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Victoria Secret Number in Saudi Arabia

Victoria Secret is the largest American retailer of lingerie, sleepwear and perfumes, founded by Roy Raymond, with 98,000 employees and with more than 1,070 stores, it ranks as the largest lingerie retailer in the United States.

Victoria’s Secret customer service number in Saudi Arabia

  • Victoria’s Secret customer service number in Saudi Arabia is 8004414440.
  • The number facilitates the customer’s communication from any city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • One of the services available by phone communication is to inquire about the available offers, and the availability of discount coupons on goods.
  • It is also possible to inquire about the status of the order of the goods to be purchased.

The most important services available through Victoria Secret

  • Provide many important goods for personal use and favorable prices.
  • It offers a lot of offers from now to time.
  • Discount coupons on goods for customers.
  • The Choose & Collect service is available once the item is purchased from the store.
  • Online payment services are available.
  • Home delivery service is available at the lowest costs.

Victoria Secret Customer Service Team

  • The team is available to respond to the client throughout the official work period.
  • Communication is available from nine a.m. to ten p.m.
  • On Friday the connection is available from one pm, to ten pm.
  • The above dates are KSA time.
  • The support team is tasked with solving any problem that the customer may face related to purchase orders, or product inquiries.
  • Communication can be done through the Quick Form service available on the Victoria’s Secret website.
Victoria Secret Number in Saudi Arabia
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