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Unified Mac number Riyadh

McDonald’s is one of the most famous fast food restaurants in most countries of the world, famous for providing hamburger meals of various kinds, many distinctive salads and children’s meals, and one of the most important countries in which many branches are located is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Mac chains are located in various cities and regions of the Kingdom.

Unified MAC number in Riyadh for home delivery

  • You can contact the unified number for home delivery of McDonald’s orders in Riyadh through the number “920000001”.
  • Mac customer service can also be contacted through the unified and toll-free number “8001212345”.
  • Contact through WhatsApp Mac: 0561212345.

Note that the working hours of McDonald’s Saudi Arabia are from nine in the morning until two in the middle of the night, and there are branches that operate 24 hours, and the website allows making an online order through their site or application throughout the day and delivery is made to the specified location.

Addresses of McDonald’s Branches Riyadh

MalqaPrince Mohammed Bin Saad Bin Abdulaziz Road, Al Malqa, Riyadh
JournalismKing Fahd Road, Al Sahafah, Riyadh
ViewerKing Fahd Branch Road, Al Ared, Riyadh
Jasmine3217, Al Yasmeen, Riyadh
Dhahrat LabanShifa, Dhahrat Laban, Riyadh
IrqaAl Wadi Plaza, Prince Mishaal Bin Abdulaziz, Irqa, Riyadh
LavenderPrincess Sarah bint Imam Abdullah, Al Khuzama, Riyadh
ViewerKing Fahd Branch Road, Al Ared, Riyadh
HittinPrince Saud Bin Mohammed Bin Muqrin Road, Hittin, Riyadh
Rakaa centerKing Abdullah Road, Al Raed, Riyadh
MeadowsPrince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al Thani Street, Al Murooj, Riyadh
Meadows 2Olaya Street, Al Murooj, Riyadh
RahmaniyaKing Fahd Branch Road, Al Rahmaniya, Riyadh
RosesKing Abdullah Branch Road, Al Wurud, Riyadh
ResortKing Abdulaziz Branch Road, Al Masyaf, Riyadh

There are also many other branches in multiple areas that can be located through the website “Locate My Location” service, to know the addresses of the rest of the branches, including: Olaya Mall, Cordoba, Western Uraija, Al Thumama Road, Granada, Al Mather Al Shamali, Al Izdihar, Al Suwaidi Al Gharbi, Sulaymaniyah, Dhahrat Al Badi’a, Al Nuzha, Al Yarmouk, Sultana, Makkah Riyadh Road, Al Hazm, Al Rabwah, Al Khaleej, Al Shifa, Al Quds, Seville, Badr, Al Rawda, Mansoura, Al Azizia, Al Manar, Riyadh Dammam Road, Al Kharj, Al Haer, all of these branches are located within the city of Riyadh only, and there are Many other branches in different cities such as Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah, Qassim, Taif and Abha.

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McDonald’s menu KSA

The McDonald’s KSA menu consists of a set of main categories, each of which includes a group of items, and these main sections are:

  • Breakfast.
  • Burgers.
  • Chicken and sandwich.
  • Saving meals.
  • Happy Meal.
  • Mac Saver.
  • Snacks and side dishes.
  • Drinks.
  • Coffee.
  • Sweets.

McDelivery MC Delivery

McDonald’s KSA has provided the delivery service, through a special website for online ordering, by specifying the address, choosing the meals that the customer wants, then completing the order, and then delivering through the MAC delivery service within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to the region that has been selected.

McDonald’s KSA Offers

There are many offers through the McDonald’s application in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including:

  • Any 2 Happy Meal for only 25 riyals.
  • Chipotle with 4 pieces of chicken mac nuggets for 20 riyals.

These offers are available in Eastern, Central and North Regions.

Unified Mac number Riyadh
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