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Verona Public Transport

Urban public transport in Verona represented only by buses – both urban and suburban. Verona is also a major railway junction from which you can reach most of the major cities in Italy – Mantua, Vicenza, Venice, etc. You will hardly need public transport in Verona – most of the city can reach on foot.

Buses in Verona

There are 2 types of buses in Verona: urban (urbani) and suburban (extraurbani). Some of the most popular commuter bus routes are Nos. 164 and No. 163 to Lake Garda and Gardaland amusement park. From city buses, routes 11, 12 and 13 from Porta Nuova station to the city center – Piazza Bra are useful.

Buses run quite often – from 06:00 to 23:00 on weekdays. The number of flights reduced on Sundays and holidays. There are practically no night buses – you have to take a taxi if necessary. Covered bus stops in Verona with scheduled flights.

Types of bus tickets and prices

First, I’ll tell you about the fare on city ​​routes .

  • Ticket for 1 trip around the city, price – € 1.3. Validity period – 90 minutes from the moment of the first validation.
  • A set of 10 tickets for the city, price – € 11.7. Validity period – 90 minutes from the moment of the first validation.
  • A ticket for unlimited travel for 1 day in the city – € 4. Validity – until 00:00 of the day on which the ticket was first validated.

It is imperative to validate the ticket every time you enter the bus (even in case of a change). The listed types of tickets are valid on all Verona city buses.

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There are several tariff zones for suburban routes in Verona. It is convenient to find out the fare on suburban routes on the website To do this, you just need to enter the point of departure and the point of destination in Italian. You will show the number of the tariff zone and the fare to it from Verona. For example, enter the Verona Stazione FS at the point of departure, and Gardaland at the point of arrival. It shows the tariff zone number 4 and the fare €3.4.

Tickets selling in tobacco shops, vending machines on the bus. (however, such a ticket more expensive than a ticket bought in advance – €2).

Bus station in Verona

There is no bus station in Verona as such. A bus station called a bus stop in front of the central entrance to the Stazione Verona Porta Nuova railway station. City buses in Verona are orange, international buses are blue or green. From the bus station, you can leave both to neighboring Italian cities and to other European countries.

Verona Porta Nuova Train Station

Verona Porta Nuova railway station is the main railway hub of Verona and its suburbs. The entrance to the station can access from the Piazzale XXV Aprile. The station building has several floors. Platform exits are located on the underground floor. You can also leave your suitcases in the luggage room thereby paying a tax of € 6 (for the first five hours, + € 0.9 for each subsequent hour).

At the Verona train station, there is a comfortable waiting room, there is a board with a timetable and ticket machines, and places for a snack. Ticket offices are located on the ground floor.

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From the station, trains depart across Italy and to other European countries – France, Switzerland, Germany. It is better to buy train tickets in advance on the Italian Railways website. The further from the departure date you buy a ticket, the lower its cost will be. The approximate cost of one-way travel by train from Verona to Milan – from € 12.75, from Verona to Munich – from € 39.90, from Verona to Paris – from € 68. Long-distance trains have sleeping cars and a dining car.

In addition to long-distance trains, suburban trains leave from Verona Porta Nuova station – to the cities of Desenzano del Garda (Sirmione), Trento, etc.

Taxi in Verona

As with other Italian cities, taxis in Verona are expensive. Taxi cars are white with checkered Taxi. The most famous taxi companies are Unione Radio Taxi, Taxi & Auto Blu Soc. Coop, Radio Taxi Catullo. When boarding, make sure that the driver turns on the meter and issues you a check after the ride is complete.

Car rent

Renting a car in Verona allows you to be independent of the local public transport.

By car, you can visit the amusement park Gardaland, the most picturesque townships of Lake Garda, where public transport does not go, Mantua, Bologna, the Ferrari Museum in Modena. It is also convenient to rent a car if you are going to ski in Italy.

You can book a car according to your requirements on the Rentalcars website and pick it up at the airport or at the rental office in Verona city center.

Please note that most rental cars in Italy mechanically driven. But the rental prices are good – renting a Volkswagen Polo for a week will cost you only €97. When renting through Rentalcars, the mileage is unlimited, you receive the car and return it with a full tank. To rent a car, you will need a valid international credit card and a credit card – a debit card will not work for this purpose.

Verona Public Transport
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