ep (no) – no food, only accommodation. As a rule, this type of accommodation is available in hotels of a low category – one, two “stars”.

A la carte menu – a choice of dishes from the menu.

“A-la carte” – a choice of dishes from the menu, each dish is indicated with a price.

BB (bed & breakfast) – only breakfast is included in the price of the hotel. As a rule, this is a buffet. Additional meals are available for a fee at the restaurants on site.

HB (half board) – the cost of accommodation at the hotel includes breakfast and dinner in the form of a buffet. For breakfast, you can drink tea, coffee, juice, water for free. For dinner drinks – for an additional fee, including alcoholic.

HB + (half board +, extended half board) – half board +. It differs from the previous version with free access to local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day.

FB (full board) – full board – the price of the hotel includes breakfast, lunch and dinner – a buffet.

FB +, ExtFB (full board +, extended half board) – improved full board – breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. Free – drinks (in some hotels beer and wine) during meals.

Mini all inclusive – full board. Free – local drinks. Drinks are available not only during meals, but also at other times, though in limited quantities.

ALL, Al (all inclusive) – breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. Free of charge throughout the day – local drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), the number is not limited. You can also refresh yourself in the on-site bars between meals. Once per week you can visit the A-la carte restaurant free of charge. This requires an advance reservation.

HсAL (high class all inclusive) – absolutely all food and drinks are included in the price. Service in shops, phone calls, doctor’s services, hairdresser’s, entertainment on the beach and diving – for a fee.

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UAL, UAI (ultra aIl inclusive) – ultra all inclusive. Breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner are available for vacationers. Guests are offered a buffet with a large selection of dishes. You will also be offered a huge selection of sweets, fruits, fresh juices, as well as local and imported alcoholic drinks. Additionally, vacationers can visit restaurants with cuisine from different nations of the world.

Different hotels offer their names ultra aIl inclusive, it all depends on the imagination of the hotelier: Elegance all inc, VIP all inc, Super all inc, De luxe all inc, VC all inc, Superior all inc, MEGA all inc, Superior all inc VIP Service, Royal Class all inc, Ultra de luxe all inc, Extended all inc, Exellent all inc, Max all inc, Imperial all inc.

Continental Breakfast , Continental breakfast is a light breakfast. Consists of coffee, tea, juice, bun, croissant, butter, honey and jam.

English breakfast is a more hearty breakfast. As a rule, it includes drinks – tea, coffee, juices and scrambled eggs, toast, buns, butter and jam.

American breakfast – similar to a continental breakfast, it additionally includes meat and cheese cuts and hot dishes.

Types of food in hotels in Egypt
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