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Umluj Beach

Famous for its pure turquoise waters and soft white sand, Umluj Beach has given Umluj the title of “Maldives” in Saudi Arabia, and attracts large numbers of nature lovers and water enthusiasts, offering them great opportunities to sail, swim, dive and explore marine life and stunning underwater coral reefs.

Umluj Beach is one of Saudi Arabia’s signature beach destinations and is actually part of 104 small, angelic white-sand islands in Saudi Arabia, and Amj Beach is not a busy beach, so it is the right destination for lovers of tranquility and comfort in front of the beach, and Umluj Beach has many natural springs, so it is a popular destination for nature lovers.

The city of Umluj is named after Saudi Maldives because it has stunning beaches with beautiful views with pure and clear sand, enjoying wildlife, and also offering accommodation and hiking, making it one of the most popular beaches for tourists ever.

Best Umluj Beaches 

We recommend you visit the beaches of Umluj for its charming beauty, wonderful clear waters and beautiful golden sand, and one of the top 4 beaches with the following:

Al, Umluj Beach

Umluj Beach is one of the best beaches of The Umluj, which characterized by its charming beauty, with clear water and clean gold sands, and is one of the most popular and crowded beaches where visitors from all over, and enjoys its location very close to the port of Amj.

At Umluj Beach, you can enjoy a unique experience from the rest of the beaches where you can see fishermen going out in the morning on their boats to catch seafood, as well as the beach connects with the port to a range of islands characterized by their soft white sands, providing them with charming aesthetic views, as well as the lack of coral reefs in it, a beach dating back to Islamic civilization.


The beach operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ras Al – Shaban Beach

We recommend you visit Ras Al Shaban Beach as it is one of the most beautiful beaches ideal for families and children, and the beach, which is characterized among the rest of the beaches in the area, allows tourists to camp and relax on its soft white sands, and you can dive and enjoy the views of the colorful and beautiful coral reefs.

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Just 3 km away, this beach is shallow and children can play it alone without fear, and the beach has won the admiration of many customers during the previous period, and also enjoys clear blue water that is similar to maldivian water, giving you a sense of pure calm there.


The beach operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Al , Daqm Beach

If you are looking for the best beach you can visit with the family, we recommend you visit Daqm Beach, which is one of the beaches of Umluj , which has a range of camps and huts for beach camping enthusiasts.

It is a safe tourist area close to the Corniche with a range of spacious greenery, trees and gardens, and also offers comfortable family sessions and a range of walking trails.

The beach has rescue teams along the beach and border guards are also available 24 hours a day to prepare for and cope with any emergency as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Daqm Beach operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Shell Beach

It is also among the iconic beaches of the Coral region, where it enjoys a range of perfect views of the coast.

It has children’s games that they can play throughout their stay on the beach, overlooking a range of mountains for life and wild atmosphere, and is one of the family’s favorite beaches.

The beach features a range of chalets that offer a variety of spaces, ranging from large to small, and overlook the beach, designed to host families and fit for individuals as well.

Opening hours

The beach works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Activities to practice at Umluj Beach

There are many fun activities that visitors can do along Umluj Beach, and here are the best activities to practice there:

Swimming on the beaches of Umluj

Warm and clear waters and abundant coral reefs on the beach make it a major diving and snorkeling area, much less crowded than other famous red sea diving areas.

Watch the coral reefs in Umluj

Many coral reefs are found off sandy beaches just like those on Mount Hassan Island, an ancient passage that the Romans are said to have extracted glass from the island’s sandy plains.

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The warm seas around Umluj home to 300 species of solid coral, more than four times as many as in the Caribbean, as well as green turtles, falcon beak turtles, dolphins, totems and more than 1,200 species of fish there.

Visit the Umluj Islands

More than 100 islands are deaf, and there you can watch dolphins, snorkel to fish or just relax on the beautiful seaside, preferably using a boat there and taking a tour of the magnificent islands and exploring them.

Currently, as part of the Red Sea project, there are plans to build eco-friendly resorts on many islands in the region, but visitors can now see those islands.

Rare bird watching and organisms

On Umluj Beach there are many different migratory birds, some of which are very rare, and they are birds that make their annual journey there with changing seasons, along with clear turquoise waters,

Umluj Beach is the perfect place to see many marine organisms in their natural environment, and large ships and ferries have been banned from the area to preserve nature here.

Umluj Corniche

It is a public park and ideal for enjoying a walk in front of the waterfront or morning sports in a peaceful atmosphere full of fun leisure activities.

For example, there are popular snack stalls along the beach, and visitors can buy wood-burning tea, play with tanks or ride horses.

In addition, there are good service facilities such as water courses for both men and women, night lighting and the long walkway, as well as numerous shops on the street opposite the Corniche.

Among the most prominent nature reserves in Umluj the bird-rich Al-Khansa Reserve, the Touaiq Nature Reserve and other amazing reserves.

More Activities

If you’re looking for tourist spots in the city worth a visit during the summer holidays, nature reserves are a great choice, especially since most of them are located in temperate mountain areas.

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Nature reserves: Allocated in Umluj large areas of mountainous land north of the city, to be nature reserves, it provides an amazing opportunity for meditation lovers and bird and nature watchers, where they can see more than 511 species of birds in the Kingdom, including seagulls, falcons, eagles, etc.

Hart Loner: It is a dormant volcano, you can learn from its visit to the geological life of the kingdom, as well as other places and fields in Umluj, with ancient lava flows.

Umluj Port: Umluj port is one of the oldest ports on the Red Sea, from which sailing vessels (Qatair) that used to export shells and charcoal sail from Amj to Egypt and Sudan.

Hassan Island: Hassan Island is the largest island of Umluj , 6 km long, 3 km wide, and opposite it are the Al-Fawwaida Islands, an attractive tourist destination.

The Palace of the Principality: The Palace of the Principality in Umluj designed in the form of a fortified castle, and the construction of this historic castle dates back to 1304 Ah, where the Ottoman government decided to establish a center of government and its own headquarters.

The old market in Umluj : The market is located in the middle of Umluj, a place that preserves the city’s urban heritage and is famous for its handicrafts and souvenirs.

Distance between Umluj and saudi cities

Umluj 955 km from Riyadh and Dammam is approximately 1,542 km away, while Umluj visitors need to reach Jeddah approximately 491 km, 391 km from Medina and 534.1 km from Mecca.

The nearest airport to Umluj

Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport is 129 km from Umluj and is an airport with a capacity of up to 900,000.

The best restaurants in Umluj

Umluj visitors agree that Saudi and international restaurants within the city are able to satisfy all tastes, simply because they are ready to prepare recipes from diverse Arab, Western and Asian kitchens.

Umluj Beach
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