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Varna transport- Getting around

Buses in Varna

The most important bus route for tourists in Varna is bus route 409 , which runs from Varna airport to the Golden Sands resort. In the center of Varna, the bus makes the following stops, including stops at the attractions of Varna: bus station, Archaeological Museum, Cathedral, Dolphinarium, Botanical Garden, water park, Varna Mall. The fare from Varna to Golden Sands by city bus 409 is 3 leva (1.5 Euro).

If you live in the area of ​​the Varna Railway Station (Bulgarian Central Railway Varna or ZhP Gar), located at 1 Pencho Slaveykov Square, for example, in the Three Dolphins Family Hotel or Aqua Hotel , then it will be convenient for you to move around Varna by city bus number 9.

Bus number 9 follows the route Varna Railway Station – St. Constantine and Helena – Riviera with a stop at the Varna Dolphinarium. From the railway station in Varna you can get by train to major cities in Bulgaria (for example, Sofia, Plovdiv or Burgas). Despite the fact that railway stations throughout Bulgaria are currently undergoing modernization, trains here are not always new and often arrive late. Therefore, the most comfortable and convenient means of transportation in Bulgaria is the bus.

Trolleybuses in Varna

At the moment there are 3 trolleybus lines in Varna. The lines run, among other things, new trolleybuses manufactured by Škoda. The trolleybus routes in Varna are indicated below:

  • No. 82 Bl. 407 – ZhP gar, runs from 05:10 to 22:00 with an interval of movement from 15 to 37 minutes;
  • No. 83 TIS “north” – ZhP gar, runs from 06:00 to 21:00 with a movement interval of 30 – 45 minutes;
  • No. 88 Bl. 407 – Asparuhovo, runs from 05:00 to 20:35 with an interval of 15 – 20 minutes.

Please note that neither buses nor trolleybuses in Varna run after 22:00 or 23:00, so if you are out late in Varna, call a taxi and do not rely on public transport at night: there is no public transport in Varna.

Minibuses in Varna

The minibus stop in Varna called “Mladost” is located next to the railway station. The fare for the minibus is 1.5 leva (0.75 Euro). The fare is paid directly to the driver. The most popular routes of minibuses in Varna:

  • No. 120 ZhP gar – Bl. 407, runs from 06:00 to 23:00 every 10 – 15 minutes;
  • No. 122 ZhP gar – Petrol, runs from 06:00 to 22:00 every 10 – 15 minutes;
  • No. 182 ZhP gar – Bl. 407, runs from 06:00 to 22:00 every 10 to 15 minutes.

Varna Central Bus Station

Varna Central Bus Station (bulg. Autogara) is located at Blvd. Varnenchik 158. From here you can take a bus or minibus to other cities on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria or even to destinations in other countries. From the bus station in Varna you can get to such cities as Nessebar , Veliko Tarnovo, Sunny Beach, Burgas, Albena, Golden Sands. In addition, international buses leave from here to Istanbul, Constanta, Odessa and not only.

  • It is convenient to buy bus tickets from Varna to Burgas or Sofia on the Infobus website, which has a version in Langues and good discounts on tickets for these directions. For example, you can get from Varna to Burgas for 20 leva (10 Euro), from Varna to Sofia – for 50 leva (25 Euro) one way.
  • Unfortunately, bus tickets from the center or airport of Varna to the resort towns of Bulgaria cannot be bought online in advance, but you can pre-order a taxi that will take you to your hotel or apartment anywhere in Bulgaria at a bargain price. During the summer, when buses are crowded, taxis are a great alternative.
  • Tickets from Varna to Istanbul can be bought online from the Turkish bus carrier Nisikli. Buses from Varna to Istanbul leave at least 2 times a day, the cost of a bus ticket is from 50 leva (25 Euro) one way.

International buses arrive at the central bus station in Varna. I have indicated some cities that can be reached by direct bus from Varna in the table below. It is very convenient and cheap to get to Varna from the cities of Ukraine, especially from Odesa, since the distance is not so great. And the price of a bus ticket is certainly lower than the price of an air ticket.

Ticket price

DestinationDistance to VarnaTravel timeTicket price
Budapest1079 km21.5 hrs€ 57
Bucharest268 km5 h. 45 min.€ 20 – 25
Vein1313 km24 hours€ 66
Kiev1017 km19.5 hrs€ 43.5 – 45
Odessa678 km12.5 hrs€ 21 – 46
Prague1595 km30 hours€ 74 – 77

Taxi in Varna

Taxis in Bulgaria are inexpensive and fairly affordable mode of transport. However, if local taxi drivers find out that you are from foreign, they can safely raise the price by 2 or even 3 times. Many of our compatriots living in Bulgaria often complain about deception by taxi drivers, which you may not even know about. Therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings, I recommend that you order a taxi on the Internet in advance. If you order a taxi, you will receive a guarantee of good service and a reasonable price. The taxi runs both in Varna and to the main resorts of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria: Albena, Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Byala, Sveti Vlas, Elenite, Kavarna, Burgas, etc. If you arrived in Varna by plane, then a taxi can be ordered directly from Varna airport to your resort.

Varna transport- Getting around
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