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Unified Al Burj Laboratories Number Saudi Arabia

Unified Tower Laboratories Number

Despite the increase in the number of branches of Al-Borg laboratories throughout Saudi Arabia, communication between all of them is very easy through the unified number 920004422 receives calls during the day from all over the Kingdom, and through this number you can inquire about the following:

  1. Unified Tower Laboratories Number: 920004422
  2. Instagram address for Al-Burj Lab Riyadh: alborgdx
  3. Address of the tower website to inquire about the results:
  4. Inquire about the latest offers of the tower laboratories in 2022
  5. Inquire about PCR analysis to detect Corona virus
  6. Know the results of the medical analysis
  7. Analysis Price Inquiry
  8. Submit any complaint regarding any branch of the tower in all of Saudi Arabia
  9. Book a premarital checkup appointment

Addresses of Al Borg Lab branches in the Kingdom

There are many branches of the laboratory laboratory within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which we will learn about their locations as follows:

  • Jeddah Branch: Palestine Street above Jarir Bani Malik Bookstores.
  • Makkah Branch: Al Naseem Muzdalifah Road.
  • Makkah Branch: First Floor, Al-Thager, Old Makkah Road.
  • City Branch: Bani Haritha, first floor, Abu Auf Plaza, Airport Road.
  • Riyadh Branch: Al-Quds District, Khalid Bin Al-Waleed Street.
  • Riyadh Branch: Olaya Street
  • Riyadh Branch: The intersection of Imam Saud Road with King Abdul Aziz Road, Al Masif District.
  • Abha Branch: King Abdul Aziz Al Khalidiya Road.
  • Hail Branch, Brokers, Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz.
  • Khamis Mushait Branch: Salah Al-Din Intersection with Imam Muhammad Bin Saud, Hospitality
  • Dammam Branch: Al Aziziyah King Abdulaziz Street
  • Yanbu Branch: Al Sharbatly Ali Bin Abi Talib Road: 40 Yanbu Center Street, Jarir Bookstore.
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Working hours at Al Burj Laboratories

  • Working hours inside the tower factory start daily, throughout the week from eight in the morning until nine in the evening.

Burj Labs Number WhatsApp for quick communication via SMS

The laboratory provides more than one way to communicate with customers, and provide all quick support to them, so it provides communication service via WhatsApp on the following number, 00966503049944 receives customer messages daily, and is answered as soon as possible in the customer service officer, and you can inquire about anything regarding laboratories such as appointments, branches, prices, offers.

The price of Corona test in Al Burj laboratories

Perhaps the most question that reached us is about the emerging Corona virus, and about the price of the analysis that the tower laboratory provides, and we asked the customer service in the laboratory about the analysis, and we found out that the laboratory provides this analysis in all branches in the Kingdom, we conclude all the details for you in the following list:

  1. The price of Corona analysis in Al-Burj laboratory is 199 Saudi riyals in any of the branches in the Kingdom, specifically in the Riyadh region
  2. The analysis is available in all branches
  3. If the test is positive, this means that there was an infection, and it has been recovered
  4. If the analysis is negative, this means that the body is not at any possibility of infection with the Corona virus
  5. In the event of symptoms, or contact with an infected person, whatever the result of the Corona analysis in the tower laboratory, a swab must be done
  6. In case of emergency, a Corona analysis can be requested, and the result appears within two hours, and the price of the examination is 499 riyals
Unified Al Burj Laboratories Number Saudi Arabia
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