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Unlimited Social Zain 25 SAR

Unlimited Social Activation Zain 25 SAR – Week

Zain KSA weekly social media package gives you unlimited internet on a group of the most popular applications, you will find the full package details through the following list:

  • It is a prepaid internet package dedicated to young people to communicate on social media.
  • Package Name: social media Weekly 7 days.
  • Package price: SAR 20 without 15% VAT.
  • Communication applications: Facebook – Snapchat – Twitter – WhatsApp – Tik Tok – Instagram.
  • How to subscribe: Send the service activation code 311 to 959.
  • Cancellation Method: Send cancellation code CA311 to 959.

Unlimited Social Packages Zain

  • There are also other unlimited packages offered by Zain Social, including daily, weekly and monthly.
  • The package is used to access the world of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tik Tok and Snapchat.It gives the subscriber the freedom to move between communication programs.The bundle is used on a daily basis and upon completion it is renewed daily by deducting the subscription value from the available balance.The price of the service is one of the best offers Zain offers, as it offers unlimited service for 5 riyals per day.The value of the package is inclusive of 15% VAT.

Unlimited Social Media Package Zain – Month

You can extend the duration of the package and subscribe to Zain Unlimited Social for a month by choosing the monthly package instead of the weekly, to review all the details of the monthly plan in the following list:

  • Plan Name: Monthly Community – 4 weeks.
  • Plan price: SAR 60 excluding VAT.
  • Communication applications: Facebook – Snapchat – Twitter – Instagram – WhatsApp – Tik Tok.
  • Subscription Code: Send 312 to 959.
  • Cancellation Code: Send CA312 to 959.
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The price of the social media package Zain Shahr does not include VAT and the final price with tax = 60 * 1.15 = 69 riyals approximately, value tax is collected in advance upon shipping.

Social Media Plus Without Borders

  • As we mentioned earlier, Zain swept with many outstanding offers to use the Internet.
  • For example, it designed each package to suit use as a daily, weekly, and other packages.
  • The Social Media Plus package comes weekly.
  • It includes access to social media sites as well as YouTube.
  • You pay the value of Unlimited Weekly Plus, which is estimated at 35 riyals, including VAT.
  • The bundle allows unlimited usage and is automatically renewed after the end of the week by deducting the value from the available balance.

Monthly Social Media

  • Also designed for those who use it a monthly package that offers access to the world of social media.
  • The package is renewed monthly for SAR 60 including VAT.

Is Tik Tok from social media okay

The package allows unlimited usage for a month on the following sites WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, as well as Instagram and Tik Tok.

These were Zain Social Unlimited packages for Social Media Without Borders.

The company has also provided other internet packages as follows

Internet Service 25+25 Free Social

  1. This package is given 25 GB to be used on social media and YouTube for a month.
  2. It also has 25 GB to use the Internet on websites.
  3. The duration of the package is for one month, which is renewed at a value of SAR 99 but the price does not include VAT.
  4. Supports 5G internet service.
  5. The package is given as a free gift for two months watching OSN streaming.
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Free 30+30 Social Package

Zain network continues the offer of special internet packages to be given in this package next

  • 30 GB used on social media and YouTube.
  • The package is also given 30 GB internet on websites.
  • The validity of this package is 3 months.
  • The package is renewed at SAR 175 excluding VAT.
  • Does not support 5G service.
  • The package gets an OSN streaming gift for two months for free.
Unlimited Social Zain 25 SAR
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