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Verona to Venice

How to get from Verona to Venice?

The distance between Verona and Venice is 120 kilometers. Getting there is cheaper, faster and more convenient by train, but you can extend the trip and use a bus or a rented car. Consider in detail the cost of each method.

By train

From the central station of Verona Porta Nuova (Porta Nuova) to Venice, there are high-speed trains Italotreno and Trenitalia. Travel time – 1 hour 10 minutes, trains arrive at the station of Santa Lucia (Venezia Santa Lucia) – this is the last place on land in Venice, which can be reached by public transport. To the historic center, Piazza San Marco, you need to go by vaporetto, water taxis, or walk.

Usually a train ticket costs 20 euros in the second class and 30 euros in the first (Prima).

If you plan ahead and buy tickets a few months in advance, you can find the first class for a promotion for 18.90 euros, and the second for 9.90 or 12.90.

From Venice to Verona you can return by train at 15:01, 17:01 or 20:01. I would leave at 17:01 in order to have time to return for dinner, which traditionally starts around 19:00 in all restaurants in Italy.

By car

By car from Verona to Venice can be reached via the A4 toll road in about 2 hours. The cost of the road is 8.10 euros one way plus fuel and parking. The nearest parking lot to the center of Venice is called Garage San Marco Venezia, prepare 32 euros per day and book it in advance, as there is a constant full house. Along the way, you can stop by Vicenza and Padova, both very beautiful cities.

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By bus

Bus ticket from Verona to Venice costs an average of about 10 euros, and you can manage to buy in advance even for 5 euros. The bus departs from the Porta Nuova bus station and arrives in 1 hour and 25 minutes on the island of Tronchetto near Venice Central Station.

The same bus can also take you to the Mestre area, where more budget hotels are located.

Verona to Venice
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