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Ulupinar Fishing


The Ulupinar Trout Farm is located in the picturesque Taurus Valley, on the banks of the Ulupinar River, which means “majestic spring”. A trip to a trout farm will be a great alternative to a beach holiday and is suitable for a relaxing pastime for nature lovers, especially those who love fishing. On its territory, in specially equipped ponds, trout have been bred for many years. 

At the entrance to the farm, all visitors are given fishing rods and bait, after which the fishing process begins, in which everyone can show their skills and dexterity. Mass biting, as a rule, is not observed, but no one will be left without a catch, and even small tourists can boast of a fish they have caught. Often in the process of fishing, a kind of competition is held to determine the best fisherman. Traditionally, the person who has caught the most fish must redeem all of it. 

Trout is considered quite capricious and demanding in terms of habitat, it is bred only in crystal-clear water, so the fish can be easily seen in the pools, standing on the bridge. The farm grounds are breezy with cold water, loud water noise is heard everywhere, and tall deciduous trees are growing to provide shade. Summer heat is not felt here at all. This trip will provide an opportunity not only to go fishing with the whole family, but also to have a delicious lunch of freshly caught fish in one of the restaurants located on the farm. 

The most popular restaurant where organized groups of tourists stop for a bite to eat is Botanik. Tables in the form of small rafts are located right on the water under the crowns of huge trees, thanks to which, even in the heat, you can feel the desired coolness. Ducks and fish swim in the river, which you can feed. All visitors to fish restaurants will be delighted by the chefs with delicious trout dishes prepared according to a special recipe, as well as other delicacies that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding gourmet. If desired, the chefs will be able to prepare the caught catch.

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Ulupinar Fishing
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