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Urban Taxi in Cuba

Since 2008, Cuba has united all taxi carriers into a single official organization under the Cubataxi brand. Despite this, carriers use their former names. The state taxi business of Cuba represented by three large companies:

  • “Сubanacan” has in its fleet cars “Mercedes”, the cost is higher than average.
  • “Turistaxi” owns a fleet of Japanese cars, as well as Korean KIA and Hyundai.
  • “Panataxi” distinguished by the most affordable prices, but the fleet of this company includes the old “Lada”, “Zhiguli” and other brands of economy class.

In addition to these carrier companies, the official ones include no less well-known:

  • «Transgaviota»
  • «Taxi Ok»
  • “Grancar” fleet includes retro cars in excellent condition: “Chevrolet”, “Volga”, Cadillacs and convertibles the cost of an hour’s travel on which will cost from 20-30 CUC per hour, and sometimes higher depending on the brand of car.
  • Cocotaxi offers unusual round yellow and black-and-yellow cars on three wheels. The fare in them is 0.5 CUC per kilometer. But the tourist should agree on the amount of payment in advance.

Taxi fare in Cuba

A trip around the city on the ordered car will cost 4-6 dollars. You can order a car for half a day, it will result in 30 dollars. For a day of using taxi services in Cuba, pay $ 60. A trip by ordered car to the airport of Havana will cost 10-15 dollars. On the “Zhiguli” the fare will cost 0.40 pesos per 1 km. On the bicycle taxi “Bicitaxi” the cost of the trip will cost 1 cook per 1 km.

Prices for some transfer destinations

In the direction of “José Martí – Varadero Airport”, the trip will cost 110 CUC, “Havana-Varadero” – 100 CUC, “Havana-Cayo-Santa Maria” – 200 CUC. In Havana, you can rent a convertible or a retro car with a driver. For an hour of such a service will have to pay from 25 CUC.

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A walk in a retro car in the capital costs from 30 CUC per hour. You can book a minibus with a driver and a full tank of gasoline for the whole day. Worth such a pleasure 250 CUC. Meals and accommodation of the driver on the route included in the price of the service.

Mobile application to call a car on the island of Freedom

Taxi CUBA application developed for mobile phones. With it, you can order a car anywhere on the island. After downloading the application, you can choose the brand of the car, the direction. Find out in advance the fare, information about the driver and the car. You decide for yourself whether to agree to the terms of the trip or not.

How to call a taxi in Cuba. Telephone numbers of dispatching services.

You can call a taxi by phone or using theTaxi CubaorCuba cab mobile application. Ordering a car is possible anywhere in Cuba, while you can find out in advance the cost depending on the route, and you can choose the brand of the car.

The telephone numbers of the public services of the Cuban taxi also found in hotels. Drivers of official taxis are usually fluent in English.

The list of popular taxi carriers with local phones found on the portal

Taxi in Havana.

  • Habanataxi, phone: 2471, address: Calle 251 No13813 Bauta.
  • Panataxi, phone: 555555, address: Santa Ana at Ave Independencia Nuevo Vedado.
  • Transgaviota, phone: 66677, address: Edifico La Marina Ave del Puerto No102 3er. Piso. La Habana Vieja.
  • Havanautos, phone: 2042424, La Habana
  • Taxi OK, phone: 330601, address: Calle 162, y Ave 3ra. Flores
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Taxi in Varadero.

  • Transgaviota, phone: 619762, address: Calle 13 e/3ra Autopista, Varadero
  • Transtur Taxis, phone: 61 3415, address: Calle 10, No 203 Isla del Sur, Varadero
  • Taxis OK, phone: 667341, address: Calle 32 No108, Varadero
  • Taxi to Villa Clara:
  • Taxi OK, phone: 22186, address: Rafael Trista y Virtudes, Santa Clara.

Santiago de Cuba Taxi.

  • Taxi OK, phone: 654518, address: Ave. de los Desfiles y Ave. de las Américas. Santiago de Cuba
  • Transgaviota, phone: 641465, Santiago de Cuba.

You can also order a taxi in advance using the website

  • You can order a car for a long trip for sightseeing from Havana to any city in Cuba on the website, and on WhatsApp +5354530482
  • On the portal, you can order a car with a driver for a long time, paying for a pre-announced cost with a card or even cryptocurrency.
  • You can choose your driver for trips of any format in advance on the portal, where you can see the profiles of drivers and the car, get acquainted with the reviews.
  • Taxi Vinales Cuba is a popular taxi for trips of any format from Vinales , WhatsApp:+5358343180
  • You can order a retro belver classic cars taxi on the website and on WhatsApp: +53 52461225
  • Ordering cars in Varadero can be on the website and on WhatsApp + 18832447994, as well as + 5359247429, judging by the reviews, a retro car with a driver and a Russian-speaking guide for a day can cost up to $ 200.
  • “Havana Taxi Service” provides private services for traveling in Cuba over long distances, meeting from Havana airport and organizes leisure activities outside of Cuba it recommended to use WhatsApp +5352594282 for communication, in Cuba to use a WhatsApp number + 5352594282
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Features of the Cuban taxi

– It is better to call a state taxi from the hotel. The phone number of the cab company can be taken at any hotel or hotel in Cuba.

– Make sure the taxi driver turns on the meter as soon as you move from your seat.

– Taxi-moped is suitable for those who want to overcome a short distance. A trip on it will be cheap, but unsafe.

– In state-owned companies, drivers speak English, sometimes they surprise with knowledge of a few phrases in Russian.

– Do not rush to order a taxi in a travel agency, arriving at the airport, it will be more economical to call it from the branch of “Panataxi”, which is located at the exit from the airport of Havana.

– It is better to use the services of a state cab than to risk a trip on unknown private cabs.

We hope our page about Cuban taxis will help you navigate the Cuban private and public cab.

Urban Taxi in Cuba
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